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Alliance Senate

Galactic Senate of the
Alliance of Free Planets
Legislative Branch
Speaker of the House
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Senate Organisations

The Alliance Senate operates various Councils, Committees, and Commissions, to discuss and debate more mundane issues such as military expenditure and education reform on a smaller and more intimate scale, devising the proposals and legislature that is then presented to the Senate to be voted upon.

Unlike it's predecessors in the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire, the Alliance Senate does not have it's own independent Senate Guard, instead relying upon Alliance Security to see to the Senate's protection and security.

Alliance Security Council

A last vestige of the Alliance Advisory Council that existed during the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Alliance Security Council is a Senate committee that functions as a national security council for the Alliance, reviewing threats to the security and sovereignty of the Alliance of Free Planets and guiding proposals for foreign policy and internal security, as well as direct oversight of the Alliance Security agency. The Council consists of the Minister of State and representatives the Big Four - the representatives of the four Alliance states granted two Senators within the Alliance Senate: the Bothans, Mon Calamari, Cizerack Pride, and Hapes Consortium. By virtue of their additional appointments, the current Security Council usually also includes the Minister of Defense, Minister of Supply, and Minister of Commerce.

  • Minister of State - Vacant

Defense Oversight Committee

Created to provide Senate oversight for the Alliance Defense Forces, the Defense Oversight Committee is led by the Minister of Defense, and includes representatives of all nation-states that have made significant contributions to the Alliance military: to ensure that their investments are being used appropriately. This includes worlds that are significant centres for military industry, or that have contributed (or can contribute) significant military assets to aid in the defense of the Alliance. The members of the Committee are appointed by the Minister of Defense based on subjective criteria: as a result, the interests of the Cizerack Pride are represented by the Senator for Keppaa Brens (rather than Carshoulis Prime), as Taataani Meorrrei is also the President of Incom-Koensayr-Meorrrei, a significant contractor for the Alliance Starfighter Corps.

  • Representative for Slayn & Korpil -

Appropriations Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Defense Oversight Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee consists of representatives of the Alliance's major military contractors: producers of starships, starfighters, repulsorcraft, blasters, and the like. All requests for military hardware from the Alliance Defense Forces, Alliance Intelligence, and Alliance Security are reviewed by the Appropriations Subcommittee, who determine which manufacturers and facilities will be awarded a particular contract. Rather than provide fairness via impartiality, the Alliance provides it's various contractors to debate and compete against each other, bidding for the contract and advocating the virtues of their specific designs as part of the selection process. Whether a squadron is granted the funding for T-65B X-Wing Starfighters rather than RZ-2 A-Wing Starfighters hinges not just on the comparative virtues of the design, but also on how quickly a contractor can fulfil the order, what benefits it will provide to the Alliance economy, and any concessions that can be made or contracts exchanged in order to ensure that the Alliance military is equipped as expediently and efficiently as possible.

  • Representative for Slayn & Korpil -

Intelligence Oversight Committee

The Intelligence Oversight Committee is a select group of individuals from within the upper echelons of the Alliance government who are privy to and provide oversight of the operations of Alliance Intelligence. While the conditions of the Alliance-Imperial Treaty prevent either side from overt military action against the other, covert action is considered an inevitable, and knowledge of fleet actions and enemy research projects is an essential part of formulating an effective defense. In addition to preparing such countermeasures however, the Intelligence Oversight Committee is responsible for scrutinising the legality of those actions, and the ethics of whether or not the threat is dire enough to justify the potential risks posed by such actions.

Senate Aid Commission

A Senate committee led by the Minister of Supply, the Senate Aid Commission oversees the fair, efficient, and expedient distribution of aid supplies to Alliance worlds - particularly refugee worlds - and other Senate-approved locations. This includes the provision of basic food, hygiene, and medical supplies, but also supplies related to welfare and education. The Commission funds projects to care for war orphans, military veterans, and those suffering from trauma caused by Imperial oppression during the Galactic Civil War. The Commission also provides grants and loans to for projects by local governments, businesses, and services that seek to have a genuine, significant benefit for the health and wellbeing of the citizens of the Alliance.

  • Representative for Krinemonen III -
  • Representative for Sanctuary - Maleen Tel'Var

Senate Trade Commission

Established to foster economic growth and cooperation, the Senate Trade Commission is led by the Minister of Commerce. It oversees the Alliance's commodities exchange, supervises the various commerce guilds and trade unions, enforces health and safety stipulations, and ensures that produce from Alliance factories, agriworlds, and other production centres complies with safety and quality regulations. The Commission also oversees the applications of trade, sales, and customs taxes, where appropriate.

Lantillian Spacers' Brotherhood

See: Lantillian Spacers' Brotherhood

One of the largest freight commerce guilds in the galaxy, and the main trade guild based within Alliance Space, the Lantillian Spacers' Brotherhood has been ratified by the Alliance Senate to license, monitor, and regulate the activities of all freight, shipping, and passenger crews and corporations that operate within the Alliance. The Brotherhood works closely with the Alliance Supply Corps and the Senate Aid Commission, providing - as per Senate approval - subsidies and tax incentives for transports that carry government and military cargo. Vessels without the proper licensing and registration documents with the Lantillian Spacers' Brotherhood may be subject to search and seizure by Alliance Security's custom patrols.

"Defense Intelligence Super-Committee"

Nicknamed the War Council or the Big Nine, this committee is comprised of the members of the Alliance Security Council and the Intelligence Oversight Committee, with the addition of the Chief of State being in attendance, it's purpose being to provide advice to the Chief of State on situations of dire need that pertain to the state of cold war that exists between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance of Free Planets. The Super-Committee met to discuss the crisis regarding General Dan Thule and Commodore Loklorien s'Ilancy, the blockade of Ossus, and the ongoing crisis in the Tion Cluster, among other things. As the situation warrants, the Directors of Alliance Intelligence and Alliance Security, as well as the Commanders of the Alliance Starfighter Corps, Alliance Marine Corps, and Alliance Special Forces might also be in attendance.

  • Minister of State - Vacant
  • Minister of Justice - Ulys Caed

Senate Members

Regional Senators

Planetary Senators

Non-Voting Members