Alliance-Imperial Treaty

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Alliance-Imperial Treaty

Alliance of Free Planets
Territorial Compromise
aka. Treaty of Ktil
Peace treaty and territorial agreement between the Empire and Alliance, defining the new borders of Alliance and Imperial Space

Also known as the Alliance of Free Planets Territorial Compromise and the Treaty of Ktil, the Alliance-Imperial Treaty was a treaty negotiated between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, that resulted in the end of the Galactic Civil War and the creation of the Alliance of Free Planets and Alliance Space.

In addition to a call for the cessation of hostilities between the Alliance and Empire, the Galactic Empire was legally required to acknowledge that the actions of the Rebel Alliance were acts of war rather than acts of terrorism, thus protecting the men and women of the Rebellion under the Galactic Republic laws regarding war crimes. Any Alliance captives in the hands of the Empire were thus considered prisoners of war and entitled to certain privileges and protections. Efforts slowly began to

The Treaty also required the Galactic Empire to release it's territorial claims on dozens of sectors: the "territorial compromise" came into effect as the Empire and Alliance negotiated which of those territories the Alliance of Free Planets would be able to claim sovereignty over, and which would be left to self governance. While the Galactic Empire lost considerable territory during the negotiations, the Alliance of Free Planets was also forced to make concessions: many Alliance-sympathetic worlds like Chandrila, Corellia, and Ithor remained inside Imperial territory, though arrangements were negotiated to ease the transit of refugees escaping worlds within the "wrong" territory.

In addition, the Treaty placed restrictions on the future development of the Alliance and Imperial fleets, and of "superweapons"; restricted the two powers from access to and passage though (ie. "trespassing") each other's territory; and laid the groundwork for discussions pertaining to interstellar law and future diplomatic relations.

Negotiations for the Treaty took place on the Ktil Armistice Station, a neutral facility constructed within the Ktil Protectorate, and considered neutral ground by both parties (hence "Treaty of Ktil").






Trade Embargo

Several corporations in Alliance and Imperial Space agreed to an trade embargo in the wake of the Treaty, to prevent their products (particularly anything with military applications) from crossing the Alliance-Imperial border. This prevents the citizens and governments of those territories from (legally) obtaining products manufactured by those corporations. Some companies (shown in brackets) had exclusive military contracts that prevented them from selling military hardware to anyone but their client government.

Against the Alliance of Free Planets:

Against the Galactic Empire: