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The Galactic Empire (formerly The Galactic Republic), was established 19 years BBY. It is a government spanning millions of star systems and is the largest within the known galaxy. Having such a large population to administrate, considerable resources have been focused on military assets thus the Imperial Military was established. With a massive population and an impressive military the Galactic Empire is one of the most powerful and influential bodies within the galaxy.


Imperial Rule

The Imperial Agenda

Imperial Aims

The Empire is part of an ambitious project to create "safe and secure society" for the Galaxy. The Empire as it is today is the manifestation of the complex ideology articulated by the New Order Party and its associated organisations, which have come to exercise much of the state's authority over the years.

The New Order project faces many threats, both internal and external. The principal external threat, as it has grown, is the Rebel Alliance. Whilst this super-group of rebels is the most obvious threat to the Empire and the order it so jealously guards, the regime continues to exercise itself in the pursuit of internal dissidents- whether spies and agents of the Rebel Alliance itself or simply non-conformists within society.

The long term aims of the Empire are, briefly:

1. The erradication of dissenters and diversity in order to create unity. 2. The extension of effective rule to all areas of the Galaxy.

This entails the centralisation of power, creation of massive military forces, the waging of an aggressive military campaign against the most active rebels and of a propaganda war on the minds of Imperial citizens across the Galaxy. Much of this was begun under the direction of the late Emperor Palpatine and continues despite his death.

Influence on the Galaxy

Whilst the Empire formally lays claim to the governance of the known Galaxy the reality is somewhat less grand. The Galaxy is vast and contains a unimagnable array of speicies, nations, planets and problems and the Empire, despite its vast resources, cannot effectively govern all of it. As a general principal, Imperial influence and power is strongest in areas directly under the control of Imperial officials and soldiers. This power and influence diminishes with distance from these centres of control, dwindling to nothing at the furthest points. This pattern operates a all levels, with Imperial Centre (Coruscant) acting as the epicentre of Imperial influence in a turbulent Galaxy.

Government and Governance

General Features

The Imperial Government is best characterised as multi-focal and multilayered. The principal focus of the Imperial Government was, until his death, Emperor Palpatine. It was around the Emperor that all subordinate power centres and authorities revolved. These were organised into a series of layers, corresponding to the regions of the Galaxy and the tasks of government at different levels. With his death, this relatively ordered (see below) system has fragmented to some extent.

Cut free from the restraining influence of the Emperor, the various institutions and personalities that constitute the Government have begun move relative to one another. Some, like the Chancellor, have gained in power whilst others, like the Moffs, have seen their power diminish.

This process has been exacerbated by the overlapping jurisdictions that the Emperor created as a deliberate ploy to secure his own power. By defining the remits of various allied bodies and officials in broad terms he ensured that there was a lack of clarity as to the precise authority of the same. This allowed him to play powerful figures and bureacracies off against one another, preventing a threat to his own power from emerging within the ranks of the Government. The competitiveness that this instilled within the government was, at times, an asset to the Empire. Without the arbitrating authority of the Emperor, however, it is proving more detrimental than beneficial.

Principal Bodies and People

The Central Government- based on Imperial Centre, this consists of the Imperial Ministeries and Agencies responsible for the formulation and implementation of Empire-wide policies. These ministeries operate outposts within the sectors of the Galaxy and in areas of primary importance but leave much of the actual groundwork to officials within the sector governments.

The Central Government is headed by the Chancellor of the Empire, Tiberius Anar, who oversees its work through the Ministers individually and collectively (as the Council of Ministers.)

The Sector Governments- based within the sectors which are the principal administrative units of the Empire, the sector governments unite the disperate bodies operating at local, planetary and system levels. The Sector Governments are each headed by a Moff who works through a series of Sector Offices headed by commissioners. The Moff is also the Commander-in-Chief of his or her sector's armed forces and usually holds the senior ranks within those same forces. The Moffs occasionally meet as the Council of Governors to agree policies among themselves

The Imperial High Command is usually classed as the third executive branch, administering the armed forces of the Empire including the military industrial complex. The Imperial High Command deals mostly with matters of supply and manpower with actual command of forces being exercised by theatre commanders.

The Imperial Judiciary- the higher courts of the Empire are divided between the Court Civil, the Court Criminal and the Court Martial. The Court Civil and Court Criminal are the fora for most civillian crime, being startified to correspond to administrative units of the Empire. There is also a Court of Appeal dealing with both civil and criminal cases. The Court Matial deals with matters of military justice and is separate from the rest of the judiciary with the exception of the little used Last Court- personally presided over by the Emperor.

Life in the Empire



Military Service

Imperial Military

The Imperial Navy

Possibly the most extensive and powerful force of the Imperial Military is that of its Navy, also known more commonly as, the Imperial Fleet. A tremendous array of starships, from Death Stars to shuttles, are at the Imperial Fleet's disposal.

With so much firepower in its arsenal the Imperial Fleet is both feared and respected. No other fleet in the known galaxy can boast they have the firepower to destroy an entire planet. With that in mind few oppose Imperial Rule, especially in the space lanes.

Fleets of the Empire

Notable Starships of the Imperial Navy

  • Executor-class Star Dreadnought Intimidator
  • Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Annihilator
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Reaper
  • Executor IIb-class Star Dreadnought Dominion
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Aggressor
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Whelm
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Megador
  • Executor II-class Star Dreadnought Guardian
  • Praetor II-class Star Battlecruiser Overlord
  • Imperial IIb-class Star Destroyer Firestorm
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Vindictive
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Cavalier
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Admonisher
  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Suppressor
  • Victory III-class Star Destroyer Decimator
  • Aurora-class Star Destroyer Feanor

Notable Starfighter Squadrons


The Imperial Army

The Inquisitorate

Office of the Inquisitorate

Notable Starships

  • Sepulchre-class Battlecruiser Purifier


Imperial Mages