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Getting started

Wiki Rules

Obvious Rules:

  1. Keep it CLEAN: the PG-13 rating for this board applies to the wiki content and image files.
  2. Be POLITE: Don't edit articles rudely or add nonsense.
  3. No edit WARS: Self-explainatory. But if you need explaination of what an edit war is, feel free to ask.

Non-Obvious Rules:

  1. Image USE: You may upload images to be used on the wiki articles, BUT they must not exceed four (4) images per article, AND they must be 40k or less in size. UNUSED image files will be deleted. We are not running a hosting service.
  2. Reason for EDITING: You are free to edit any and all articles. PLEASE try to leave a note as to what you were doing when you edited, especially if someone else started the article you are editing. For instance - REASON:fixed spelling/added content/punctuation/put in links/sources/etc.
  3. CATEGORY: Include a category at the bottom of each article. Format thusly: (Category:Star Wars Planets), but check the CATEGORY listing for an appropriate category. If you cannot find one, feel free to create one, or a sub-category. To create a sub-category, simply place (Category:name-of-main-category) into the sub-category page. Substitute [[ for (