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Planetary Datasheet

Adega system
2: Adega Prime and Adega Besh
2: Mim and Nerit
Primary Terrain
hills, mountains, gorges, forests, caves
Points of Interest
Jedi Academy, Imhar Canyon, Echo Mountains, Knossa Spaceport, Gardens of Talla, Great Jedi Library, Sanctuary One, Miwu Shanma
Native Species
250 million - 85% Humans, 15% Other

"He called it a site. Military types called it a camp. He'd even overheard younglings affectionately refer to it as a village, perhaps out of some need to lend their new home an extra sense of community, in any case, it was a rather grizzly interpretation of the word. Whatever it was, it was most certainly a community, comprised for the most part of military men and women boasting a broad spectrum of expertise, from prospecting to cooking, and they were each sworn to absolute secrecy. Next came the droids, if they could be counted as part of a community - they were at least indispensible. The Jedi were the minority group, for the time being, and they earned their keep by applying themselves as best they could; some offered help in the kitchens, others got dirty in maintenance, there were those with experience in construction, or medicine, or engineering, or agriculture, and there was one particular Jedi armed with a baffling arsenal of qualifications: computer programming, mixology, and childcare. When he first came to the Wheel and encountered his Jedi peers, Loki despaired at the ramshackle state of their ranks. But, in time, even he conceded variety had its advantages. If there was one silver lining to be gleaned from Jedi hailing from a thousand different walks of life, it was this: their ability to pick the farthest flung rock in the galaxy, call it home, and there forge for themselves a future."
Abarai Loki

After the Treaty between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance that paved the way for the formation of the Alliance of Free Planets, the Jedi petitioned for permission from the Senate to settle on Ossus. Here they would make a new start, a new Jedi Order, and continue the archaeological and intellectual research that had been halted during the time of the Empire. With the help of the Alliance, and even the Cizerack, the Jedi are well on their way to being fully established on Ossus.

Ossus, originally called Idux when it was under the control of Xim's empire, was the third planet in the Adega system in the Auril sector. Known to the galaxy since before 25,000 BBY, when the Jedi expanded there from the planet Tython and established a Jedi Academy, Ossus would become a popular world of the Galactic Republic. This world would become a place of great importance to the Jedi, as the site where they stored the sum of their knowledge, though such attentions came at a price. When the Jedi Knight Exar Kun turned to the dark side and became the Dark Lord of the Sith, catapulting the galaxy into the Great Sith War, he attacked Ossus, desiring Sith secrets hidden by the Jedi. During the events this action incited, the Cron Cluster was detonated, spreading a shockwave around the galaxy. Originally a rich, lush world, Ossus was ravaged into an arid and toxic planet when the wave struck the planet.

Certain individuals survived the blast, including several Jedi. Over the passing generations, these people would become more feral, forgetting their heritage and the Force while regarding their abilities from it as magical. They became the Ysanna, Ossus's only native sentience. They, along with the planet, lived in peace with the rest of the galaxy through the Clone Wars between the Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, when Ossus primarily became a planet of archaeological importance to the Jedi. Once the Galactic Empire rose to replace the Republic, such studies into the past of the Jedi were halted, however.

Ossus orbited the two stars of the Adega system, Adega Prime and Adega Besh. Unlike the other five planets in the system, which circled the center of mass of the two binaries, Ossus orbited both its suns in a figure-eight trajectory. Two moons in turn orbited it: Mim, a rocky, low-gravity satellite with no atmosphere, and Nerit, a temperate terrestrial world with high gravity and a population of Neti expatriates.

Ossus was originally a rugged, lush world with two-thirds of its surface covered in water and an abundance of flora and fauna. In 3,996 BBY it was transformed with the destruction of the [[[Cron Cluster]] into a desolate, irradiated desert world. Chemical and electrical storms swept the land, and little life remained on the surface.[1] Over 4,000 years later, the damage done to the planet seemed to have been reversed. In the time of the Galactic Alliance, some portions of the planet were once again lush with vegetation and inhabited by wildlife.

Before the Cron supernova, Ossus had a population in the hundreds of millions, inhabiting cities across the globe. The principle city was that of Knossa, whose spaceport was the main thoroughfare for arriving and leaving Ossus. The Cron incident destroyed most of the buildings in these cities.

Though a world of peace, Ossus was not a defenseless planet. Scattered ground emplacements protected it from aerial attack. During the various wars with the Sith, Ossus was used as a staging ground for Jedi and Republic forces. The planet also maintained a well-equipped military fleet for defense. Law enforcement consisted of Jedi Guardians who maintained security in the cities.

Ossus had been lush with life before the Cron disaster, but after those events little of it remained. Kingwood trees used to, and now once again covered the lower slopes of the mountains, and bambwood is also found on this world.
One of the surviving animals of the Cron disaster was a hardy quadruped species that the locals used as mounts. The forests were also abundant with animal life. Gokobs, a species of friendly hairless rodents that sprayed a stinking cloud when frightened, spent much of their time scavenging off food scraps. Large brightly-colored tree frogs with sticky tongues also inhabited the treetops, and low-flying ships could find themselves with several frogs stuck to their undersides, a hazard to flight.
SW-Fans History

In mid-9 ABY the Jedi moved from their mobile base the Wheel to Ossus, setting up a colony dubbed Sanctuary One. They are renovating/rebuilding/cataloging what is left of the Great Jedi Library. Characters