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Species File

Species Name
Species Type
Home Planet
Average Height
1.9 - 2.5m (Male)
1.5 - 1.7m (Female)
Skin/Fur Color
Skin from light tan to dark brown, hair from platinum blonde to black
Striped body
Cizerack, Basic

"The Cizerack arre the chossen people of the galaxjy. Don't forrget jyourr place among otherrss"
―Mother Laandaseei Feesaarro

The Cizerack are a non-Canon species on SW-Fans, and the semi-original creation of Sanis Prent and Nya Halcyon. Lilaena De'Ville also contributed to the information found here.

A Cizerack is a felinoid alien from the Carshoulis Cluster of planets. The Cizerack mainly keep to themselves, having never been a part of the Republic and so have kept out of the Empire and the current Civil War. They call themselves The Cizerack Pride.

Cizerack are trade oriented, hate smugglers with a vengence, and are a matriarchal society. They are also a very sexual society, most of their customs and holidays center on sex in some fashion or another. The Cizerack are about as Force sensitive as a rock. There have never been any Cizerack Jedi, or any Force sensitive Cizerack characters on SW-Fans. They simply do not exist. Cizerack are also highly resistant to the so-called Jedi Mind Trick, like Hutts and Toydarians. It is extremely difficult to project a message into their heads or read their minds.

Half-breed Cizeracks are omnivorous, but full bloods are carnivores. Raw is good, alive is better. In a Cizerack home you will find a feeding pit instead of a dining room table, where the 'meal' is led in and then devoured.

Contrary to popular belief, not all felinoids have fur. Cizerack are smooth skinned, with just a tuft of longer hair on the tips of their tails. Their large ears are often tufted as well, and their hair ranges from white blonde to carrot-red. Full Cizerack are striped, half-breeds lack the striped skin. The females are considered short by human standards, from five foot to five and a half feet tall. The males, by comparison, are very large, usually always over six feet tall.
Social & Government Structure
The Cizerack are matriarchal, and they are ruled by the Pride Mother. The Emissary, the Pride Mother's chief manservant (she has many), is the personal steward of her will and might and is the only male to hold an important position in Cizerack politics.

Each city or village has a Matriarch, or head female who reports to the Govenor's Board for her planet. One representative from the Board of each planet reports directly to the Pride Mother, and may even spend most of her time living on Carshoulis Prime instead of on the planet she represents.

Most positions are handed down through generations of the same family, but in the last hundred years the Governor's Board has been an elected position.

Only females are allowed to vote or own land. Males can only own possessions if their mistress allows them to.

Social Behavior
Males are usually uneducated, used for grunt work and for producing offspring. They live good lives, though some of the more 'old-school' females consider males to be sub-human and treat them as such.

Half-breeds, of any sort, are considered by all Cizerack to be substandard. They are treated with the utmost disrespect, even by the males. Other species are considered the lowest forms of life possible - the less a full blood Cizerack has to deal with non-Cizerack the better. In the old days, those traders who dealt outside of the Carshoulis Cluster were considered little better than those they dealt with, but this attitude is looked down upon now, as non-Cizerack buy up almost half of the Cluster's huge grain exports.

The respect totem pole is such:

  • Cizerack females
  • Cizerack males
  • Half-breed females
  • Half-breed males
  • Other species - human, etc.

A half-breed male is often killed by the mother (or father) as such a being would have the worst possible life in the Carshoulis Cluster. However, outside of the Cluster males have often flourished, some even becoming traders in their own right.

The Pride Mother
A position bestowed by right of birth, the Pride Mother rules Carshoulis Prime directly, and the other planets that make up the Carshoulis Cluster indirectly.

Every year, she has to repeat the sacred ritual that cemented her right to rule at the very beginning: she has to undergo the ritual of aas'nomaan'issarra, where a male representing the spirit of Nomaani, the Sun Goddess' consort, gives her his seed as a gift from Saanjarra. She then has to give birth figuratively to a glowing sphere symbolising Carshoulis Prime and its people, thereby making her the Pride Mother.

Military and Laws
The Cluster maintains a strong fleet, for the purpose of protecting trade lanes, maintaining order within and around the Cluster, and governing the disputed space just outside the Cluster's borders. Females form the officer corps almost exclusively. Males serve either in ground forces, or in simple non-commission roles. All males in the Cizerack army are considered servants of the Pride Mother. The standing ground army of the Cizerack Pride numbers around 700 million strong The exception to this rule is the Pride Mother's manservant, who holds a high military title and is her mouthpiece to the officers.

The trade fleet consists of around 30-50 capital class ships, with another 150 or so support vessels. They also contract out several thousand freighters, which are generally unarmed, although they have been known to employ privateer ships for trade route defense.

Cizerack military technology is often imported from elsewhere, though they often use it in unorthodox methods. Their navy prefers to "close quarters" and attack up close, utilizing powerful Gorroka short-range particle cannons to obliterate shields, while variable frequency tractor beam batteries hold an opposing ship fast, making it easy to be boarded by infantry. Once an enemy ship is compromised on the inside, Cizerack shock troops can easily win the day.

Smuggling is punishable by death, as is pirating. A male who forces himself on a female (while generally unheard of) is also punished with the death penalty, regardless of species. Female on male rape is more common, and is considered a misdemeanor. A female whose manservant is violated forcibly by another female will often sue for monetary damages.

Religious beliefs

The ancient Cizerack were nomadic, following the sun as the seasons changed and prey moved across the great plains of Carshoulis Prime. As their culture progressed some began to settle and plant crops, finding it was beneficial to have food growing in one place, and to domesticate the non-intelligent beasts. The Cizerack were dependant on the sun for food, warmth, and life. Thusly they began to worship Saanjarra, the Sun Goddess.

Most of their worship revolved around offerings of the firsts of the harvests, or through carnal knowledge of one of Saanjarra's servants. The temples that were erected to Saanjarra were kept by the Priestesses of the Sun, or in Cizerack, the tataur'aasa'saanja. The tataur'aasa'saanja would oversee the offerings and facilitate the use of the temple prostitutes, or nomaa'aasa'saanja (predominately male, though some half-breed females were honored by being allowed to serve Saanjarra in this way). The kraa'aasa'saanja numbered in the hundreds of thousands at the height of the religion, and to become one was considered a very respectable way for an un-mated male to live out his life.

Hundreds of years ago, every female would worship at the nearest temple at least once a week, though in modern days only the Cizerack in rural areas still hold fast to the belief in the Sun Goddess. However, all Cizerack pay Saanjarra lip service, whether they believe in her or not.


As the sun had the moon, so did Saanjarra have her partner, Nomaani. This lesser god was manservant to the Sun Goddess, and was worshipped by Cizerack males. Typical to Cizerack society, believers were called to show their worth to Nomaani through hard work and by obeying their mistresses. Only by being humble and obedient to their female, and satisfying her every earthly desire, would a male earn a place at her right hand side in the heavens after death.


Sister to Saanjarra, Traanjirra is the goddess of the Underworld, or jirra'rrou (lit. burning undernearth). Unmated, and scorned by her sister the Sun, Traanjirra spends her time tempting the Cizerack into joining her in jirra'rrou. She desires a mate above all else, but Saanjarra has made it so she will never have one. The wicked dead are carried off to jirra'rrou by Traanjirra, where the goddess rules in her land of liquid fire. She is doomed to ever burn with kree'rrou, without any hope of consumation.

Traanjirra will appear as a nubile maiden to the living, hoping to trick them into joining her in her damnnation.

Mating Rituals

A female Cizerack undergoes the kree-rrou, also called The Burning, at about fourteen to sixteen years of age. At the time of The Burning she is becoming sexually mature, and it is permitted, and encouraged, for her to experiment and explore the new side of her nature. Males also undergo a similar experience yearly, called kree-arr but it begins at a later age - about eighteen.

While the young female nears kree-rrou, her mother will spend a considerable amount of time picking out a mate for her daughter. Usually a male who has yet to experience his first kree-arr will be chosen, and the two are publicly joined at an elaborate and sensual ceremony that cannot be described. All the guests celebrate together, and many new friends are made.

After the mating ceremony, the young female will begin her own household with her manservant.


The male equivalent of The Burning, the kree-arr happens once a year for three days. During this time it is required for the male to leave his mistress and find the company of other females. It helps males deal with the responsibilities asked of them, and helps them to relax somewhat. Usually the females a male meets during kree-arr are females he has close interaction with on normal basis, such as a shopkeeper he buys groceries from, etc.

Origins of the Matriarchy

Originally, the Cizerack were something akin to a republic, with fairly equitable (although violent) representative rule.

About a thousand years ago, Carshoulis Prime was racked by a terrible famine. The leadership at the time, which was incidentally male, was at a loss for ways to circumvent the hardship. A female by the name of Jaissaarra Feessaarro seized this opportunity, using religious pretense, obscure prophecy, and a charismatic presence, she shattered the power structure of the planet with a coup, and through draconian law & order, she organized a rationing program that allowed the Cizerack to survive the famine. After the hard times had passed, Jaissaarra made certain that her power was absolute, and cemented in Cizerack culture a concept of feminine absolutism, in essence stating that the true power of leadership was instilled upon females through birth. This allowed Jaissaarra to perpetuate an unbroken royal bloodline for the next millenia. The Feessaarro dynasty still controls the Pride today.

The Forgotten War

The Forgotten War is the only civil war ever to occur in the Carshoulis Cluster. Begun in the fertile agricultural planet of Fey'dann, The Forgotten War was ignited when a group of Cizerack began treating their males as equals. Known as the Rebels, these freedom fighters soon gained sympathy throughout the entire Cluster, as males revolted and even females rallied to the cause.

The Pride Mother at the time knew that the Cizerack Pride could not survive such social upheaval, and quickly denounced the Rebels and their cause. Loyalist troops were dispatched to Fey'dann, and the worst battle fought on Cizerack soil was begun.

The Cizerack vocal cords are suited best to their own mewling language. When they speak Basic it is only with great difficulty. Thus, the previous sentance spoken by a Cizerack would look like this:
  • When they ssspeak Basjic jit jisss onljy wjith grrreat djiffjicultjy.

Half-breeds have less of an accent, affecting only the I's and R's:

  • When they speak Basjic jit jis only wjith grrreat djifjiculty

A brief dictionary into commonly heard Cizerack Terms is available.

Sources and further Information
Characters on SW-Fans