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Emelie Shadowstar is the owner and CEO of Elysian Acquisitions and currently resides on Cloud City. Under this corporate guise she's in the process of rebuilding an extensive smuggling/information trading underworld operation dubbed The Exchange.


The Brena

Emelie Shadowstar was born on the merchant CR90 Brena, a ship named by her father, Victor Shadowstar, for her Mother, Brena Shadowstar. As a young child Emelie was allowed to roam around her parent's ship, toddling about fairly unsupervised as soon as she was able to walk. She was known to be a fairly happy young girl who became almost a collective daughter to the crew of the Brena as well as to various others in the merchants guild her parents belonged to.

When Emelie was five years old the Brena was attacked by a group of space pirates that left the ship crippled and the entire crew slaughtered. Brena Shadowstar, in an attempt to save her daughter's life, shoved the young girl into a locker where the young girl couldn't help but witness the brutal murders of both parents. She was found two days later by the members of the merchant's guild, clinging to her mother's corpse.

Kalresh Asylum for Troubled Youths

Seemingly suffering from the trauma of witnessing her parent's murder, Emelie was taken to the Kalresh Asylum for Troubled Youths on Elerion. Mute from the moment she had been found on her parent's ship, and completely stoic for the first few years of her being a ward at the Asylum, she went without much notice by both the other patients as well as the psychiatrists that were attached to her case. Finding they weren't getting much in the way of results out of the young girl they transferred her treatment to group sessions where she was often found simply sitting, avoiding even acknowledging any others. What they didn't realize was that she had been taken under the wing of fellow inmate, Vhiran Antilles. The two were close friends and he alone seemed to understand her vague gestures and attempts at communication, though it wasn't until she was age nine that she first began speaking to him alone.

When Vhiran had to leave Kalresh's institute at age 18, Emelie - then 13 - was at a bit of a loss and returned to her mute state until she found another individual to cling to - an angry young man named James Valeck who had newly arrived. Emelie and James became fast friends and the two were often found causing trouble around the asylum, much to the disappointments of Kalresh and his employees; he was the second individual to find out she could actually speak. Emelie's life became fairly routine... Until a new psychiatrist came to Kalresh's and was assigned the young girl's case, Delar Nyruu. With his arrival, Emelie finally began openly speaking. Along with her sudden vocalization, her seemingly naive attitude was completely lost and she started a secretive affair with Doctor Nyruu as well as her fellow ward, James Valeck. Cigarras and various narcotics were often bribed or stolen from the orderlies and nursing staff and her overall disposition became overly flirtatious and carefree.

When Emelie was 17 another incident occurred that would change her life.again. During a session with Nyruu the young psychiatrist apparently was murdered by James Valeck, rumors speak that it may have been done out of jealousy and his known anger issues. James was transferred to Salis D'aar Penitentiary on Bakura and Emelie, seemingly none the worse for the incident, was released from Kalresh Asylum.

Immediately after Emelie's discharge from the Asylum she learned of Alderaan's fate and joined the rebellion, taking on the alias of "Rebecca Poe", serving as a starfighter mechanic , and again continuing her flirtatious ways and carrying on of affairs with several pilots. Finding herself becoming bored rather quickly with having an involvement in the war, Emelie took the knowledge and money she had obtained and purchased an RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, which she lovingly named SPOT. After heavy modifications the small craft essentially became a new home to Emelie as she left the Rebellion and took on a life of spice running, bounty hunting, and other less-than wholesome activities.

It was during this brief time that Emelie met up once again with Vhiran. The two worked together and became friends with benefits until they had a falling out and resulted in Emelie leaving the partnership behind.

The Start of a Lifestyle

Emelie's life as a smuggler took a dramatic turn when she was approached by a mercenary by the name of Vin Mastigar who hired her to aid in the escape of his partner, Xavier Synik. The job was difficult but with the direction of the far more experienced men it was pulled off. Unlike most in her business who would have splurged the pay, Emelie took the credits she earned from the jail break and began a small black market arms-running business with Synik, using clients that she had met during her smuggling days, as well as various associates that Xavier had.

The business took off well with the young woman essentially running the business and letting Xavier profit on the side. Most of the credits that came from the arms running was focused back into the business, allowing Emelie to expand the relatively tiny arms dealing market into a more rounded crime ring that also took on a various smuggling jobs and spice trafficking. It also allowed Emelie to open a bar on the lower levels of Coruscant, the Bastelraum von Dieben. The bar, nicknamed "The Bastel" served as Emelie's headquarters for operations and quickly gained a reputation that matched it's owner in terms of debauchery. It was during this time that Emelie met D'Kor, who exchanged her aiding him in his own spice trafficking for Emelie being able to make use of the man's various skills.

Emelie's actual contact with Xavier remained small until one day she crossed a local crime syndicate. Finding herself in over her head, she contacted the mercenary to aid in helping her handle the issue. Together the two took down and overran the competitor, renewing Emelie and Xavier's friendship and helping to promote the two taking their relationship a step further, letting them cross the line from simple business partners into lovers. Little did Emelie realize that her continued association with Xavier was earning the ire of his partner, Mastigar. The brewing conflict came to a head when Mastigar took it upon himself to give Xavier a choice: Emelie's life or their partnership...accentuating the point after having tortured the girl for a day before informing his partner of the situation. In the end, Xavier chose to save the young woman, much to her own surprise. Emelie's way of dealing with the event was an odd one, essentially dropping off the map for a period of time and questioning her life. She spent some time on Coruscant at her bar, then ran into a man by the name of Daunte Aidán who convinced her not to end her life, and finally ending with spending a few days on Kelada with D'Kor (during which she admitted to him being one of the two individuals she actually trusted). After a month of attempting to figure out what she believed was important in her life, Emelie returned to Xavier, and their partnership.

Silenus Corp.

Shortly afterwords the two joined their efforts together to finish the forming of Silenus Corporation. The company not only allowed for both to conduct legitimate business throughout the galaxy, but it's polished corporate exterior allowed for Xavier to aid the Rebel Alliance without catching the eye of the Empire, and Emelie to continue running her ever growing crime syndicate without catching the eye of the Black Sun or the Black Nebula. But it turned out that it wasn't any of those entities that they should have been concerned with...

Elysian Aquisitions

Emelie currently resides on Cloud City, having been forced to leave her former position at Silenus Corporation after an attempt on her life was barely thwarted thanks to Vittore Montegue. The bounty hunter that had been sent for her let on the fact that a mysterious organization known only as Sarlacc had hired him after some of her less than subtle criminal acts had begun to draw unwanted attention to Silenus Corp. and it's financials, risking Sarlacc's interests as one of their more covert clients. Once her association with Silenus was ended, thus taking away the risk of bringing further danger towards the company - and more importantly, it's CEO, Emelie began looking for other avenues to strike up business on her own. With the help of information broker Atton Kira, Emelie created Elysian Acquisitions in order to continue having a presence in both the corporate and criminal worlds.


Despite all she's been through, Emelie is a fairly easy going sort. She's a notorious flirt and alcoholic who tends to try and live her life to the fullest. Although maybe seeming a bit of a ditz to outsiders, Emelie is rather keen minded and can be almost terrifyingly ruthless when necessary. She is fiercely loyal to her employees/associates/friends, considering them family in a way and there's very little that she wouldn't do for any of them - a trait she shares with most of her actual family.


  • Victor Shadowstar - Father, deceased.
  • Brena Shadowstar (née Faei) - Mother, deceased.
  • Nalai - Grandmother, mother's side. Matron of house Faei and leader of the Pink Moon Syndicate
  • Jaron - Uncle, mother's side. Entrepreneur on Zeltros.
  • Dominick - Cousin. Jaron's son. Lackey for the Pink Moon Syndicate.
  • Celleste - Cousin. Jaron's daughter. Bartender at several clubs owned by the Faei family.
  • Silas Faei - Cousin. Zeltron Ambassador to the Alliance of Free Planets
  • Antho Moorheart - Cousin. Zeltron. Pirate.


6 ABY :
  • Visions of the past...How do you remember it? - During a routine business trip to Entralla CEO and COO of Silenus Corporation, Xavier Synik and Emelie Shadowstar, are questioned by the local authorities. Though soon it becomes obvious the "simple" interrogation is a far more dangerous situation than it seems.
  • 7 ABY :
  • It's All For the Cause - A chance meeting between two mix-breeds, Emelie Shadowstar and I'nu goes haywire when Emelie's old friend, D'Kor drops in on the high-class establishment.
  • Never Tell Me the Odds - After a run in with some pirates on a milk-run job for the Hutts, I'nu is tracked down by bounty hunter Nya Halcyon (aka Aree Ankarta). He flees to Naboo, but not before he finds himself hiding on Cularin and things get weird.
  • A Memorable Evening - The Russard Family hosts a get together of the Galaxy's most important people, to celebrate the coronotion of Empress Miranda Tarkin, and her wedding to Baron Gallus Tagge. Alongside heiress (and Rebel spy) Estelle Russard, the guest-list includes everyone who is anyone, from criminal entrepeneurs to a Dark Lord of the Sith, a plain-talking party-guest is definitely rarity. In a gathering full of such phenomenal amounts of power, everyone has an agenda...
  • Associations of Fortune - In the wake of A Memorable Evening, the leaders of the highly successful, Imperial-funded Russard Industries travel to the Bastelraum von Dieben to meet with some potential new business partners: entrepreneurs - and black market dealers - Emelie Shadowstar and Xavier Synik.
  • Sex and Candy - Disgraced adult-holo-vid star Serrena Alcine calls upon the help of her Zeltron friend Dominick when times get tough. He sets her up with an interview for a job position at Silenus Corporation with his cousin, Emelie Shadowstar.
  • So Hard to Find Good Help - With operations growing, Emelie Shadowstar finds herself in need of someone to act as her personal bodyguard as well as security for various shipments. One candidate stands out among the rest, the mysterious armored man known only as Peregrine.
  • Rude Awakenings - After finding out someone has been messing with her supply lines on Coruscant, Emelie Shadowstar decides it's time to take a more personal approach to handling the situation and drags Peregrine along for the ride.
  • 8 ABY:
  • Worst Case Scenario - As Salvo Starborn finds himself in a bit of a tight spot, he calls upon his old friend Emelie Shadowstar to bail him out.
  • Another Small Step Towards Recklessness - Finding life at Silenus Corporation's Headquarters in the far off Farfallla's Diamonds starting to grate upon her, Emelie Shadowstar proposes and begins planning of a casino heist
  • So Tell Us How you Really Feel - Jason Russard, Emelie Shadowstar and Xavier Synik visit Varuni Station - a Laboratory and the shared enterprise of Russard Industries and Silenus Corp - to see what new discovery Sheree Lancaster has come across. The mysterious plant however has unexpected dangers that threaten the lives of the four individuals.
  • 9 ABY:
  • It Was Supposed To Be A Simple Casino Heist -The heist planned by Emelie Shadowstar and Xavier Synik is underway! Though things take a turn for the worst.
  • 10 ABY:
  • Worst Impressions - After having her life saved by Vittore Montegue, Emelie Shadowstar is forced to make some rather hard decisions regarding her future.
  • Bedtime Stories - Emelie and Atton Kira enter into their business arrangement.
  • Sin & Sorrow - Vhiran Antilles arrives on Cloud City. He and Emelie attempt to patch up their estranged relationship.
  • A New Life - Emelie introduces Vhiran to the rest of The Exchange
  • Business or Pleasure - Emelie attends a Charity Gala attended by influential individuals of Cloud City and it's budding corporate scene.
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