Alliance 1st Fleet

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First Fleet
Second Fleet.jpg

Alliance First Fleet
Admiral Reshmar
General Forlon
Admiral Holt
Admiral Phoenix
Commodore Scott
Line Captain Forlon
Dac System

The Alliance Defense Force 1st Fleet is the main control and offensive force for the Alliance Defense Force. The 1st Fleet operates throughout the galaxy not in one given sector or area of space. The offensive force of 1st fleet operates in small roving squadrons. These small groups generally operate independent of each other often working covertly under communications silence.

Task Forces

The 1st Fleet is divided into small task forces each with its own mission.

  • Task Force 10 -
    • Alliance 101st Home Group - Supreme Commander Tian Reshmar
    • Alliance 102nd Command Group - Fleet Admiral Vernin Holt
    • Alliance 103rd Ordinance and Supply Group
    • Alliance 104th Reserve Group - Commodore

  • Task Force 11
    • Alliance 111th Assault Group - General William Forlon
    • Alliance 112th Parol Group - Commodore Scott Ridic
    • Alliance 113th Interdiction Group - Commodore Dorna Forlon
    • Alliance 114th Interdiction Group - Commodore Aaron Nomarr

  • Task Force 12 -

  • Task Force 13 -