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The Hapes Consortium was the ruling government and consortium of the Hapes Cluster. A hereditary monarchy based on the capital world of Hapes, it ruled over the region in isolation since before 3,000 BBY, protected by the Transitory Mists. It spans 63 closely positioned star systems, each with an inhabited world.

In 10 ABY the Hapes Consortium joined it's might with the Alliance against the Empire, helping pave the way toward the formation of the Alliance of Free Planets.




The Consortium is governed by a hereditary monarchy, lead always by the Chume (Queen, or Queen Mother) who is revered as a goddess by her people. House Alastor currently sits the throne and has done so for eight generations, following their complete destruction of the previous ruling family, House Pleuvoir.

In recent times, the death of Queen Mother Ishara dictated that her daughter Elaine should ascend to throne, however at the time of her mother's death Elaine was absent from the Consortium. The throne passed to the next in line: Beatrix Alastor, daughter of Elaine's brother Tristan and the royal ward of Onderon, Razielle Shadana. Bucking tradition, on account of her status as a foreigner, Razielle took the Alastor name on marrying Tristan. The recent reappearance of the Princess Elaine has prompted the first royal abdication in centuries, as Elaine has joined the Alliance Senate on behalf of her people, rather than taking the throne she is rightfully expected to claim. The whereabouts of her brother Tristan remain unknown, following his disappearance from Onderon a number of years ago.

Hapan Royal Court

The Royal Court acts as the Consortium's legislature. Its members, representatives from each of the Constorium's 63 planets, vote on matters of importance and inform the Queen about issues that required her attention.

    • House Al'Gray: Valois Al'Gray - Ducha of Relephon
    • House Al'Asteur:
    • House Al'Mont:
    • House Alastor: Beatrix Alastor
    • House Balad:
    • House Beauvillier:
    • House d'Archais: Ducha of Archais
    • House Farani: Trance Farani - Lady High Admiral / Ta'din of Modus
    • House Gadot:
    • House Garotte: Avelin Garotte - Ducha of Arabanth
    • House Irimore: Anastasie Irimore - Ducha of Gallinore
    • House Lafleche:
    • House Lautrec:
    • House Lecavalier:
    • House Maureau: Countess of Phelope
    • House Saccard:
    • House Sarpin: Delphnye Sarpin - Countess of Vergill
    • House Talbon:
    • House Viljoen:
    • House Wlady: Vahika Wlady - Ducha of Sivoria

Previous occupants of positions in the Royal Court include the exiled House Belargic.


Hapan Royal Navy

Also known as the Consortium Navy, the Hapan Royal Navy is the fleet of the Consortium. It comprises billions of warriors and thousands of starships. The Navy is centered around honor fleet comprising sixty-three Hapan Battle Dragons represents each world of the Consortium. They are supported by Nova-class battle cruisers, Beta Cruisers, as well as X-Wings, Miy'til starfighters, and Miy'til assault bombers. Prior to entering the Alliance of Free Planets, the Navy's primary role was defending the Consortium's strict borders against smugglers, pirates and benign intruders.

For many Hapans, a career in the Royal Navy is considered a point of pride, particularly for male Hapans who have few other opportunities to distinguish themselves.

Royal Space Marines

A group of female soldiers, the Royal Space Marines are attached to the Royal Navy and are trained to undertake ground based operations, should the need arise.

Hapan Royal Guard

Better known as Chume'doro, the Hapan Royal Guard are a military unit tasked to defend the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium and her family. Their mission objective is to investigate any possible threats against the Hapan Royal House. To achieve this aim, they have unlimited authority to commandeer local security forces, detain as well as interrogate any citizens, seize property, confiscate items and tap into private communications. By using the authority of the Queen Mother, a Royal Guard is capable of even overruling the orders of high ranking fleet admirals.

There are two primary branches of the Chume'doro - Royal and Investigative. The Royal branch is primarily tasked with protecting the Queen Mother, while the Investigative branch is further split into divisions focused on spying and surveillance. New recruits are known as agents, and are trained to be experts in unarmed combat, as well as the use of bladed weapons and polearms. Promotions to a officer rank are achieved by recommendation by a superior, followed by armed combat. On achieving the rank of captain - the lowest official rank - a guard can expect to be in charge of a cell of 40 agents. Majors hold seniority above captains, but most senior are the Favoured, members of a special elite section of the Royal branch.

Other specialty branches of the Guard include Fountain Snipers, who protect the Fountain Palace with long-range rifles; Fountain Gunners, who man the fixed emplacements and heavy weaponry; and Royal Fliers, who pilot modified variants of the Miy'til starfighter.

The ranks of the Royal Guard are entirely female.

Her Majesty's Select Commandos

Also known as Chume'nor - the Queen's sons - a special forces unit that serves the Queen Mother, and the only all male military unit in Hapan history. The commandos wear special self-camouflaging armor that allows them to become invisible. Being selected for HMSC is considered one of the highest honours for a male Hapan. Members of the unit swear an oath for life, foregoing their right to marry, father children or hold any noble titles. They are stationed at all times on Hapes, leaving the Consortium's capital only if the Queen Mother travels off-world. They are lead by the Lord Commander, who is appointed by the Queen Mother. In turn, the Lord Commander has the power to appoint new members to the unit.


Hapan Foreign Legion

Known in Hapan as Chume'legan'zaqash, the Hapan Foreign Legion is a recent addition to her Her Majesty's armed forces. Unlike all other military units, the Chume'legan'zaqash may recruit outside of Hapan stock. Recruits are primarily drawn from Human or Near-Human stock and may earn Hapan citizenship through their service.

Each section of the legan is overseen by a Hapan officer and will typically be posted outside of the Hapes Cluster, in a region of space that the Consortium has deemed worthy of observation. Expeditionary groups may be dispatched from the legan to investigate locations or events or note.



The language of the Consortium is Hapan. Few people are able to speak any other language, due to the Hapes Cluster's relative isolation from the rest of the Galaxy.

See Hapan Terms for more information.


Levels of education in the Hapan people vary depending on class.

Some Hapans elect to send their children to col'n termi (literally meaning schools of finishing) where they can learn all the skills and behaviors needed to succeed in Hapan society. There can be some overlap between these schools and Hapan 'fifth houses', mentioned below.

Marriage and Sexuality

Hapan marriages are typically arranged to suit the political or financial needs of noble houses, with a view to ensuring the continuity of their bloodlines. When marrying, the male takes the family name of the female. The only notable exception to this is when a male member of the royal family marries, their wife must take the royal name.

It is expected that Hapan women remain chaste until marriage and will remain monogamous during the course of their marriage. Though this second point is ultimately at the discretion of the individual, the first is not and a woman who is not chaste would have difficulty finding a partner of equal social standing.

If a Hapan woman dies, her husband may not remarry. If a Hapan male dies, his widow is free to remarry and conceive more children.

The Fifth Profession

The worst kept secret in Hapan society, the necessity of the Fifth Profession derives from the fact that Hapan women must remain chaste until marriage.

It was established by the youngest daughter of a prominent noble house, who believed that it was unfair that Hapan women could be forever saddled with a husband who could not satisfy her needs. Unlikely to be married off herself, she discovered there was money to be made in teaching young noble men who to please their future wives. Noble houses would pay good coin to have their sons educated in how to be a consummate lover, and in time the women who offered these lessons garnered significant respect from their peers.

Today, the Consortium has twelve kurh'n'dan (meaning fifth houses) in which a Hapan male can expect to learn how to please a woman. Each house is operated by a kurh'n'ta'a (fifth mother) who controls the houses finances and assigns their clientele to her kurh'n'da (fifth daughter). Kurh'n'ta'a are considered businesswomen of an equal standing with other industrial magnates, and the most well-respected among them can command a high price for their services. Typically, kurh'n'ta'a are women of social standing who do not stand to inherit the titles and wealth of their family.

The name 'the Fifth Profession' is a reference to the fact that most, if not all, Hapans are employed in one of four professions: the military, industry, agricultural or the serving classes.