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Hapans are the descendants of the Lorell Raiders, a group of pirates who found routes through the Transitory Mists and used the Hapes Cluster as their base. The Lorell Raiders, along with any other treasure they would plunder, would abduct beautiful women from all over the galaxy and bring them back to Hapes, eventually creating the Hapans. Around 4000 BBY, however, the mostly male Lorell Raiders were decimated by the Jedi when they ventured out into Republic space. After a while, the remaining Hapans created a matriarchal society, with a Queen Mother (called Ta'a Chume by the Hapans) at its head. Around 3,000 BBY, the first Queen Mother sealed the borders to the newly created Hapes Consortium from the rest of the galaxy, ordered the starship Star Home - a vast, luxurious flagship - to be constructed, and quickly captured many more planets for the Hapans to colonize.

Information on Hapan history between 3,000 BBY and 8 ABY was very hard to come by, but what was found was that sometime in the distant past, several members of the Hapes Consortium tried to secede from the influence of Hapes, but were quickly crushed. Those worlds became known as the Rifle Worlds, and eventually they became the commerce base of the Consortium. It is believed that the Hapans were left to their own devices by the Galactic Empire, as no records of any major confrontations between the two parties exist as of yet. However, there were some skirmishes near the border that resulted in the Hapans capturing some Imperial Star Destroyers.