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    Yufi Hercula (Character Bio)


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    Name: Yufi Hercula
    Age: 18
    Species: Twi'lek
    Birthplace: Ryloth
    Occupation: Padawan Learner/'super awesome famous girl' (her words)

    Appearance: Unusually short for a twi'lek, standing at just over five foot tall, Yufi is a slim, petite girl with hot pink skin, and two smallish lekku (they're NOT short, okay!? She's just... growing into them!) that either rest on her shoulders or hang down her back. She has deep brown eyes, and dark sculpted eyebrows. She has pink cones for ears on the side of her head, and is never seen without a headdress - although she varies the one that she is wearing frequently. For a padawan learner, one of Yufi's most distinctive traits is her dress sense; she dresses more like a spoiled twi'lek party girl than a Jedi Padawan, in revealing outfits per twi'lek tradition, but with heavy make-up, often flashy jewellery, heels to give her extra height, and with an aura of strong, expensive perfume. She is jealous of human hairstyles; she thinks styling your hair looks like "so much fun!".

    Personality: A spunky, energetic, goofy, playful prankster who doesn't appear to take anything seriously, on the surface, Yufi is a lot to deal with. Always ready with a joke, a smile and a quip, Yufi is a girl with a massively inflated ego who thinks she's great at everything, but cursed with terminal laziness when it actually comes to practising or training. She just wants life to be fun, and bounces from one encounter to the next, and usually seems to be unaware that she is not, in fact, the centre of the galaxy.

    That said, her outward appearance of a somewhat spoiled bratty teenager hides a more serious edge. And that edge is that despite all of her silliness and fun-loving ways, she very much believes in a free and independent Ryloth, and she massively supports her planet's freedom. She is also violently opposed to slavery, and feels that because of it twi'leks are still seen as 'secondary citizens' in the galaxy, and is determined to one day free every Twi'lek across the stars.
    She's cocky however. She's trained for as long as she can remember with the best tutors in the Ryloth Underground, even if she often didn't take her training seriously, and she thinks that makes her great. She also has an overinflated opinion on her looks, and tends to assume everybody has a crush on her and that she needs to 'let them down gently', unaware that most people just find her incredibly annoying.

    She's something of a Jedi fangirl. Being a Jedi padawan is the COOLEST thing that's ever happened to her, and she's SO excited to learn about lightsabers and the Force. She's just... less excited when it comes to things like meditating, sitting still, and, well, thinking about things...


    Energetic What's that? You need something from the temple? Yufi's on it! There's some bad guys that need fighting? She's THERE! Yufi is full of energy at all times, bubbly, enthusiastic, and ready to jump into battle. Her biggest problem is sitting still. She's always ready to leap into action, provided the action is, well, FUN and interesting.

    Quick-Witted Yufi doesn't tend to take anything seriously, and is always quick with a nickname or a joke. She's fun and upbeat and this attitude can make her fun to be around, if rather a lot to deal with at times.

    Combat Trained Okay, so Yufi DOES tend to be a bit lazy and goof off when it comes to lessons, but she WAS raised by a hero of the Ryloth Underground, and even if you goof off from 50% of the lessons, the OTHER 50% still taught her all kinds of valuable guerrilla fighting skills, including hot-wiring, martial arts and ranged combat. Her cocky attitude, laziness, and general spoiled nature means she's not very GOOD at any of them; certainly combined with her petite size she's much weaker than the average twi'lek, but she's well trained enough that, at present, she stands about a 50/50 chance of defeating your average street thug.


    Cocky Put simply, Yufi thinks she's great. She's convinced she's sexy, smart, witty, and a total badass, despite the fact she is, while mildly competent, plain average for a Jedi Padawan and probably below average for a guerilla soldier. She's been spoiled and is used to being the centre of the universe she grew up in, and therefore naturally assumes she's the best person in it. The idea that actions could have consequences is a foreign concept to her.

    Brash There's a problem? Yufi will solve it! With lightsabers! Slash first, think never, that's Yufi's motto! As such, she can tend to jump into action without considering the consequences.

    Impractical Having grown up in Twi'lek society and being a fairly active public figure in day to day society, Yufi is a big fan of fashion, specifically Twi'lek faction, which usually means revealing outfits, heels, and other impractical attire. While other Jedi might meditate by finding a peaceful area, Yufi finds the best meditation at a salon or getting her make-up done. As such, she's usually fairly glamorous for a Jedi, and not usually dressed for the scenario. She also does not blend in well.



    Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 - named the Pink Fury (despite being unarmed) and custom plated in a hot pink colour to match her skin.


    Single green-bladed lightsaber


    Yufi asked if 'this smoking hot bod' counts. I told her no.


    With only a year's worth of initiate training under her belt, Yufi's best Force powers are basic telekinesis, levitating small objects, push and pull, and she has a small level of skill at mind tricks on animals, but cannot use it on sentient beings. She is not very advanced for her age, her cockiness usually getting in the way of her training.


    Born in the caves of Ryloth during the days of the Imperial occupation, Yufi Hercula was the daughter of Peri Hercula, a brave soldier in the Ryloth Underground, and Hades Hercula, leader of that particular section of the Underground, and a Ryloth hero in the fight against the Empire. Four years after her birth, her mother was killed on a mission against the Empire, and she was raised solely by her father.

    Her father raised her the best that he could, while leading the Underground forces. This meant that he made sure she had both the best education he could provide, and the best training, ready for the days she'd join the fight. However, given that Yufi was the daughter of the leader of the Underground, and the youngest child living with them, she was usually given preferential treatment, which led to her growing up not taking her classes particularly seriously, pushing boundaries to see what she could get away with, and usually not understanding that her actions had any real consequences.

    At the age of nine, however, something happened that Yufi did not expect. The Ryloth Underground... won. Ryloth was freed from the tyranny of the Empire, and it was long before Yufi was old enough to fight in the battle.
    After that, her father became a planetary hero for Ryloth, and Yufi was catapulted into the spotlight as his daughter. Training became more of a ceremonial matter, expected of her as the daughter of one of the great liberators of Ryloth, but without any plan to ever actually fight, and it only cemented Yufi's opinion that she didn't have to take any of it seriously. She enjoyed being paraded around and meeting new people, and often spoke up her skills as the daughter of the legendary Hades Hercula, but the actual STUDYING? Boring!

    Her father went on to aid the Rebel Alliance, while Yufi remained on Ryloth, soaking in the praise of her father's achievements, and became something of a socialite and party girl, commonly seen on the social scene, enjoying her unearned fame. She was full of herself and often boasted of being a great warrior, just like her father, despite the fact she was clearly more preoccupied with red carpet appearances than learning to throw a punch. Despite that, she did undergo some training at her father's insistence, and even if she tried to blow off most of the lessons, she learned enough that her ego was only cemented further.

    During her training, however, she started to exhibit some unusual skills. She was able to react quicker than she should have, and sense when attacks were coming. Of course, she was still lazy and didn't train exceptionally hard, but it gave her an edge, and her father began to grow suspicious that she may be Force sensitive.

    At the age of seventeen, her father took the step to confirm this, and the Jedi came to Ryloth. They found that Yufi was indeed Force sensitive. Yufi, already a fan of the Jedi and their legendary achievements, was THRILLED to join the Jedi Order. Her father was also thrilled for Yufi to join the Jedi Order, although it might have been because it was the only way he'd achieve any peace or quiet...

    She didn't fit in fantastically with the other Jedi Initiates, even if her excitement was infectious, her spoiled nature and enjoyment of teasing the tutors did not go over well. However, she showed enthusiasm, and at least inklings of real talent, and after finally constructing her own lightsaber, she now awaits a Jedi Master who might be able to tolerate her...
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