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Thread: Hello! =)

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    Newbie Hello! =)

    Hello! =)
    My name is Wake

    I am 22 years old, 23 this April. I am English and went to the University of Chichester to study Ancient and Medieval History. I am very fond of fantasy and sci-fi stories and have been Roleplaying since the age of 14 onwards. It started with Minecraft (to which I still RP on today), though since, I have RP'ed on GMod, Starbound, SW:TOR and many forums from Fallout, Dragon Age to Game of Thrones.

    I hope to RP here both for my own enjoyment and to make friends. In the future, I hope to write a Sci-fi novel... but first, I must learn how to effectively write in a sci-fi environment.

    When I was seven years old, my parents took me to the cinema. I remember being so... enthralled by everything I saw. Amazing fights, political drama, what I thought was a robot with four arms, an Englishman with a beard, the spaceship battle like I had never seen! It was all so brilliant. I had never seen a Star Wars film at the age of seven before Revenge of the Sith... but I certainly watched them all afterwards (out of order).
    All these years, I have remained a loving Star Wars fan. I am not particuarly fond of the Sequels, however.

    After all these years, I am currently watching the Clone Wars cartoon for the first time after getting Disney+ during this lockdown (here in England, it is our third). I intend to watch Rebels after.

    I do not know Star Wars lore too well. I hope I do not make any serious mistakes. If I do, please let me know and I will edit something immediately.
    I am going to need help understanding the timeline, especially. Years, mostly.

    Thank you for reading <3

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    Welcome, Wake!!

    I look forward to writing with you

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    Welcome, welcome!

    oh what a tangled web I weave

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    Welcome and hello!


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