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Thread: Your thoughts on hosting existing community on 'Fans

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    Question Your thoughts on hosting existing community on 'Fans

    I take part in a pretty active Choose Your Own Adventure subform of somethingawful. With SA being in flux we don't know if it will survive for much longer and people are looking for where to migrate to if it explodes. I am wondering if we were open, as a board, to hosting a CYOA forum here. Sort of like when the Replica Prop Forums were part of the board way back when. Together, but probably separate.

    I think we could scrape the existing CYOA threads into a new forum which could be an attractive option for the OPs. However! We would have to agree as a board that we're okay with importing a lot of new users. This is just testing the waters in that respect.

    I don't think this is the direction that they'll decide to go in, but I wanted to have it as an option. Sort of starting fresh instead of cramming into another forum with possibly different rules.

    So I guess, are we open to it, or not?

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    I think this would be doable, with it being its own separate forum (like we have the SW RP and the General RP ones), so they're part of the boards, but with an actual CYOA playground.

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    As Natcha said, as long as it's in its own forum, it should be fine.

    However, do we have the server power to handle that? I know we've been having some issues as of late, and that's honestly a bigger concern, for me.

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    I have no objection. Were it to go ahead, would I right in be assuming there would be CYOA moderators moving across with the community? That would be important to ensure a smooth transition.


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