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Thread: Lonely, love-starved, unmarried houswife extraordinaire!

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    Roleplay Related Lonely, love-starved, unmarried houswife extraordinaire!

    Hey there. I'm Honey.

    I'm a bored, lonely, love-starved, unmarried housewife with an empty love-life and no kids(and happen to be owned by a cat). I'm a professional writer outside of here and have a few novels self-published but don't have the same notoriety of other New York Times Best Sellers, unfortunately, but I live comfortably.

    I'm a seasoned adult and on here and looking for in-depth, multi-paragraph/novella, long-term, romance roleplay that is 18+ but not necessarily NSFW. I'd like to marry romance Grand Admiral Thrawn in particular(weird tastes, I know), and I'm kind of picky about it. Because I've been unsuccessful finding a roleplaying partner before(believe me, different chat sites, Discord... This is my first time in over fifteen years of actually getting on a forum for RP) and hopefully it works out better this round.

    If not then... Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel.

    Love to write, draw manga art, have an aesthetic for 80's anime/manga art(Haruhiko Mikimoto among others), I read Tarot and Oracle cards(and have been for ten years now), I study Wicca, the occult, High Witchcraft, Hermetism/Kabbalah/Gnosticism, ect. I'm Lunarian Wiccan by trade and have been recently been recruited by the Morrighan to complete a few contracts with her. I like to read. Music is a must. So much more...

    I hope I enjoy my stay here and I'm not too much of an annoying Mary-Sue for ya'lls to handle.


    EDIT: Desired RP:

    [OOC: Seeking Male x Female 18+ | 1 x 1 | Long-Term | Multi-Paragraph to Novella | 80% Romance / 20% Erotica RP | Grand Admiral Thrawn | A mix or amalgamation of the Star Wars EU and Canon Storylines]


    Full Name: Honey Bailey
    Title: “The Oracle”
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: Rude! (About 160lbs)

    Species: Human Empath
    Skin Color(s): Beige Flesh
    Hair Color(s): Brown
    Eye Color(s): Crystal Blue
    Body Marking(s): No Tattoos
    Unique Feature(s): Innocent Wonder in her Eyes

    Personality: Bubbly, Friendly, Open, Compassionate, Firm, Loving, Over-Trusting, Needy, Romantic
    Strengths: Experiences time nonlinearly but only on her own timeline. She is a great friend but makes an even greater lover.
    Weaknesses: Falls in love easily, has chronic headaches from blocking out future memories.
    Likes: Sweets, Oracle/Tarot cards, soft music, romantic attention.
    Dislikes: Insincere men, loud noises, unintelligent people and willful ignorance.

    Honey is not combat compatible.

    Faction(s): Has New Republic/Rebellion ideals but is easily swayed into servicing the Empire. Is not loyal to either, but loyal to Thrawn. If he leaves, she leaves. If he stays, she stays. No questions.
    Occupation(s): Oracle Reader, Artist, and whatever can pay the rent and feed her.
    Title(s): “The Oracle”.
    Force Sensitive: Experiences time nonlinearly, has nocturnal precognizance(dreams about future events), can see into peoples’ pasts and predict their future based on energy and reading cards, can sense pain or illness in another person’s body, and can feel another’s emotions. That’s about it.

    Family: Grandma Marsha Isolde. Aunt Sheela Bailey. Sara Bailey(mother; deceased).
    Friends: Open to making them. Eli Vanto, likely.
    Enemies/Rivals: There aren’t a lot of people she doesn’t like, so not yet.
    Love Interest: Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ride or Die.
    Homeworld: Kaldreena.


    Chiss are like werewolves - but instead of morphing into a mythical beast on the full moon, their physiology and psychology only allow them to have a single Mate their entire lives. Their DNA merges with their Life-Mate and then they're stuck. On their 39th birthday they suffer "The Mourning Year" which is basically menopause for an entire year until their 40th birthday hits. If they've not found their Mate after that year then they become sterile and impotent. So, he'd been busy his entire military career trying to win campaigns and rise in power. He nearly forgot about his body's clock that was ticking down. He hears of Honey being "The Oracle" for the Rebellion, kidnaps her, interrogates her, finds she's an artist and clairvoyant, falls in love with her, and works so hard to get her to fall in love with him so she can be his Life-Mate, even though they're two different species. Human and Chiss DNA are more compatible than other races mating, so offspring are highly likely.


    Kaldreena was most famously known for its entertainment industry and the fact that they were the first to pioneer the color holo-vid. Honey Bailey was raised by her grandmother, Marsha Isolde, who lived as a hedge witch on the outskirts of society in their quaint little village out in the wilderness. There, Honey inherited spiritual gifts from her family that skipped generations. With her mother passing, and her father missing, she was left between worlds. Between the quiet village and the bustling, futuristic city-scape that she often visited when her aunt lived there.

    Honey had the gift of predicting future events with cartomancy but when picked up by the wrong people in the metropolis, she had her gifts exploited for financial gain. She was nearly sold into slavery when she disobeyed and was rescued by the Rebellion during a raid.

    Unbeknownst to her new allies, she suffered chronic headaches because of a gift she had of experiencing time nonlinearly. Intuitively, she knew what her life was from beginning to end and experienced all time, at least in her personal life, all at once. She lived in a constant state of deja vu. However, not because she was afraid of how she would die, but because of the pain of her future lover being nonexistent in the present and seeming far off in the distant future, she was able to block some of her energy centers and partially cut herself off from the Force so she could no longer remember what the future held for her.

    However, through the divination of cards or energy, she was able to tell another’s future with nearly perfect accuracy. There were times, though, that she was wrong. This didn’t bother her. She always gave the best advice she could at the time.

    Soon, her gifts were rumored across the Galaxy. She wasn’t known as Honey Bailey, though. In an attempt to protect her from the wrong hands, the Rebels simply gave her the title of “The Oracle”, and allowed her to do her work that way.

    Having heard of her gifts from afar, the Empire took great interest in knowing who their enemy’s greatest asset was and to take possession of her. Grand Admiral Thrawn is sent on this particular campaign, has her kidnapped, and has her interrogated as such. Honey found him a lot kinder to her than the other Imperial generals were and wondered what was really in his heart under that hard exterior. He tested her abilities and found them accurate about 87% of the time and studied with her on how she could improve those odds.

    In her cell, she managed to find a screw or other tiny sharp object, and etched artwork onto the walls above her cot. When they were found, the Grand Admiral was intrigued, and she received better placement and tools to continue painting. Soon, she came to respect him - understanding him much better now that they were able to talk outside of campaign drills - and secretly fell in love with him without knowing if her feelings were reciprocated. From there, she often wondered if her love was unrequited, but he treated her well so she didn’t question it much from there. Instead, she allowed her gifts to be used at his discretion no longer taking allegiance with the New Republic or the Empire - but to Thrawn himself.

    From there, our story continues…
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    Welcome! Let's be friends!!

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    Welcome! You came to the right place!

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    Hi, I’m Charley, I play a whole bunch of characters here. I’ll be happy to help get you acclimated and answer whatever questions you have

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    Welcome to the forum, Honey.

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    Tres bon et merci, mes amis! I also updated and edited my introduction post for ya'll to see.

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    Alright, I read your write-up, and most of it seems good to go.

    Just a heads up, I will recommend reading the HoloNet Roleplaying Quick Guide here if you haven't already. Our storytelling universe takes a divergent path from the Battle of Endor onwards, and while we certainly reference canon characters such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Eli Vanto, they are not written as our characters nor as NPC's. However, I think that what you've got here can easily translate into our universe no problem. Just gotta figure out which star to hitch your girl's dreams to.

    Let us know how we can help!

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    To be honest, I like you guys and all, but I advertised merely to find private roleplay. Group roleplay is cool and all but... Meh. I've been scoping out different sites to post my Advert.

    I'm not well-versed in Star Wars lore... simply because... I'm a casual Star Wars fan and an eternal Thrawn fangirl. It's all I really care for at this point.

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    No worries, go with what you love

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