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    Star Wars Parr Ollaikos

    42 :: Pantoran/Independant :: Galactic Archaeologist

    Currently in:

    Character Background

    • Born on Pantora to Jaceri and Maana Olleikos
    • Studied Galactic Anthropology at the Imperial Academy on Carida
    • Traveled the galaxy with his parents during his younger years, experiencing and being included in many supernova viewing events, archaeological digs, and excavations.
    • Worked with the Caridan Academy for a few years, excavating ancient planetary civilizations.
    • Eventually left the employ of the Caridan Academy, citing philosophical differences.

    Raw Material

    • Likes a lot of native art from a plethora of planets.
    • Began to focus a lot of his energies on the Pre-Republic era, as well as ancient Jedi and Sith.
    • Created the popular Archaic Astronauts holo program, and talks about a host of ancient artifacts, cultures, and empires; notably the Architects/Celestials, Rakata, Sharu, and Killik.
    • Is obsessed with the Architects/Celestials.
    • Has a ship of his own, but he never uses it; instead preferring public transport.

    Plot Ideas

    • Arrives on Jovan station for a convention that he is headlining.
    • Joins a group of people hoping to uncover an old Pre-Republic era settlement on a planet.
    • Puts together a team to excavate an area that he thinks an old castle belonging to the Celestials is.
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    Existing Relationships

    • None yet.
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    Current Plots

    • None yet.
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    Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D
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