Tes Vilraider - Alliance - Deputy Security Officer

Age: 48
Gender: Female
Relationships: Husband - Levi
Children: Javin - oldest (20)
Tryst - middle son (14)
R.J. - Youngest son (9)

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 157 lbs.

Defining physical characteristics

Tall, well-conditioned blonde with several scars across her body, though none so severe as to be overwhelmingly noteworthy.


Born Tes Moretta on Carida she was old enough to remember the galaxy before the Empire, and while her family decided the easiest way to get along was to simply go with what the Empire expected and demanded, Tes couldn't.

She spent some time after leaving home working with a few salvage crews and smugglers in the outer rim, away from the Empire's immediate and overbearing grasp. Her interactions with the tyrannical Empire during this time, both running from check points and escaping from patrols sparked the light of rebellion in her gut and before long she found herself aboard a Rebel ship as a gunnery sergeant.

It was in the Rebellion that she would fall in love with a communications officer named Levi Vilraider who she would eventually marry. When their first child, Javin was born Levi decided he would stay at home to raise the boy, knowing the fire inside his wife to fight would never be satisfied as a home maker.

This trend continued with each subsequent son, first Tryst and then little R.J. Despite their distance the couple talk at every available opportunity, and Tes spends her free moments conversing and teaching her children from afar via holomessages and comms.

The family now lives on Bothawui.

Tes, since the treaty, had found less to do in her comission as a gunnery sergeant and transfered to a position within the security forces - where she is constantly reminded that the people around her can be just as childish as her own boys.


Tes Vilraider is a fighter. She enjoys finding something to flex her significant muscle against. She is also something of a 'mama bear' with a strong maternal instinct. She's spent years in space as a member of various crews and isn't sure she'd know what to do with herself when she will inevitably have to stop. She worries about her advancing years.


- blaster proficiency
- hand to hand combat and training
- good observational skills