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    Babylon 5 Aliya Shalynn

    30 :: Earth Alliance :: Lt. Commander - Earthforce Space Force

    Currently on: Babylon 5 Station

    Character Background

    • Born to Anthony and Rebecca Shalynn on the family's cargo freighter - Ares 4 in 2229.The family conducted most of their business with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and kept small ties with EarthGov. Shalynn's preferred it, not being sympathetic to Earth being Martian Born.
    • The ship was found years later just after war broke out during the Earth-Minbari war by Narns. The only survivor was Aliya, her parents bodies no where to be found.
    • Aliya was dropped off to the Earthforce Nova class dreadnought EAS Oracle by the Narns with the damaged vessel in tow in 2245.
    • Grateful for what Earthforce had done to ease her back into civilian life, Aliya opted to enlist in 2246 when she became of age and not a ward of the planet, opting not to be transferred to Mars to live with an uncle that was tracked down. She was almost 17 and well educated so she worked uploading and cataloging data for the Earth Medical Association.
    • Has been recently assigned to Babylon 5 to assist with diplomatic matters with the League of Non-Align Worlds. Much like Sincliar, the Minbari had requested Shalynn and the League members unanimously agreed based on her family's fond past with them years ago.

    Raw Material

    • Graduated Officer Training Academy in 2248 and her first assignment was serving with Captain John Sheridan on Station IO. She served there from 2248-2252. Despite being offered second command of the station, Aliya preferred being in command of the fighter squadrons leaving the role of XO to Lt. Susan Ivanova. The three command officers developed a fond working relationship.
    • From 2252-2253, she was assigned to Mars planetary security. She almost requested reassignment because something felt off in her gut, but Aliya took it as an opportunity to learn about her parents birth home and connect with her uncle.
    • While on Mars, she had a brief romantic affair with Talia Winters. The two parted ways as friends after Aliya was reassigned to EAS Furies as Squadron Commander under the command of Captain Stephanie Eckland. Aliya didn't want to pass up the opportunity of finally being on one of the EAS Omega destroyers.
    • Served on the EAS Furies from 2253-2255 and was commended for squadron preparedness and readiness, logging dozens of victories against raider threats during deployment and for assistance with diplomatic relations with other races.
    • 2256-2257 - Finding a new niche with diplomacy, applied for an Internship with Earthforce Command in Geneva, Switzerland, Earth and was accepted.
    • 2258 - Is promoted to Lt. Commander after a successful internship, which included learning, and find tuning, several languages that she learned, easily picking up Interlac, Centauri, and surprisingly Minbari dialects.
    • Is a playful sort and already has a way of saying hello to her old friends Sheridan and Ivanova when she arrives to B5 ...
    • Something in her heart is missing and to this day, is uncertain as to what it is. It is why she is eager to try new things and do most anything, within reason, because it may help fill that gap in her soul.
    • To this day, she still does not remember her entire past. A lot of it is bits and pieces that have more an emotional component to her memory that almost feels like a dream. All medical scans show she has no brain damage from her injuries when the Narns found her.

    Plot Ideas

    • TBA

    Existing Relationships

    • Captain John Sheridan - Her first commanding officer that she greatly respects. To learn under the man who took out the Minbari Cruiser Black Star was an honor for the newly minted officer. They became close colleagues and eventually friends.
    • Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova - They have a pragmatic friendship while stationed together in IO. Susan knew that Aliya was a smartass that could hold her vodka, Aliya realized that Susan would always be pessimistic and diplomatically blunt. With that understanding, the two drove Sheridan nuts with their barbed quips and affectionate zingers.
    • Talia Winters - Even after their brief romantic affair, the two keep in contact over messages.
    • Vanya Shalynn - Her father's uncle on Mars who she met briefly and keeps in occasional contact.

    Current Plots

    • TBA

    Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D
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    Yeah... I gotta check in with medical as a new officer stationed there so ... *sticks out her tongue* Aaaaah....

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