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    Imp Goran Dala

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    25 :: Human :: Galactic Empire :: Imperial Stormtrooper (Sergeant)

    Currently in: Constantly rotated around as reserve

    Character Background

    • Parents moved to Coruscant from Mandalore a few years following the destruction of the Mandalorian Protectors at the battle of Norval II.
    • To blend in, his parents made sure Mandalorian upbringing was secondary, and his behaviour would not differ from the typical Imperial.
    • Nevertheless, he was taught in the art of Mandalorian combat, and was proficient with all manners of weapons from a young age.
    • Studied in Coruscant and was more aligned with Imperial ideology than Mandalorian.
    • Despite the atrocities committed by the Empire, he also saw the good. Following the death of much of those that committed those atrocities, he felt the Empire should be better than before.

    Raw Material

    • "Some say he's ex-Mando..." said by an unknown Stormtrooper.
    • Meeting a Mandalorian might make for an... interesting encounter.
    • Fresh off NCO training, part of the Radiation Zone Assault unit.
    • Like a Mando, he never backs off from a fight. EXCEPT only when the opponent makes the first move so he can claim he was acting in self-defence.
    • About as professional as a soldier can be, try him!

    Plot Ideas

    • Getting himself transferred to a more active frontline unit.
    • Taking part in covert operations.
    • Go on explorations.

    Existing Relationships

    • On friendly terms with the Imperials.
    • Single.

    Current Plots

    • Currently none.

    Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D
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