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    Closed Thread Serendipity

    "Come on.. why would you want to live in a tree all day anyway? You're a frog. You should be in water."

    The colorful little frog simply croaked at her blinking big red eyes, then moved further up the tree, obviously not of the terrestrial variety.

    Cordelia pulled her silver-blond hair back into a tail, and kept walking. She'd been moving away from the Jedi compound in what she hoped was the general direction of the Great Library. She had no intention of going inside without her master, but she wouldn't mind scouting it out first, while Satkia continued her discussion with the other Jedi.

    The Jedi Master trusted her student to take care of herself, and return in one piece. Until then, Cordelia was in search of someplace either to cool off, or just explore while she waited. Spotting the frog, she had thought maybe she was on the right path to a nice lake maybe, but wrong kind of crawly apparently.

    Lightsaber at her side, the young Jedi Knight continued on her path of exploration. So long as she did not encounter anymore lightsaber wielding crazed rodents, it would be a good day.

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    Frogs were not the only peculiar thing in the trees that afternoon. As Cordelia continued her trek into the dense forests of Ossus, her progress caught the attention of something, or rather someone, else. A figure dropped out of a tree behind the Jedi Knight, landing with practiced grace. He wore a rough looking mixture of wool, linen and animal skins, and his face was covered by a carved wooden mask, alien and almost insectoid in it’s design.

    He called out to her.


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    Cordelia stopped in her tracks, breathing for just a second. She really, really hoped this was not about to go sideways. They had only just got here, and her ribs were still pink with scratch marks from the she-rat. Trusting was not Cordelia's strong suit, and after their trip to Felucia she was even more on guard.

    As peacefully as she could manage, the Jedi Knight turned to the apparent native of Ossus. She canted her head to the side, curiously. Masks huh? Cordelia could appreciate that, she was not usually one to speak with strangers, letting her master do the talking in most cases. But this seemed like a good time to break with tradition, she didn't want to make a bad impression for the other Jedi. Just because she was awkward did not mean they all were!

    "Umm.. greetings?"

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    Pacing forward a few steps, the figure's masked face tilted inquisitively up and down, looking over Cordelia from head to toe and back again.

    “Are you a Jedi?”

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    Cordelia was not sure she appreciated being scanned up and down by the person wearing a mask, seemed a bit unfair. She maintained her patience, after all she was plenty unique in her own ways. One thing travelling with Master Satkia had shown her was that there were all kinds... All kinds, and most of them were pretty alright, once you took the time to understand, and see it from their perspective.

    Maybe she'd get a mask of her own and scare the crap of of her master later..

    It was a tricky thing he asked her.. They did not make it a habit to announce what they were, not since Cordelia had first become a padawan, and before that. Being a Jedi was not a safe life. It was a target painted on you, and the weight of responsibility taking the option of inaction from you. She was aware though, that the local tribe was aware of them, and she did not sense any danger as she had on Felucia.

    "I am.. Jedi Knight Morgance.", she said finally. "You are of the Ysanna, right?"

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    “Morgance,” he said, as though testing how the word sounded. "Seems like a good name!"

    He lifted his mask by the chin, sliding it up to rest on top of his head. Underneath the mask, he did not look so different to Cordelia: near-human, with pale skinned touched a little by the sun and cropped blonde hair.

    “I’m Jarvi. You know, you’re standing on my peoples land.”

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    "Thanks..", she said, having always appreciated it herself.

    Once he lifted his mask, Cordelia relaxed marginally. He was far less intimidating without it. Seemed like he was around her age, or thereabouts. The likelihood that she was about to be attacked had just dropped dramatically.

    "Oh, right.. I was just...", she started to explain but stopped, it was probably beside the point what she had been doing if she was intruding.

    "Would you like me to leave?"

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    “No, but I’m going to have to walk with you while you’re on it.”

    More and more Jedi were finding their way onto Ysanna land, lately. Jarvi had seen a number of them from a distance and though he had never spoken to them, he had observed that in spite of their differences, they often had a shared goal.

    “Are you going to the Great Library?”

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    "That's fine..", Cordelia made no argument. It was their land after all, and she was trespassing.

    "I had been thinking about it, yes. Can you show me the way?"

    She probably could have found it on her own, but having a guide who knew the way was by far the better option.

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    “I know the way.”

    Technically, he was supposed to be on patrol at the edge of the Karhu territories, where their land met what was now occupied by the Jedi. It had been a quiet patrol so far, however, and Jarvi felt certain that the elders of the tribe would prefer him to keep a watchful eye on this particular Jedi, instead of letting her wander around their land alone.

    “It’s about a half days hike. Shorter if we ride.”

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    "Great, happy to hear that."

    Cordelia felt sure she knew what her master would say. More important than discovering the library, or a random swimming spot, was the potential to make a positive connection with the Ysanna tribe. Cordelia was a bit awkward, but she was brave, and kind, if she were to say so herself. She would make Satkia proud.

    "Wait... ride what now?"
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    Jarvi had already started walking, assuming that the Jedi would follow. He looked back, at the sound of her question, his face wrinkled as if she had asked what colour the sky was.

    "Kirruk? What else."

    With the Ysanna ahead of her, Cordelia could see that he had some kind of weapon strapped over his back.

    "If you can't ride, you can come on the back of my mount. He's big enough for two."

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    The look Jarvi gave Cordelia implied that he thought she had less sense than the frog she'd been speaking to. "Sorry, first time on Ossus. I just got here."

    Following along behind him, Cordelia tilted her head to the side, sending her braids swinging trying to get a better look at what kind of weapon he carried.

    "I've never heard of a Kirruk." , she admitted, hoping it was some kind of swoop, how badass! Wait.. "He?"

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    “Come, I’ll show you.”

    With a better angle to see the weapon, it appeared Jarvi was carrying something halfway between a bow and a gun. Strapped to the stock and around his waist were little arrows, that looked about large enough to fit into the bow’s barrel.

    Wading through the undergrowth, Jarvi soon lead the way to a small clearing - where a huge creature appeared to be engrossed in tearing some food apart. From behind, it appeared to be some kind of armoured lizard on two legs, at least a few feet taller than Jarvi, with a lethal looking tail and curled horns.

    Jarvi held up a hand for Cordelia to be still and then, grinning to himself, he crept forward. Closer and closer to the unaware animal until… he yelled at the top of his voice. The huge beast whirled around with a roar, it’s massive clawed hands raised as if ready to strike. Jarvi jumped backwards with a bark of laughter -

    “I got you!”

    - and the flash of feral anger in the creature’s eyes vanished. Now that it was facing the two of them, it was clear that the big beast was tied to a nearby tree, with a rope that it could almost certainly tear through with it's claws.

    Jarvi beamed at Cordelia. “This is my kirruk, Littlefoot. He hasn’t learned how to eat and listen for predators at the same time, have you, Littlefoot?”

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    Crouched in the undergrowth, Cordelia quietly brushed aside a thorny vine as she watched Jarvi approach the beast. She was not exactly a fresh tadpole, she knew that each world was different, their fauna would be as well, and she had seen many different beasts be domesticated into mounts.. but still, the thing looked capable of tearing their heads off.

    Whatever aggression it had been about to loose, it calmed when it saw who had disturbed it, clearly recognizing Jarvi. Cordelia shook her head, but she did smile at the display, creeping out to get a better look. This was going to be the hard part. As a person with mixed species herself, her scent had been known to incite responses from creatures that did not know her.

    "He's... cool.", Cordelia spoke softly.

    While she approached, the Jedi kept herself centered. Surrounding her thoughts with calm, and peace. Easy there, Littlefoot. I don't bite you, you don't tear my head off. Deal?

    Her thoughts drifted like an unobtrusive breeze toward the kirruk, showing it she meant him, and his master, no harm.

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    The huge kirruk’s nostrils flared as it sniffed the air. As Jarvi went to loosen the rope that held the beast in place, it pulled towards Cordelia - and Jarvi was pulled along with it.

    “He smells you’re not from here,” Jarvi said, giving a tug on the rope as the kirruk pushed its snout inquisitively towards Cordelia. While the big beast was occupied, Jarvi planted one foot against its side and swung himself up onto Littlefoot’s armoured back.

    With the rope still in one hand, Jarvi held out the other to the Jedi.

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    "Yeah, I get that a lot." Not from here. That was just it. She was from nowhere. Littlefoot did seem interested in Cordelia's scent, but not in any way that implied aggression so far. It probably would have happened by now.. Probably.

    Looking up at her escort while on Ysanna lands, Cordelia nodded in understanding. Grabbing Jarvi's hand, she repeated what he had done climbing the kirruk, and let him pull her up behind him atop his mount. She would admit to being slightly uncomfortable, but only slightly. It was a new experience, and she really did need to get out more.

    They both did, she.. and her master.

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    “Hold onto me,” Jarvi said, patting himself on the side, to show Cordelia where to put her hands. The reason for that suggestion becoming apparent as he nudged Littlefoot in the side and the big beast whirled around, making a 180-degree turn. Jarvi gave another nudge, the kirruk began to march through the forest. Littlefoot swiped aside all manner flora, stomping on the undergrowth. Without a saddle, he wasn’t exactly the most comfortable of mounts, though Jarvi seemed to be used to it.

    After they’d walked in silence for a short while, he asked: “So, what do you hope to find in the library?”

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    Coredlia eyed the Ysanna suspiciously for a moment. She did not know him, but she had known other boys. If this was some kind of way for him to get her to put her hands.... The kirruk moved, swinging Cordelia hard to one side suddenly, necessitating her immediate grab for Jarvi, exactly where he had told her to. She shut her skeptical thoughts down pretty quickly after that, instead focusing on how to sit the beast like she knew what she was doing.

    "Me? Nothing, I guess. I just wanted to know where it was, just in case my master decided we should check it out while we're still here. Seems like it should be on the itinerary during our visit to Ossus."

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    Littlefoot seemed to know the way with a great deal of direction from Jarvi, aside from a nudge to the side when the big kirruk was about to become distracted by something small and potentially edible rustling about in the undergrowth.

    “You are not staying on Ossus? I thought all Jedi wanted to be here.”

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