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Thread: Grounded

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    His... tail...

    It had to go... up... ?

    There was a moment when he stood there, on his hind legs and grasping at the top bars of the cage. Blinking, he let out a huffed breath before slowly letting himself settle his bulk back downwards. But his tail, still underneath the door, gave a twitch. Shoulders hunching, he put a bit more effort into making the moving picture in his thoughts come true. The day-creature on two legs was doing this, somehow, and she was nice and made the tiniest noises. It was much better than some of the other gruff sounds he'd heard from others. Her eyes were also not mean, and she wasn't afraid of him. Maybe that was why he wanted to do the things that he was sure she was the one showing him.

    The sound was small at first, a small creak, a tinny whine that grew.

    And then the door began to shiver, a loud thing in an otherwise quiet place. Along its tracks the door moved, upwards until another sound... a tinkling of small parts coming out of place.

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    Cleo's eyes went all wide at the sudden loudness and even though she let out a tiny squeak of surprise when the door thunderously came all sidelong and off it's right spot, she still couldn't help but smile a whole lot.

    Okay, so the problem wasn't entirely fixed and they'd probably just made enough of a fuss to actually have someone look in to it and soon they'd be caught and Cleo was no good at explaining things and... and...

    She quickly darted forward and wedged herself under the now lopsided cage door, hanging in place only by the chain that had originally kept it shut. With a slight grunt Cleo pushed against it, making a clear space underneath. It was big enough for a Cleo, for many Cleos! So hopefully, just hopefully the gap would now be big enough for her new friend.

    "Quick!" She whispered, which was sort of a funny thing to do considering all the loud sounds they'd just made but it seemed necessary anyhow. "I dunna think I can go anna hol' it li' this ferra vera long."

    Was true, sad kinda truth, but it was one that Cleo had long comes to terms with. She weren't very strong in the body way, and when it came to lifting and moving stuff about with The Force? Well... she was one of the adepts that weren't so adept, it seemed. But that hardly mattered. Heart and spirit did and Cleo had plenty of that to go around.

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    The opening was there, and quick as lightning he darted through it, scampering and wriggling himself to freedom from the box made of hard bars.

    A few steps past the two-legged thing that made the cutest little noises, he felt himself listing to one side, unable to fully control his balance. The things keeping his wings fixed to his back were making him fall, since without them, he tottered around like he'd just left the safety of the nest-bed. His tail lashed to one side, then the other, and he let out a long grunt as his bulk shifted too far to the right, and the rest of him followed.

    He hit the ground roughly, letting out a frustrated growl before scrabbling forward once more, trying to get to his feet...

    ... only to topple over yet again, legs flailing to gain purchase.

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