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Thread: I need your help Jeseth

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    Graem D Snowbringer

    I need your help Jeseth

    :Graem walks slowly through the acidic storm, shielded by a Force shield, her mind lost deep in the past...remembering her frantic return home after the accident with Nichos, to find the frozen corpses of her family in the snow near their home,seeing death and destruction which led to revenge and the darkside.
    Graem forced her mind back to the presence and asked herself why she was remembering those events, she knew why but couldn't bring herself to admit what she knew in her heart to be true....that she could never truely return the the lightside again.

    Graem surveys the castle as she approaches it and as she steps through the gates she disipates the Force shield before entering the main doors to the castle.

    Walking down the hallway and hearing her own echoing footsteps Graem stops and leans against the wall, searching out for Jeseth, knowing that he would have eebn aware of her arrival on the planet after she had sent a message to his private comm channel asking for his help.
    As she leans against the wall mental exhaustion sets in and Graem sends a message to Jeseth through the Force:

    "Jesteh, I am in need of your help.
    I came to ask for your help in person as there are some recent events that you may be unaware of which require me to ask your help in staying alive"

    :Graem waits and keeps her senses alert for any sign of the Hobgoblin:

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Jeseth made his way slowly up the spiraling stairway, walking cautiously to the location at which it seemed that Graem had been waiting by. He presses his ear up against the Castle wall, listenig to the steady beating of another's heart.


    The wall slipped inwards as she leaned against it, a trrible darkness consuming her within it. The last strands of light died away like sickly spectre's as the "door" clamped shut. Someone's hand released her chin, allowing her to gather her sense of balance once more. Something about the man's touch had whelmed up a sickening need to kneels to the ground - a need to avoid the vertigo feeling of disbalance and chaos that was produced from standing.

    A bright flash illuminated the area as Jeseth's hand was placed up, producing a pale blue form of light that seemed to be closest to that of Vjun's moon in mid-cycle.

    "I'm here... it was dangerous for you to come to Bast Castle, and Vjun for that matter... What are you running from that makes this place seem so hospitable, Graem?"

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    :slowly gets back to her feet, trying to shake off the intense feeling of vertigo:

    "I'm mainly running from myself Jeseth, I did something I never imagined I would do. I stopped myself from killing a Rogue Jedi brat just because he was insanely stupid enough to lower his sword, I know I should have killed him then but something forced me to stop.
    I don't like what I'm turning into, Roul's out for my blood for that act of stupidity but it's me turning jedi that is scaring me so badly.
    What made me turn against my training as a Sith just to help a Jedi brat?
    What's worse I think I'm even beginning to like him, which cannot be happening.
    Maybe I should just let Roul have his way...but what fun would that be?
    I need your help in figuring out where I belong now Jeseth"

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Jeseth considered all the options now... He recalled when they had walked together outside of the Sith Palace on Corellia, remembering her sudden shift in the Force. Graem was indeed at a confusing point in her life, but somehow it seemed fitting to lend to her his help.

    "I will consult with my brothers and sisters... If you wish, you may take refuge here for a time. I will instruct you to the best of my abilities."

    The pale source of light died away from his hand as he reached for her, his pale and slender fingers wrapping lightly around her wrist. She felt a breif tug.

    "Follow me..."

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    "Thank you Jeseth, I think I'd rather be with you right now than with Roul or that Jedi brat who thinks I'm actually going to turn Jedi, but I know I can't do that, my days as a Jedi are well and truly over"

    :follows Jeseth while trying not to bring up the subject of the drastic change she had seen and sensed in Jeseth, she knew it wasn't a topic to be discussed:

    "Erm Jeseth...the Hobgoblin isn't around is he?...."

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    Evil Hobgoblin
    ~ Of course not. The Hobgoblin is far, far, far away, lass.~

    A grinning image flickers into existence in front of Graem, floating about a foot in front of her. ~ Or maybe he is right here. Do I frighten ye with my mere name, lass? Does the thought of me being present terrify ye?~

    The image distorts and Hob's grin becomes bigger and wider.

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Jeseth raises a brow, watching Hob's image flicker as it keeps it's shape unsteadily.

    "He is present, as always. I do not beleive he leaves the castle grounds often..."

    The Dark Jedi watched the image and listened in on Hob's thoughts which had been so loudly broadcasted, then hed a hand out as if requesting patience and a more hospitable attitude towards this new comer.

    She is my guest... For now.

    A brief nod of understanding was directed towards the specter as Jeseth turned to Graem.

    "Roul is often times about as bright as my shadow."

    The barely visible shroud of darkness across the wall acros it's arms against it's chest, looking like a thinly stretched knot as it's head angled down at Jeseth.

    "Or not."

    Jeseth grinned slightly as he waited for Hob and Graem to exchange whatever words they would.

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    Evil Hobgoblin
    Hob's image warped and twisted, then spiraled outward and disappeared. Graem's obvious concerns fed his power, and he would loved to have put true terror into her.

    But Deception had her as a guest, and Hob would respect the decision of his brother.

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    :Graem shrugs at Jeseth as the spectre vanishes:
    "The Hobgoblin scares me to an extent as I'm never sure what he is capable of doing to me.
    I have a healthy resepct for his powers but that is all, but I know my fear feeds his power but he won't know he scares me so much in the future"

    :Graem forces herself to calm down, she wasn't usually this obvious about her fears and concerns but recent events had played havoc...:

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    Jeseth Cloak
    She found herself, for the next several moments, being led aimlessly down a winding path, up winding staircases, and through a darkness that was nearly undying. Jeseth's touch was cold and nearly lifeless, but something boiled deep with him. The figure that was his shadow could barely be seen against the already ash covered walls, but that figure was a horrid and twisted form, perhaps a reflection of the beast within the seemingly pleasant and well-mannered man.

    Light began to strike at her eyes painfully as they reached an entrance. The light seemed to go no farther... she couldn't have seen it before. Jeseth stepped out, and she followed.

    Wind began to blow over the top of the highest standing tower of Bast Castle. It was an amazing view... and the overcast allowed her to easily adjust her eyes to the new light. A pebble found itself flung away from the edge as Jeseth's hand swiped across the surface.

    "Sit, Graem. Tell me of your troubles, I really wouldn't be sure how to best assist you otherwise..."

    He smiled calmly and sat down, though she could see through his eyes that the smile was put on like a mask - perhaps he was only trying his best to make her feel at home, and welcomed. Something about his voice worked it's way into her mind and helped to calm her.

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    Graem D Snowbringer

    :Graem remains standing, gazing out to the surrounding scene of desolation before sitting down:

    "My troubles are nothing really Jeseth. A few months ago I still had the presence of my father, deceased, trying to prevent me from doing things that one who was once a Jedi Knight shouldn't even think about doing but I severed the link I had with my father when I was in the midst of battling Alpha, when I was in training at TSO.
    Once I lost that guiding point something fundamental about me changed, I haven't figured out what has changed but it's not actually that hard for me to figure it out,if I wanted to.
    Roul may believe that my act of stupidity has also meant I am braindead but I have no real intention of joining the Jedi once again, and I can still kill them if there is a need for me to do so but...."

    :Graem stands up again and stares out into the horizon:

    "one Jedi has managed to get me doubting myself to such an extent that scares me a lot and I turned against everything that I held dear to me just to help him...."

    : pauses momentarily as she shudders while the vivid images of those events flash almost painfully across her mind:

    "I initiately turned to the darkside because I couldn't deal with the guilt of having caused the accidental deaths of my younger brother and three other children, but I also went for revenge and have had a lot of fun extracting that revenge in the most painful and satisfactory means at my disposal...but now all those that had to die are dead so I've lost the original purpose of my turning to the darkside and at this point any foolhardy Jedi like Alpha could try to turn me and most probably succeed but I don't want that to happen as I'm not going to go galavanting across the galaxy protecting those that are too weak to protect themselves...."

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    Jeseth Cloak
    "Then the solution is simple. Kill the Jedi."

    Jeseth watched as she reacted, then continued,

    "And I'll help you every step of the way."

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    "Why didn't I think of that myself?An excellent solution indeed"

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    Jeseth Cloak
    (ooc) Graem, I'm going to make a thread at the Battle Ground tonight and post it here so we can continue this there, if that's fine with you?

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    ooc:that's fine with me....hmmmm Em's Logic rules once more as I've managed to bring my parents to my way of thinking once again

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    Jeseth Cloak
    (ooc) I read your previouse post... hm... Hey, my msn i List me on your list now.

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    ooc:You've been on my list for ages, but weeks ago MSN Mess. just started not accepting my logon name and/or password and nothing I do fixes it and I ain't had much time to go tinkering with the stupid thing until now so I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling it when I get home at some point today, if it doesn't work I'm setting to smashing up my damned computer with a pickaxe(after carefully unplugging it from the mains electrical supply) as it's always screwing up....first AIM, now MSN Mess. You'll be the first to know if I succeed in fixing it.

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Alright... ^_^

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    Graem D Snowbringer
    ooc: It'll have to get it fixed another time, probably this week at some point but I'll let you know if and when I fix MSN Mess.

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Alright, but you have my old MSN address methinks. My new one isn't at, it's


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