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Thread: A Cold hearted woman enters the Black Hand....

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    Brant Rayefird

    A Cold hearted woman enters the Black Hand....

    Brant Rayefird, a 21 year Dathomiri woman, with red-brown hair and cold emerald green eyes, enters the Black Hand. A dark shadow is felt in the Force wherever she goes. She is tall, and filled with a fury all her own...

    "Members of the Black Hand. I have sought out a place where my temperament and anger are able to be used, without punishment. I request that you allow me to join."

    (Email is

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    Jeseth Cloak
    Jeseth leaned against a wall just besides the main gates, once again awaiting the arrival of rain.

    "If it is your anger which you wish to unleash, then the Sith would be a wiser choice."

    The silence shattered at his words, but they pierced it smoothly... soothingly. His voice carried it's self into her mind like an a pleasant echo, finally fading into her conciousness.

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    Evil Hobgoblin
    The illusory image of a short, apelike dwarf appears in front of Bast's doors. ~ Deception speaks truly,~ Hob states. ~ For what reason would ye join the Black Hand over the Sith Empire?~


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