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    Black Sun FAQ

    Who are the leaders of Black Sun?
    Sasseeri Reeouurra, Kalail Rotas, and O.W. Outcast.

    Who is Sasseeri?

    Sasseeri Reeouurra is a half Cizerack, half human. She is the crimelord of Black Sun - all lesser Vigos and employees report to her in some fashion.

    How much is known about Sasseeri to those not in Black Sun?
    She is known as a wealthy businesswoman, due to her public business dealings. She owns many large, profitable casinos that are scattered across the galaxy.

    Who are some of the people closest to Sasseeri?
    Sasseeri employs too many beings to mention. Those closest to her include her identical twin Twi'lek bodyguards, Tick and Tock, and Kal Olorin.

    What does Black Sun do, exactly?
    Black Sun is one of the largest criminal organizations in the galaxy. It is involved in everything from running guns to the Rebellion, to smuggling spice from Hutt space to the Deep Core. If its illegal and profitable, Black Sun probably has a finger in it somewhere.

    Spice? What is that?
    Spice is a word used for any number of highly addictive/mind altering substances. Drugs, in other words. Check out this list of known spice variants to get a better idea of what is available in the Star Wars galaxy. Some of the spices that Black Sun most commonly deals in include:Glitterstim and Ryll are the two most profitable types of spice to smuggle into the Empire, and Liquid Silver is a unique drug that exists only in the SW-Fans universe.

    Does Black Sun own legal companies as well?
    Sasseeri owns some of the most profitable casinos in the worlds through her cover company, Reeouurra Inc., which are excellent covers for Black Sun's illegal enterprises. They include:
    • Cumulus - Cloud City, Bespin
    • Nabooian Queen - Coruscant
    • Dragon's Pearl - Tatooine
    • Ringling - Kuat (on an orbiting ring)
    • Draa'guurra'naatarr - Carshoulis Prime (Twilights Delight)
    • Nal Tra'a - Nar Shaddaa (Glorious Feline)
    • Morning Star - Chandrila
    • Pleasure Center - Thyferra
    There are other Black Sun cover companies as well, including the Holiday Towers on Cloud City, run by Arriana Rezner.

    How does one join Black Sun?
    PM Sasseeri or Lilaena De'Ville, Kalail, O.W. or Arriana, or ask over AIM. We'll find a place for you.

    What about Bounty Hunters?
    The Bounty Hunters' Guild still exists IC, there was just no real reason for separate forums. Threads that take place on their space station base in orbit of Nar Shaddaa can take place in the forum The Smugglers Moon.

    How should I use these forums?

    The Black Sun forum can be used IC or OOC - just use the appropriate tag. Anything that needs secrecy should be conducted in the Back Room (you'll see it if your application for group membership is approved). The Smuggler's Moon is for roleplays that take place in or around Nar Shaddaa. This includes bounty hunter activity! Jabba's Palace is for threads on Tatooine.
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