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Thread: Star Wars RP Image Claims

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    Image(s) Included Star Wars RP Image Claims

    What is an image claim?

    By making an 'image claim' you are claiming a particular picture or image to represent your roleplaying character, in their avatar and/or signature images. Think of your image claim as the person you are casting to play your character. It could be an actor, a character from a video game, a comic book or any other image that best represents your roleplaying character.

    How do I make an image claim?

    Make a post in this thread stating the character name and the name of the image claim. For example:

    Dasquian Belargic - James Callis (actor)
    Morgan Evanar - Guy Pearce (actor)

    Your claim will then be added into your user profile by a member of the board staff.

    How can I check if my claim is already taken?

    Head over to the Members List and enter the name of your claim in the 'Image Claim' field. Press 'Search Now' and the forum will tell you if your claim has already been taken!

    What if my claim has already been taken?

    If you discover that someone else is already using the claim that you wanted, click on their profile and first check which RP setting their character is a part of. If someone is roleplaying their character in a different setting to you, it's fine for you to make the same claim as them! If they are in the same setting, send them a private message to ask if you can share the claim.

    If an account is inactive (i.e. no longer posting) and does not respond to your private message, go ahead and post your claim in this thread

    How will I know if my claim has been dealt with?

    Once your image claim has been added to your account, your post will be removed from this thread and archived. The 'Image Claim' field will appear in your user profile.

    I haven't registered my account yet. Can I claim an image in advance?

    No, claims can only be made for registered accounts.

    Can I have multiple claims for one account?

    Each account can have one image claim attached to it.

    I made my claim but now I need an avatar/signature. Will you make one for me?

    Please head over to our 'Starving Artists Apartment' forum to request help with the creation of an avatar or signature image.

    I have another question that you didn't answer!

    Please post it in this thread and we'll answer it for you!
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