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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Natacha

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(Natacha writes Satkia Beltrak and Anjali Raskor, among many others)

When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

The first Star Wars movie I saw was A New Hope when I was 7 year old. My parents were rewatching it on VHS, and I was playing with my Barbie dolls in the same room. I got captivated by the story and ended watching with them.
Funny thing is that the first thing I ever saw on TV was the Muppet Show episode featuring cast members from the Original Trilogy when I was 2.

Do you have any sort of Star Wars merchandise collection, and if so, what is your favorite piece?

Oh, I do. I very much do. Besides the extended library of novels, comics, art book, academic books, I have a number of figurines and posters. Some of my very favorite pieces are the Amidala collection dolls that were released for Episode I. The costumes are recreated so gorgeously! I also love the very first figurine I had which was a Mara Jade one, and my Kotobuyika Ashoka Tano statue. I mostly got figurines when I was in my teenage years, but my family still get me a few pieces here and there as presents more recently.

Are you excited about Disney making more Star Wars movies? Who do you want a spin-off movie about?

I am! I'm not expecting to like everything Disney release, but at the same time I had already put up with the EU being destroyed for me years prior. I hated the novels happening post New Jedi Order series and it took me five years to pick up another Star Wars book. So, I'm pretty optimistic about the new movies. I loved The Force Awakens, especially when I saw it for the second (and more) time. Recognizing the flaws made me like the movie more.

I'd love to see a spin-off movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mara Jade (shhh, I can dream) and Ahsoka Tano. I'd also love to see Disney make movies (or TV shows) based off the Star Wars: The Old Republic game, which I love. There is so much potential there! I know that there is the new canon now, but I bet we'll see more elements from Legends as time goes.

How long have you been at TheHolo.Net, and why do you stay?

I have been at TheHolo.Net since 2013. Back then, I wrote Satkia Beltrak, Anjali Raskor (created at Fans) and my vampire lady Gabrielle De Montespan. I didn't write much here between 2014 and 2016. I made a strong return in May this year and have enjoyed my time here tremendously. I have now a fancy horde that keeps me busy.

I returned here to be able to continue writing with friends and I have enjoyed doing that and also getting to meet new people IC and OOC. I love how story-driven the board settings are. Being able to have independent characters is also a huge thing for me. The character plotter feature is also very nifty.

Do you stick mainly with Star Wars RPing, or have you branched out to some of the general RPing scenarios? Which do you prefer, if you have a preference?

I prefer Star Wars RPing without hesitation. I have 16 SW characters and 1 WoD one. I love my vampire Gabrielle to pieces and have plans to write more of her! Heck, I totally blame/thank Erin for inspiring me to create her a few years ago, even though now Gabrielle has built her own universe in my writer's mind and will probably have a whole series of books in a few years.

Who is your favorite character you write on the boards? Who is your favorite that someone else writes?

Asking me to pick a favorite is impossible. No matter the situation! I love all my characters here, whether they are alternate versions of their original, mashups of several old characters, or brand new ideas. I feel like I have the opportunity for a new start and it is exciting! I still list Satkia as my main, because I've mostly been known under that name in RP communities for the past 8 years, but I foresee myself writing as much as I can of all my characters.
I am still in plain discovery mode these days, about the characters written here. I see both alternate versions of characters I've known elsewhere, and characters I never read about before. Writers here are all very talented and it is difficult to pinpoint anyone. Besides friends I've written with before and new people I've started writing with, I'll give a special mention to Matatek Sel Vissica. Charley has really challenged me with my older toon in Dance of the Leaves and will probably continue to do so!

What RPing story arc do you most want to do, or current one you’d like to complete?

Oh boy... All of them? Okay, fine, I'll narrow it down. Let me think... I am very curious to see which side (Alliance or Empire) Hildegard Modries and Clea Larson will end working with. Both of them are independent now but I'd like them to pick a side. It will really depend on the interaction and possible recruitment they encounter. Morgana DeLaTour might also end closer to one side than the other, but she is more up in the air in that I don't foresee her giving up working independently.
I am looking forward to see how my Tapani ladies fare. I have a stronger direction for Nadgkema An'Telkis, but really want to see what her daughter, Irina and Aurora will do (these twins are the only ones without a plotter yet).

I hope to see my characters meet romantic partners. I already have plans and plots for some, but certainly not all. I love writing all kinds of stories, but I enjoy writing longterm romantic relationships.

Are you a dog person, or a cat person? (this is v. important)

Cat person! We always had cats at home. I had two of my own since little. Both were/are tortie ladies. The first one, Sissi, lived until 20 (she passed away in 2013) and Kenzi (yes Lost Girl fan here) turned 2 in April, as I got her from a shelter for my 30th birthday. My parents ended picking up the little boy I saw on the same day I went to meet Kenzi. If there is a cat in the house when I visit friends, you'll probably see me befriend said cat.

(I don't know if you'd include a picture, but here is one of my girl Kenzi:

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