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Local Gangs Using Latest Tech; QC Involved?

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I don't know about you, dear citizen, but when I hear that the Crows are all using next gen Qphones as they go about their business of injecting filth into the Narrows, I want to dig further. Queen Consolidated has a lot of moving pieces, a lot of employees, and supposedly a lot of oversight, but you and I both know that big corporations do just about whatever they want to do.

So are they giving phones to the local gangs? That would be ridiculous, so let's say that QC obviously has no idea how they're getting them. But no cellular stores were knocked over recently, so they didn't steal them, at least, not in the traditional Crows' way. I did some digging, as is my wont, and while I didn't uncover a smoking gun, or a lost crate of phones, I did find that Queen Consolidated has been acquiring a lot of different companies over the years. Not really news, no, but some of the smaller companies have been dropping completely off the map.

Take Benson Inc, for example, a small tech firm that QC bought for their microcamera patent a few years ago. They're gone. No offices, the employees weren't fired or redistributed, they just... disappeared. The Benson brothers, who sold the company, are living quite comfortably in the Pacific Northwest off of the money they made on the sale, but that's it.

What does this have to do with the Crows? Probably not much, but if entire companies are being swallowed by the behemoth that is Queen Consolidated, who knows what else the corporation is up to. Creeping in on what is usually considered Wayne Enterprises territory, QC has made great leaps in their R&D, which is what leads us to the newest iteration of the Qphone. Its barely available for consumers to buy, and here is it in the Narrows, being used by criminals. Worth looking into further...and I will.

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