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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Kyle Krogen

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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jedi Knight Kyle Krogen for an interview. Read on for a transcript of...Between Two Interrogation Droids

What is your main motivation to get up in the morning?
To overcome the demons that haunt me and accomplish something of worth. This has been my focus my entire Jedi life, to atone for the unfortunate acts of survival I participated in as a child and young man. There is also an unrelenting desire to see justice done, even if it breaks the code. Some monsters just deserve to be put down.

Do you have living relatives?
I have no memories of his parents. I grew up without any on the streets of Coruscant.

How would you say your time in captivity has changed you? Can you point to 'before' and 'after' and how does the difference make you feel?
Before I was much more innocent; driven by a desire to do good and atone for old sins. That lead me to collect force adepts and build a refuge for them. I was a much more reactionary person, who observed first and participated as required. My actions were dictated by the Jedi Code. Since my incarceration I have lost my sense of confidence in myself as a person, and feels that I failed those under my care by seemingly abandoning them. Before, my attitude was like that of a big brother toward everyone; I just wanted to look out for them and protect them. Since then I have become obsessed with the concepts of absolute justice and vengeance, and believe that malevolent forces should be crushed before they can hurt more people. I does not want to see the horrors I went through duplicated on others. I have even become heroically suicidal, willing to give up a life I see as stained and without worth in order to protect others or deal the killing blow to an entity I have judged worthy of it.

Do you feel safe on Ossus?
No. I feel it's only a matter of time before the long fingers of the Empire and it's shadow armies reach the Jedi on Ossus and the cycle can begin again.

Do you have friends?
I have a mentor of sorts in Wei Wu Wei, who has coaxed me out of my shell and helped reintroduce me to society after all the years spent in a cell.

What do you feel your purpose is?
A real purpose is something that I am still searching for, but in the meantime I have chosen the position of protector again to serve as an escort for traveling padawans and Jedi Missions.

And now a little chat with the man behind the character:

How long have you RPed Kyle?
Since 2002.

Is there any of pre-reset Kyle inside of the current Kyle?
Most of his character and story has remained in tact. He's much less naive and more dark and gloomy now, but he is also older and lacked the support the Pre-Reset GJO offered.

Do you enjoy writing him?
Yes. He's my damaged little baby.

In what way is Kyle like you, and how is he different?
Kyle has always embodied me in a few ways; he's always been the same age as me and pre-reset he was the same height, but I've shortened him since then because it felt better. He embodies a lot of my ideals of heroism, my good nature, as well as my own dark and gloomy side that I have experienced at different stages in my life. He is more or less me.

Do you make any writing/stylistic choices for Kyle that make him distinct from other characters you write?
He's perhaps more self reflective than my other characters. The re-exploration of self in wake of his escape from prison has been unlike anything I've ever written before.

Share something about Kyle not many people may know.
He was a several successful gang banger because his force powers gave him an edge over the other gangs. Because of Kyle the gang he belonged to was able to carve a bloody path through the lowest levels of Coruscant and claim a lot of turf before Kyle discovered the Jedi Master that would show him his wrongs and set him on a path of atonement. Those sins include more than just theft as he often alludes, but also assault and many murders.

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    I edited the Kyle answers from third person into first person, in case you think it doesn't really sound like's because of that.