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LAST TIME in the STAR WARS GALAXY [issue #2]

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Lilaena De'Ville
and Zereth Lancer are visiting Derellium, investigating rumors of Jedi activity in the Cronese Magnate. Previously they had been to Talus in the Corellian system, with Akasha Khan, looking to rescue a group of Force sensitive children they believed were in danger.

After deliberately injuring padawan Draiya Naaianeya in training, Abarai Loki has been stripped of his teaching responsibilities, and is forced to reevaluate his place amongst the Jedi Order. Previously he had visited the Trian System with padawan Kazahan, on a mission of great importance to the Trianii.

Draiya is recuperating from her injuries, and learning to approach her training with Serena Laran in a new light, after learning a difficult lesson about pride.

Halajiin Rabeak is rediscovering himself as a Jedi in a time he's not familiar with, and facing down the demons of his own irresponsibility. On Phindar he finds himself being relentlessly pursued by the Selonian Imperial Knight, Matatek Sel Vissica.

The Imperial Knights are becoming more of a presence in the Empire, leading missions, and sparring together on Coruscant in Imperial Center. Poster boy Baastian Cain, after suffering a fatal accident on Zeltros when betrayed by Xanatos Etanial, stretches his muscles against Knight Vissica in a strenuous training fight.

Jedi Master Zem Vymes has taken former Inquisitor Xanatos Etanial to Ossus to meet with the Jedi Council, after being helped by him on Zeltros. His appearance before the Council brings to the front old traumas for Jedi Master Serena Laran.

Tasked with bringing the jointly run Alliance and Cizerack Jovan Station back to life, Commander Kes Akiena has found himself in charge of a miasma of culture and politics. Captain T'yeelaa Meorrei tries to adapt to Alliance laws when faced with the pirate Mayael Rakkamar in their midst.

The Pride Mother of the Cizerack Pride, Kiattarra Feessaarro, visits Jovan Station to inspect their historic joint operation with the Alliance. Along the way she boards the ship Saantaurra, sending the crew into a frenzy, including the human male Alliance officer Jorrun Cyer, Huntress Captain Mdharra Ceergorra, and Midshipwoman Miri Jitauree.

Arya Ravenwing and Jaassuuvi Ageerrodarr find themselves saddled with a protocol droid instead of credits as payment for a recent delivery on Arcan IV. Ben Merasska, Shuvin, and Cerie Moreau become embroiled in a Series of Ridiculous Events on the Star of Bravady.

Join us NEXT TIME for LAST TIME in the STAR WARS GALAXY! The Jedi Council are invited to a summit with the Imperial Knights on Jovan Station! Serena Laran loses her mind...and finds it again! Teagan s'Ilancy finally decides if she's going to be a Jedi or not! Ndonsa might just find her way out of The Repeating Day!

[If I've missed an important event for your character, please PM me and I'll include it NEXT the STAR WARS GALAXY]

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Updated Apr 21st, 2015 at 01:04:04 PM by Lilaena De'Ville

Last Time in Star Wars


  1. Matatek Sel Vissica's Avatar
    Love the summaries here. Definitely keep it up, it's got a finger on the pulse of the galaxy sort of vibe and helps folks rapidly get acquainted with whats happening!