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    Castus Annen

    Food For Thought

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    Comfortably ensconced in his office aboard the Bastak, Rear Admiral Annen stared at the stack of flimsi files atop his desk.

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    Under Pressure

    The looming Trianii nodded almost sagely, as he took the young Nehantite's words to heart.

    "This One believes that you will," he

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    Teagan s'Ilancy


    "It's for you," she answered almost smugly, a peculiar smile on her features.

    "Some of my friends told me about how today

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    Michael Cline

    February Challenge: Spread the Love! Rep every day!


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    Mr. Feint


    "The air is a lot cleaner here than in Central."

    The very mention of the name conjured up mental images of a city choked by progress;

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