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    Jeremy Varin

    Take Me If You Dare

    Her attentions being drawn away momentarily only drew his own eyes to the slightly distant disagreement, and he couldn't help but invest a small amount

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    Cerie Moreau

    The Falcon's Cage

    With Ben going off to show the two sisters their quarters during the trip, Cerie let her shoulders slump in relief. She cut her eyes to Shuvin, in some

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    Teagan s'Ilancy

    The Finding

    She'd at least had enough presence of mind to fall into those old habits, remembering the many words and guidance that the Major had given her while on

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    Untaaura Verratoa

    The Finding

    It hadn't been a trick of peripheral vision. Not only was it Teagan, but Teagan had sprouted now running on a pair of legs that were considerably longer

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    Teagan s'Ilancy

    The Finding

    Mouth slightly agape, Teagan stared in shock as the Major whirled back around to continue her run. Hearing the call of her Cizerack friend's favorite

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