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  1. Between Two Interrogation Droids: Ledo G. Prent

    I recently was able to sit down with Ledo G. Prent for an interview, and it was... well, difficult to parse. Below is a transcript of our conversation on ...Between Two Interrogation Droids

    What is your purpose, or direction, in life? Do you feel that you have a destiny?

    Dunno bou' alla tha' fee-lo-so-phizin' shite. Us'ally Ah'm abou' 'alf a bottle of rum in, an' wedder tha' bottle's 'alf empty'r 'alf full, jus' depends on 'ow the cosmic winds blow. Neva did a lotta tinkin'
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  2. Between Two Interrogation Droids: Natacha

    (Natacha writes Satkia Beltrak and Anjali Raskor, among many others)

    When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

    The first Star Wars movie I saw was A New Hope when I was 7 year old. My parents were rewatching it on VHS, and I was playing with my Barbie dolls in the same room. I got captivated by the story and ended watching with them.
    Funny thing is that the first thing I ever saw on TV was the Muppet Show episode featuring cast members from

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  3. Alright - a year laterish

    I might read previous entries. Most likely, I will not.

    Lemme Esplain... No! There is too much.
    Let me sum up.

    My boss was fired, I became the boss, I've had a year of OMG! I have 'sponsibilities and a 6 figure budget to manage.

    I'm getting the hang of things, so now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    I've felt the need to sit, reflect, and slow my brain down enough to come to some conclusions about choices before me and ...
  4. Lifted a weight, got swole overnight, please advise

    A year and a half ago I was squatting 135lbs, and deadlifted 195lbs.

    Now...not so much.

    Wednesday's Workout:
    Barbell Squat
    - 45 lb x 5 reps
    - 65 lb x 5 reps
    - 65 lb x 5 reps
    - 65 lb x 5 reps
    - 65 lb x 5 reps
    - Pathetically weak, but that's what I get for taking a year and a half off I guess!
    Barbell Bench Press
    - 45 lb x 5 reps
    - 45 lb x 5 reps
    - 50 lb x 5 reps
    - 55 lb x 5 reps
    - 60 lb ...
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  5. Local Gangs Using Latest Tech; QC Involved?

    I don't know about you, dear citizen, but when I hear that the Crows are all using next gen Qphones as they go about their business of injecting filth into the Narrows, I want to dig further. Queen Consolidated has a lot of moving pieces, a lot of employees, and supposedly a lot of oversight, but you and I both know that big corporations do just about whatever they want to do.

    So are they giving phones to the local gangs? That would be ridiculous, so let's say that QC obviously ...
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