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    Awww thank you for the fuzzy.
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    I miss reading your entries. So glad you've picked your pen back up <3 <3
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    hmmm - was rereading my post, a bit melodramatic, but I was upset when I wrote it. Also, I keep trying to remind myself to take my illness seriously as the mortality rate (depending on what report you read) is around 1 in 5 or approx. 28% - 30% out of 1000. So that "I'll die" came out a bit too much. Sneaky little disease, gives me the illusion most of the time that I'm perfectly fine. =P
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    Thanks. that is an excellent article. I can relate to a lot of it. Thankfully I don't have to think about a daily spoon count on a day to day basis all the time. But I'm very aware of them and their limited supply.

    I have been a bit more upfront with my boss when I need to take time off of work for myself. In fact next week I'm taking 4 days off to take care of myself a bit. Another mentor told me I should apply for FMLA - that way if things really take a turn for the worse for a while I can leave for an extended period of time and still have a job.

    In other news about a month after I posted this my co-worker just up and quit on us.
    He left us for a job that was more to his liking and better pay. Was happy for him, but also miffed he didn't really give my boss a full 2 week notice. Took us about a month to get a new guy, a much better guy. Tech head & sports fanatic so this job is a dream job for him and he's fun and knowledge able to work with.

    AND right after we had hired the new guy - literally the guys first day on the job I found out the other guy was laid off from his new job. Can't help but wonder if he exaggerated his skills when hired, cause it seems weird to get canned so quickly. Anyway. Kinda nice to not have to babysit and hand hold my co-worker. Plus, I'm even picking up a few new tricks from him.
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    Your co-workers sound like self-involved dicks. Have you read the Spoon Theory? If the people you are working with don't know you're sick then they'll continue to do stuff like this. I'm not saying you need to stand up and tell everyone your personal stuff, but if you haven't let your boss know at least the basics of "if I don't get enough rest I'll die" you really should. You only have so many spoons, after all.

    Get a friend to keep you accountable for taking care of yourself. Before you accept a job that you know isn't that important (or that you know will mess up your schedule), tell yourself to text or call that friend, with the understanding that the friend will tell you you're being silly and give you permission to tell the other person no, or 'not now.' Your life has meaning beyond what other people can squeeze out of you!
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I wish her well.
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    My sister has EDS and so I have some understanding of chronic illnesses and how hard they are. Much love.
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    Blogga blogga blu
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    It's a blog thing comment!