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  1. Between Two Interrogation Droids: Christin

    (This interview was conducted several months ago)

    When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

    First that I can remember was admittedly not a super long time ago; when I was around 14-15 I think. I just remember finding an old VHS tape with simple black ink lettering that said star wars on the white sticky label. It'd been taped off of the TV, and there was no telling how long ago it'd been recorded. It was before all of the remastering
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  2. Between Two Interrogation Droids: Kyle Krogen

    I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jedi Knight Kyle Krogen for an interview. Read on for a transcript of...Between Two Interrogation Droids

    What is your main motivation to get up in the morning?
    To overcome the demons that haunt me and accomplish something of worth. This has been my focus my entire Jedi life, to atone for the unfortunate acts of survival I participated in as a child and young man. There is also an unrelenting desire to see justice done,
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  3. So, I used to work out...

    ...and I haven't since last June. We bought a house, moved far away from my gym, and the garage gym is buried under my husband's work crap. I've been eating FAIRLY well, but my protein intake is way too low. I haven't gained any weight though! Hooray!

    Anyway, I used to have a workout log on SA, but I figured I'd continue the tradition here.

    • complete half marathon with husband
    • get back into a lifting program

    I will be using ...
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  4. LAST TIME in the STAR WARS GALAXY [issue #2]

    Lilaena De'Ville
    and Zereth Lancer are visiting Derellium, investigating rumors of Jedi activity in the Cronese Magnate. Previously they had been to Talus in the Corellian system, with Akasha Khan, looking to rescue a group of Force sensitive children they believed were in danger.

    After deliberately injuring padawan Draiya Naaianeya in training, Abarai Loki has been stripped of his teaching responsibilities, and is forced to reevaluate his place amongst the Jedi Order. Previously ...

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    Last Time in Star Wars

    It is 10 ABY, six years after the failed Rebel assault on the second Death Star, a battle that cost both sides dearly. The Rebellion lost many of it's heroes and leaders, and the Empire struggled to recover after the loss of the Emperor.

    Galactic Civil War continued for years, new heroes taking the place of the old, until a new weapon changed the face of the galaxy. The Alliance's Starkiller missile program, and the Empire's rush to match them, has polarized the galaxy into a ...

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    Last Time in Star Wars
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