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Cearia Tserta
Sep 7th, 2019, 07:52:31 PM
The gods had aligned the timing for a not so newly bonded pair of witches to seek comfort in one another alone. Food and supplies were plentiful and the people were content with day to day duties. Not that the leaders of the enclave could predict a crisis, but Mother Anjali felt that this was a time calm where the Clan Mother could complete her long awaited spiritual journey with her bonded - the keryon gedanes, or soul unity.

It was common practice among most witch clans when two pledged themselves to each other and go on a private expedition in the wilds. What that entails was dependent upon clan custom and individual choices. For the Red Hills Clan, it was sacred. All completed the honored tradition and one Cearia never believed she would find someone that would want to pledge her spirit to the hunter until Anjali came into her life.

Born without magick, Cearia was all but a pariah to her clan and no sister or brother would ever pursue a union with her, regardless of her family's significant standing. She was an undesirable but as she showed promise as a hunter, Cearia was a means to an end so the clan thrived with food, hides, and supplies. Her mother made sure that her daughter was trained, but the young hunter never knew if deep down her mother was ever proud of Cearia's accomplishments. She had become the clan's best hunter, was able to hold her own against some of the fiercest warriors of the Red Hills, but all that her mother gave her was cold indifference and the right to exist another day.

If only her mother and sisters could see her now. No longer was she led but commanded hunters who respected her, earning the name Great Sister, and had somehow won the heart of the clan mother.

Cearia still didn't quite understand how Anjali had fallen for her as her upbringing took its toll on the young hunter - a mind fraught with unworthiness and self-deprecation. She quickly agreed to be bonded to the clan mother without working through all of the doubts that plagued her mind. It had caused many fights and left both witches frustrated as little progress was made. Cearia apologized, deferred to Anjali, refusing to call mate by her given name in most settings, often displaying tendencies of a loyal servant than a her true bonded.

Knowing her mate well, Anjali suggested that instead of Cearia going on spiritual journey in solitude, that the two of them should go together in hopes of strengthening their commitment to one another and to help the hunter find peace within herself. It was when Cearia offered that this journey together be their keryon gedanes. She had not suggested it before, her self worth impeding any notion that she was deserving of an honor with the clan mother, but it felt right to bring it up now. When she spoke of the importance of the ritual, Anjali never hesitated her agreement.

And now they were trekking through the edge of the marshlands, packs full with supplies. Water skins were too, and the cured meat and dried fruits would suffice until their first hunt after they set up camp when there would be fresh meat. Cearia had a quiver full of arrows, bow, and various knives for that very purpose.

Here the land was thick with brown green grass tall as Cearia's thighs, though that meant knee high for Anjali as the clan mother was taller than her. Her boots were starting to sink too deeply into the ground for her liking. Hills were a mile away and over that, forest. That would better suited for camping. "We should move further east towards forest. Can make it there by noon."

They had left the enclave before sunrise to have as much time together on the first day of their journey. Iss-Ka stayed behind to watch the fliers and keep an eye on the clan, knowing that this was a special time for her master and mate. If anything untoward happened, the voritor would quickly come find them.

"Then we can make camp and hunt."

Cearia was as nervous as she was excited about hunting with Anjali. The clan mother had seen her mate's skill in the hauls brought home, but never had she seen Cearia in her element. The hunter hoped she wouldn't disappoint.

Anjali Raskor
Sep 9th, 2019, 04:49:29 PM
To say that Anjali had been frustrated she had been unable to take a trip just with her beloved after the Rancor hunt was an understatement. Yet she had heeded Sister Ashia's recommendation to stay put to ensure she wouldn't lose her arm. As reckless as she could be at times, the Clan Mother recognized when wisdom called for patience.

So, she had let her beloved go back onto her following hunt after a couple of days. Duty always called for her attention, both as a Beast Warden and Clan Mother.

In the weeks that passed until her wife returned from another successful expedition, Anjali had helped the other beast wardens to care for the young rancors. They had been challenging; but nothing the wardens couldn't handle. She had kept a watchful eye over a few new additions to the Clan, glad to see their numbers growing. They had brought in more talents, that while not combat-oriented, brought tremendous gifts to the clan with a new blacksmith and a wood worker. They had both got to work right away.

Shortly after her wife's return, Anjali had had the delightful surprise to see her beloved's fighting skills for herself. The memories of that day had remained with her, bringing warmth in lonely nights.

She had been able to return to normal use of her arm - although she had been told to be careful if possible - a few days before Cearia returned; and then had been able to make plans for their Keryon Gedanes at last. While the wedding tradition of soul unity wasn't always observed among the Lavender Rift people, Anjali had been surprised to hear that it was sacred for the Red Hills.

The mere fact that Cearia had felt confident enough in their relationship and in herself to bring that up had been mind-blowing to the witch. While she would have been on board regardless; she was happy that something good could come out of the birth clan of her beloved.

It had been the right time for them to carve several days for themselves, leaving Iss-Ka behind them in order to act as messenger should an emergency happen. While the lizard had made it clear she disliked staying behind, she had quieted down a bit when the wives had pointed out that she could keep an eye on the growing baby fliers. Filled with motherly pride, the Voritor had changed her tune - to a degree.

Even as progress was slow and far from linear, Anjali was grateful to the gods for every little bit that solidified her bond with Cearia. She had taken an oath before the spirits; and she would fight for her union to bring joy and strength to both the huntress and herself. Even when her beloved couldn't see it, she was immensely grateful for having found her. Their challenges could be draining at times; but the Clan Mother had vowed to offer patience, courage, and sometimes very human soap throws, to help weave their love tighter.

Having some time for themselves was a nice change of pace. Trekking close to the marshlands wasn't the nicest of things; but anything still beat having to run away beyond exhaustion to avoid being caught into a volcanic eruption with rains of ashes threatening to choke one to death.

She was carrying her share of supplies, had her knives with her, as well as a pouch that had some tools and parts in it for a tradition she still had to complete herself, one she had known was in the cards since the day her mate had given her the bright blue and white crystal formed in the aftermath of the cataclysm. It only seemed appropriate that she would take care of this sacred task during their Keryon Gedanes.

"It sounds good to me," she replied to her wife's observation about taking a slight turn in order to reach the forest. For sure the swamps were no good place to set camp or hunt. While the area provided certain sustenance for particular creatures, it wasn't the most appropriate place for humans.

"I am looking forward to hone my hunting skills with you, anna chiorikem," she added with a smile.

She meant it. While she was an accomplished fighter, her forte was with beast taming rather than actually hunt them. She knew that due to the position she had attained, Cearia's forte might teach her a few things.

Cearia Tserta
Sep 12th, 2019, 08:00:10 PM
The slight change of course had the grass shortening in length to where it brushed against ankles and calves and no longer was the ground squishy where they walked. Boots hit solid ground as they hiked the steep slope of the first hill. At some points Cearia dropped a hand to steady herself as she took in their surroundings and the direction of the wind. For now they were downwind and the area was less traveled recently. The chances of predators was small which pleased Cearia which hopefully meant there was game nearby.

And with the beauty that greeted them at the top of the hill, what grazing animal wouldn't find comfort in this place.

Not red but green, these hills were her home away from the enclave. The rolling green seemed endless and as the wind came across the land, the grass swayed in patterns that almost shimmered from the morning light. Shrubs were sparsely populated and there were scattered trees that managed to claim fertile ground because their roots dug deep during the rain of fire.

Cearia had found this land when she was but a solo hunter for the settlement and immediately fell in love. As poorly as her clan treated her, she missed the land of her people. The Red Hills were called that due to the rich red clay soil that gave the area its name. It was lush with life, trees thick with age that populated a valley where her people had lived. Nothing had been so beautiful to the hunter then seeing the sunrise glisten off the Frenzied River that bordered the lands, vibrant oranges and yellows cascading across the water's surface that slowly peeled away the darkness of night.

This land filled a longing inside her where she didn't have to abide old clan teachings, nor have the same teachings shackle her interactions with Anjali at the enclave. She could ignore the doubts of being worthy to be bonded to the Clan Mother, of her deficiency of not having magick, and the signs of her becoming more than she was destined to be, a Beast Warden. Here she could be Cearia Tserta. Just Cearia Tserta.

The memory of the river sunrise had competition for Cearia's favorite sight as she took a moment to appreciate Anjali's beauty as her mate took in the view. She immediately turned pensive, uncertain of what to say because this was a time of learning and not used to sharing her feelings, it was difficult to choose what to share.

The tradition of Keryon Gedanes was to build upon what the newly bonded already felt and knew of one another. Their situation was unique as everything about the courtship happened so fast and now months had gone by with so little time shared together. Mostly it was because of duty but a large part of it was Cearia's inferiority that held her back. She couldn't embrace being Anjali's, nor understand why she was chosen, and felt shame at not being able to reciprocate the deep love Anjali had for her. Little did she know, Cearia had already fallen for Anjali but she was just too afraid to accept the truth, like a great many things since catching the eye of the Clan Mother.

This is why they were here. To build upon what was already between them - deep love and respect - and hopefully Cearia could work through the trauma of her upbringing and accept, even revel, in the affection she had for Anjali.

"When I needed time before our union, I came here," she admitted quietly. "It reminded me of the lands of my home."

She sighed, inhaling the air deeply and smiled. "My people's lands were beautiful and plentiful. We could rely on the them for all our needs."

Her voice lowered and could not hide the shame. So quickly did the smile fade from her lips. "Though I know not all my needs were met. And I know it effects us."

Swallowing hard, Cearia looked towards their goal - the far side of these hills where the treetops of the forest barely peeked over the edge. "So this is why we came this way. I ... wanted you to see where I go when I need time to think and be alone."

Anjali Raskor
Sep 16th, 2019, 03:15:45 PM
As they changed course to reach areas away from the muddy swamps, Anjali couldn't help wondering how the Lavender Rift hadn't come to take to heart the Keryond Gedanes. Her birth clan had been within the norm when it came to spirituality; but it wasn't their core either. The Beast Warden had spent much time with the Shaman who was their Clan Mother, and she wondered whether that, combined with the loss of her mother when her twin sisters were young, had participated to the forging of her faith. She didn't blindly follow whatever one said, or every random intuition she had. She valued her free mind and her capacity to make choices; but she also revered the higher powers, and had witnessed their blessings more than once.

While she had exhibited sexual appetites at a young age, which was normalized among the Lavender Rift, she hadn't been looking for a life mate. She had never been opposed to the idea, but lifelong couples were not that common in her birth clan. Many people chose a mate eventually; but others just kept their liberty so to speak; even though Anjali had always thought that if one chose a mate it was beautiful and not any sort of emotional shackles. It just hadn't been on her mind much. The cataclysm had made her rethink a lot; and most of all, meeting Cearia had been what had hit her in the face, and made her soul sing at the same time. She had felt drawn to the huntress with visceral love, feeling that were different from any mere lust she had experienced in the past.

For sure, she desired her wife and delighted in spending time with her wherever their wants took them; but it was only a fraction of the multitude of reasons she loved Cearia.

As they reached the top of the hill, the Beast Warden stopped on her tracks, taken aback by the stunning view.

For a brief moment, she could almost imagine the lavender-covered sides of the rift region where she had grown up. The place as it was, was beautiful. She felt honored that Cearia took her to see it, especially as she explained what it meant to her. Sometimes, she wished they could show each other where they came from; but she understood it was but dreams. Building their present towards a better future was what mattered. Yet, it made sense that they still reflected on their history, and she knew too well how certain things still weighted on her khaleesi's mind.

She reached out to lace her fingers with Cearia's.

"Thank you for bringing me here," she said quietly.

She eventually looked at her wife.

"I am glad this place brings you solace. It is one of a kind."

It was the truth, as even with much of flora and fauna reclaiming their hold over Dathomir, even the lushiest area couldn't look like another one. It was one of the marvels of life, that nothing was exactly the same as another.

Cearia Tserta
Oct 11th, 2019, 09:53:39 PM
The initial touch of Anjali's fingers trying to weave between hers momentarily startled Cearia because the gesture was unexpected. She inhaled a calming breath and let her body relax before squeezing back despite not having the strength to look at her mate yet.

"Selfishly I pray that the land remains calm. That there's no more destruction that can take this away from me," she admitted quietly before letting her hand fall away.

"But we should ... we should keep going. Need to make camp soon so there's enough time to hunt before nightfall." She took a few steps forward, still not meeting Anjali's gaze. "If the gods are kind, we may be able to find veeka."

She paused, letting her eyes taking in the approaching noon sun before finding the courage to look at Anjali. "Our hunters found signs they're returning in better numbers."

The veeka initially bound them together when Mother Anjali asked her to retrieve one for ritual. A ritual that Cearia had been honored with an invitation to watch. She never been wanted near such sacred moments, a walking bad omen her people called her. It was the first true sign how different her life would become, even if it were crossing paths with the Clan Mother moments prior that cemented her future.

Cearia knew her eyes shouldn't glisten with uncertainty and rapidly blinked back some confidence. "I thought we should hunt them together. That ... that it would be a good sign for us if we found one."

She was no mystic and hoped that her bonded, who was trained, didn't think her some foolish hunter speaking gibberish. This all made sense in her heart but Cearia didn't know any better. She searched Anjali's eyes with hope that she did good as her voice cracked, second guessing herself already. "... right?"

Anjali Raskor
Oct 23rd, 2019, 06:18:01 PM
The brief moments her touch startled Cearia was not uncommon to Anjali. It was rare that her beloved felt discomfort, except out in the open sometimes, even though right now nobody else was nearby. The Clan Mother had also come to understand that her natural tendency to be physically affectionate was a stark contrast with how the huntress had grown as a pariah among her birth clan, considered lesser for not having magick. It was interesting how different Clans had various cultures and societal norms. Just as Anjali couldn't understand why her wife had been shunned, the way Cearia treated men baffled her.

They were still learning to negotiate a lot in their marriage, but Anjali had genuine hope that the ritual journey together would bring them closer.

She smiled when her wife laced weaved her fingers with her own, always grateful when Cearia found solace in the physicality of their bond.

What Cearia admitted next, before breaking their touch, gave pause to the Beast Warden. That was a rare and bold statement from Cearia to pray for disaster to recede so she could keep her current life.

"Me too," she replied in earnest, for as much as she trusted that trials could refine a strong soul, she knew that life generally speaking brought its own share of hardships, without the need for cataclysmic destruction as they had known when the volcano had destroyed so much.

She had noticed how her wife wouldn't meet her gaze, but she let her be. She was proud of how far Cearia had come, and the way she expressed herself more often was a good sign. There were cases where she would express her own frustration and stand her ground when she believed it made a difference, but Anjali was happy to be patient for her beloved to be more confident, outside of her extensive hunting and fighting skills.

"A sound plan," she observed before her beloved finally looked at her. She smiled at the mention of the veeka growing in numbers again. This brought her early times after her soul had begun to grow quite fond of the huntress.

"This is a great idea; and I pray the gods bless us."

She appreciated Cearia's thoughts and hopes, and as they headed towards where they hoped to set camp, she glanced another time at her beloved.

"I am looking forward to seeing you hunt. I have enjoyed the game you brought back many times, but I have only witnessed your fighting skills so far."

Of course, Cearia had been with her when they had coaxed the two latest Rancor additions, which had been a trial in itself; so she had seen her use her beast warden abilities.

Cearia Tserta
Oct 26th, 2019, 08:06:29 PM
Anjali's kindness and asked blessings steeled Cearia's will to move forward with her plans. They would make camp and with what little light was left, search for any signs of veeka and if unable to track them before nightfall, they would at first light after eating.

With a nod, she started walking again. "Then that will change soon ..."

She held her tongue and swallowed down the her mate's title. Cearia had made a promise to not use Anjali's title when alone and she intended to keep that.

During the next hour, the lush lands turned greener and the trees more plentiful and Cearia was alert for any danger. She knew these lands well and avoided the volatile foliage to a small clearing that she and her hunters had used constantly when passing through this area. The tall trees provided a canopy of dense branches and leaves that blocked the hot sun but a few rays broke though to offer illumination. The ground was well traveled - patches of grass were flat and dull compared to the green and dense ferns that grew freely.

Cearia inhaled deeply before walking the perimeter, searching for droppings or predatory tracks. If the spot was not safe, she would move them an hour ahead to another clearing and would forgo any hunting today. She found none and slipped her pack off.

"We can camp here." She looked to Anjali and spoke without hesitancy that plagued her before. "Did you want to find wood and kindle for the fire while I get the tent ready?"

It felt just as strange asking instead of ordering as much as waiting to be ordered to do what was needed, but she was trying for her mate. For her niron.

Anjali Raskor
Nov 8th, 2019, 10:50:55 AM
Anjali's expression remained unchanged saved for a faint smile that curved her lips when her wife avoided using her title when speaking. While she would never fault Cearia to do as such in public; she disliked being Clan Mother to her in private, for she considered them equal in their union. She understood where her beloved came from; but she had been happy to see progress over the past weeks.

She said little, but was on natural alert, as they made their way to a suitable location for camp. While Anjali was no hunter by trade, she was raised as a witch and knew how to set camp and look for signs that a place wasn't safe. Yet, she found herself enthralled in observing her wife do so.

When her wife said the place was safe, she noticed the confidence in her tone, which she always appreciated.

"I will take care of the fire, anna chiorikem," she replied with a curt nod, and stepped away to go do as she had agreed to.

She could have done either, but she was happy to do as her mate suggested.

Her birth clan had lived in a settlement that had only grown over the last century; but the youth was still trained to handle the wilderness. It had been a while since she had had the opportunity to leave on such travels, and set up camp as she had when younger or during the great escape from the fire until a group reformed.

While she had trained and honed her magick over the years, she found her anchor in the tangible world, and relying on her practical skills to choose wood with efficiency and yet no haste, was a way to ground herself.

After a short while, she returned to the camp, carrying her findings with ease. Eying where her wife had set up the tent, she gathered some stones, old habits from her childhood, and then worked on arranging the wood and kindle, so they would be able to have fire later. After all, they still had to hunt for their next meal before settling at their camp.

Cearia Tserta
Dec 4th, 2019, 09:27:19 PM
With the chores agreed upon, Cearia went to unpacking the tent supplies - the tent itself made of strong hides that could withstand water, stakes, rope, and collapsible metal poles that Brother Bastian had fashioned. The man was as creative with his mind as he was with his tools. The pole was easy to carry and saved time searching for suitable branches that were strong enough to hold the tent weight.

One by one she methodically laid out and inspected everything to ensure there was no damage in transit. She had inspected it before they left but one couldn't be too careful. Cearia hadn't gotten where she was by accepting assumptions.

She rolled the cloth out along the ground after making sure the area was smooth, removing rocks and twigs that would be uncomfortable. Next she rolled out the main tent and assembled the poles. Then she secured the tent by rope and stakes, tightening the back part of it with longer length of rope. Lastly she threw a tarp over the tent made from similar hide for an added layer of protection from the elements. The skies didn't predict any rain or high winds, but Dathomir weather could always take a turn for the worst.

After testing that the lines were secure, she reached studied the ground and found a suitable place for a fire and outlined the area for Anjali's use. She enjoyed the manual labor because it gave her focus and pride, knowing her skills were unsurpassed by any in the clan. This truly helped quiet her mind so despair would be a dull reminder instead of the intensity of a Rancor's roar.

Anjali was not hiding her presence and immediately Cearia looked up in her direction, the sounds of rustling grass and brush being stepped on alerted the hunter. She smiled and moved away so that Anjali would have room to organize the site, and went to retrieve her bow and knives. There wasn't much light left but perhaps they would get lucky on finding suitable prey ...

Anjali Raskor
Dec 13th, 2019, 12:16:08 PM
Anjali took in the sight of the tent, well-arranged by her wife. She had to admit that Brother Bastian was not only hardworking but also quite inventive. As much as she still couldn't consider men on the footing her beloved could; she had learned to see them under better light, especially since the cataclysm, and the way several brothers had proven very worthy additions to the clan. She still found amusement in the fact that her wife had won a slave due to a spar. She wondered what her mate would do with the skai man; but she was fine not meddling, having the utmost confidence in Cearia's judgement.

It didn't take her long to set everything together for the fire. She had also brought a few larger branches that would come in handy for them to use to cook whatever game they would acquire for their evening meal.

It was ironic how she had longed to rebuild an enclave with more permanent dwellings, and be able to commune with nature as well as with the prosperity of a weather-defying community; but still found ease in the wilderness. Most witches had a strong affinity with nature; for it was the root of their power; but as one firmly entrenched in the physical realm, the Beast Warden turned Clan Mother was all the more attuned to her surroundings, breathing the energy around her.

Catching sight of Cearia readying herself for the hunt, as they only had so much light left, she retrieved her knives and attached them to her belt, and fetched some rope if need be. She had never learned how to use a bow, although it had been one of her younger sister's weapon of choice. She thought how the younger Raskor twins would have liked Cearia. Just as she had been proud to call the huntress her mate before the reformed Clan, she would have been blessed to present her to her birth Clan. She dared believe that the deceased witnessed the union from the beyond.

For now though, there were immediate needs to find food for the night. Anjali moved as a shadow, used to make herself one with her surroundings; and she gestured for her wife to lead the way. She was perfectly comfortable letting Cearia take the lead for hunting, for it was her forte.