View Full Version : When a Good Man Goes to War (Resistance)

Kyle Krogen
Jul 4th, 2016, 03:35:21 PM
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"This is a good spot."

The speeder glided to a halt halfway down the side street. Patting the annoyed driver on the shoulder Jedi Knight Kyle Krogen climbed out of the speeder, closing the door behind him and tossing a cred chit into the driver's lap before walking away. The driver immediately fired the engine and zoomed away, leaving Kyle alone in the practically empty street. This was the slummier part of town. The kind with barely hidden reinforced windows. Only a few homeless looking tramps mingled about, digging in the garbage or loitering. Kyle paid them no attention. Desperate people were the same no matter what planet you were on.

Stopping in front of a particularly reflective wall panel, he adjusted his leather coat, knocking some of the dirt free that had gathering during his fight with the hairy Knight. His hair, a normally poofy and spiky ordeal, was smashed down and smoothed out to change his appearance even just a little bit. No doubt the Knight had already put out an APB to notify every goddamn Imperial in the entire city, if not the planet, to be on the lookout for him. He got it. He was a high value target. It wasn't every day a Jedi, if he could even call himself that anymore, came to Corellia to join the Resistance.

The real question, and one that he had puzzled over during the speeder ride, was how they knew he was coming. It would be silly to think that Knight had just shown up out of the blue. No. She came with intent, ready to fight. Someone had sold him out. Because of the ambush he had been forced to run, missing the team that was suppose to show up and extract him from the Steelyard. That's why he was here now. This was where the backup location was suppose to be. Thankfully they had thought ahead enough to set up a second RZ. Kyle would have never thought he would need it, but thankfully he had listened during the short briefing he got before getting kicked out of the starship.

Heading around the back of a seemingly uninteresting apartment block, he found the cellar entrance right where it should be. The digital lock was bypassed with the code he'd been given, and then he stepped down into the cold darkness.

A light flared on. Shielding his eyes against the sudden glare, he noticed several men with blasters aimed right at him. "Yo, it's me. Kyle. I'm here to join the bloody Resistance. LZ was compromised. Damnit. Put those blasters down."

The situation moved quickly from there. Once they confirmed his identity he was thrown into the back of a hovertruck with a bag over his head. Not the greatest moment of his life, but they didn't want him to know where the HQ was just yet. Whatever. It was all part of the secret world they lived in. He just wanted to get there and get with the Resistance leaders. He wanted to know what his part in the resistance was.

He wanted to kill some goddamn Imperials.

The trip was uneventful. Time was impossible to tell in this darkness. Finally he was manhandled out of the truck and half dragged a distance before finally coming to a stop.