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Faline Brend
Jun 17th, 2016, 04:03:59 PM
Concordia - Nine Years Ago

"Noooooo! Don't hurt them! Please!"

"Let me go!"

Jamie! Aunt Nalra! Help me!"

Thrashing around in the bacta tank, Ten year old Faline (http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7711642/280full.jpg) awoke in a panic. The nightmare had come again. To make matters worse, she had become acutely aware of something stuck in her mouth and the sensation of being underwater. Her rising panic triggered alarms in the facility she was in and immediately, droids tried to sedate her in an attempt to calm her, but the adrenaline in her system was quickly counteracting any attempts to sedate her. She could hear the voices outside, frantically making the decision to bring her out of the tank. Finally, the tank began to drain and once her head was clear, the tube in her mouth was pulled away. The tank then opened... and with nothing to support her in staying upright, Faline collapsed into the waiting arms of a woman (http://ilarge.lisimg.com/image/7520793/1118full-erica-durance.jpg). The girl coughed hard, trying to get air into her lungs again before a painful cry escaped from within. Everything hurt. It hurt so bad, yet what hurt her most wasn't her healing physical injuries, it was her psychological ones. Taking the disorientated child away from the tank, the woman's maternal instincts kicked in and she sat with the girl on her lap, embracing her tight so she wouldn't flail in panic.

"This girl has suffered from far more than just a simple ship crash..." the woman said as the girl settled uneasily, the lowering panic was finally allowing the sedatives in her system to take effect and sending her off to sleep once more. The woman looked up at a Doctor that stood over them both. "What did you find in the records?"

"Nothing good..." the Doctor responded. "The girl came on board with a man, but he wasn't a relative to her. In fact, there is reason to believe that she may have been kidnapped and beaten by the man on a number of occassions."

The woman looked down at the finally sedate child. "What was the fate of the man who'd taken her?"

"Dead M'lady."

A mixture of anger and despair clung to the woman's heart. How could someone be so cruel to hurt an innocent like this child? "Vor entye..." she said, though seething with anger inside. "How long until these sedatives wear off?"

"Another hour or so... though given her reaction when she woke up last time, I'd advice caution when she awakens this time."

An hour later

Faline stirred from her drug induced sleep once more. This time she'd been largely left to awaken by herself, though the woman that held her before had remained at her side. Instinctively though, Faline had woken up with a start and while her eyes were as wide as a deer caught in headlights, she did not react the same way as she did when she first awoke. Instead, the girl seemed to frantically search for her captor, trembling at the thought that he might drag her elsewhere. The woman moved toward her to try to ease the girl's fears. "Fear not young adiik... Kyr'am...death, has taken your captor." While it stopped the girl from frantically searching her surroundings, Faline was now acutely aware of her situation. With Gauge now dead, the girl had no idea where she was, nor how to get home. As she looked down, she shook with fear and pulled her knees to her chest, looking at the woman for help, for guidance....anything that would help her make sense of the world around her, yet she could not bring herself to speak a word so readily. She did not know the woman, though she was grateful that Gauge would no longer hurt her. The woman smiled softly and attempted to stroke Faline's hair. However, Faline's initial reaction was to coil away from the touch, fearing another beating, yet the woman persisted and eventually, Faline relaxed, though still seemed very fearful. "My name is Kitana. Leader of House Lordel and of Clan Lordel." she said, finally introducing herself to the girl. "Do you have a name?"

Faline nodded and somehow managed to find the courage to utter one word. "F....Faline."

The woman nodded once more. "It is good to meet you, young Faline." she said. Sensing it was a little too early to ask her more of her history, she decided to see to the girl's present. "Are you able to walk? Your injuries were extensive from that crash. We should be sure that you are able to carry your own weight."

Faline uncoiled herself and swung her legs over the side of the bed while Kitana lifted her off the bed and onto her feet. So far, the girl was able to stand and the girl gingerly took her first steps. Flinching slightly from the pain, she didn't make a cry or a complaint. She pushed past the pain and continued to walk forward. Satisfied that there was little lasting damage from the crash, Kitana figured the girl may be hungry. Her lack of body fat was one key factor. "Very good. Now we should go eat." Kitana said, gesturing for the girl to follow. "You look like you need some nourishment. Did your captor ever feed you?"

Faline looked up at Kitana. Slowly gaining more trust and courage, Faline spoke a little more. "A little...enough to keep me alive anyway." Grateful for the slow pace, the girl followed Kitana down the corridor, a big question came to her mind. With Gauge dead and her family lost to her...what would happen to her now? Where would she go? Looking up at Kitana, Faline decided to make that question vocal in the hope that she would get answers. "Kitana.... What will happen to me now?" she asked.

The question stopped the woman in her tracks as she turned and knelt down to Faline's level. "Do you know where your family are?"

Faline shook her head. "No... I don't remember them anymore. My Daddy left when I was little... I did have a Mommy but.... I don't know where she is. I was kidnapped from Auntie Nalra's house by Gauge Eclipse when I was five. I don't remember where they lived."

Kitana's eyes grew sad for the child. She didn't deserve such a terrible start to life, but maybe... maybe there was a way to help her reclaim some semblance of life. "I'm so sorry you have had to endure this. I will have my clan search for more answers for you... but in the meantime, I will watch over you. You will be adopted into my house until your family find you or you feel you're ready to go out into the galaxy yourself. Sound good?"

A secure place to call home... it was something she craved, though she wished it were with her family once more. With no where to go and an offer she really could not refuse, Faline nodded. "Yes... thank you." she said quietly.

Kitana smiled as she spoke in Mandalorian, "Ni kar'tayl gai sa'ad." The words puzzled Faline for a moment, her features amusing Kitana somewhat as she translated the words into basic for her to understand. "It means 'I know your name as my child.' You are officially Faline of House and clan Lordel."

A small, faint smile pulled on the girl's lips. She still felt stressed, but to have a family again was a start. Grateful for the second chance, Faline embraced Kitana before looking at her once more. "What is 'Mother' in that language?" she asked tentitavely.

"Buir... why?"

Faline paused for a moment thinking about it before finally deciding to try and reciprocate that statement. "Ni kar'tayl...gai sa'buir."

Kitana's face beamed with pride. "You catch on to Mando'a quickly, ad'ika. Vor entye." She then rose to her feet. "Come now... its time to eat. When you are well enough, we shall teach you more of the life you will live in."

Nine Years later - Concordia

Nine years ago, Faline had come to this moon a broken child. Now (http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMjExMDk3NDAxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTg3MTI5Mg@@._ V1_SY1536_SX1024_AL_.jpg) she had grown from the broken child to a deadly weapon. With the love and loyalty of her clan, Faline had finally found a safe place to call home. Her memories of her biological family had long faded from memory, other than the occassional recurrent nightmare of her kidnapping plaguing her mind at times. She used to remember them so vividly, but now it was emotions... feelings of terror that she wanted to keep hidden deep inside that her mind unleashed every once in a while. When it did, her heart would race, a tear would fall and sweat would pour from her body. The blonde Mandalorian often wondered what had happened to them. Did Gauge kill them all? Did they survive? Did they even make an attempt to look for her? As a child, Faline always held out hope that, one day, her family would rescue her. They'd take her home and all would be well, but as the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years, Faline lost all hope of ever being rescued, and now..? Now she felt nothing but bitter. She felt like she'd been left for dead by them. There had been no word of anyone looking for her outside of Corellia. No news on the Holonet of any 'sightings'. She often wondered what would happen if she left something in the holonet of a 'possible sighting' there. Who would investigate such reports? The family? The Republic? The First Order? What about this rumoured 'Resistance' that had been floating about? Faline had pondered on whether she should 'stir the pot' and find out what became of it, but then she thought back to the day of her kidnapping. Gauge kidnapped her for a reason... what that reason was, she didn't know. Up until that point, Faline had been a relatively unremarkable child, save for her ability to dream of events before they happened. Perhaps there was more to her than even she knew?

Whatever the reasons, it was all in the past now, and Faline was determined that it should stay there. Practising her skills in the outdoor dojo with a fellow clan member, the young woman held her vibrosword at the ready. Unlike her compatriot, however, Faline was not wearing the traditional Mandalorian armour. She wore leather armour, preferring freedom over protection, much to the amusement of her opponent.

"Where's your Beskar Mir'osik?" he said as he began his attack. "Only a fool goes into a duel with a true Mandalorian warrior without her armour."

Faline smirked at her rival. "I don't need it." she said as she blocked one attack and dodged another. "Didn't Buir ever tell you, 'Verd ori'shya beskar'gam'?" Taking in a breath, Faline then proceeded to attack her rival with quick strikes. She then ducked low at his next strike. As she did so, however, time felt like it was slowing down for her. Suddenly aware of this strange circumstance, Faline quickly used it to her advantage by rolling to one side and kicking her rival in the back of his legs, sweeping his feet from under him. She then pointed her vibroblade at his neck. The duel had ended with her as the victor. "Skill, not armour make all the difference." She then sheathed her vibrosword and offered him a hand up. Bracing herself as he took her hand, she pulled him to his feet, the look of surprise showed on his face at being defeated.

"Haar'chak! Sure you ain't one of those Jetii? Sure are as quick as one..." he said with astonishment.

Faline frowned and looked at him strangely. "Jetii?" she queried. "They're a fable aren't they?"

"Adi'ka, the Jetii aren't just a fable. They were real once. As were the dar'Jetii."

The two Mandalorians looked to find Kitana standing nearby. As she approached, everyone bowed to her, even Faline. Looking at her adopted daughter, Kitana smiled and looked to the others. "Get your gear ready. You're all going to Dxun for survival training." All turned to leave, even Faline, but the young blonde was stopped by a gentle, yet firm hand on her shoulder. "Stay a moment... we must talk."

Turning to face her mother, Faline was curious to find out what Kitana had in mind that would warrant her staying behind. Kitana then handed her a data pad. "I have something for you, concerning your previous life..."

Faline canted her head as she accepted the datapad, activating it to read its contents. "What is this?" she asked as her jaw dropped slightly.

"Seems your family are still looking for you, even after all this time." Kitana replied. "A woman named 'Jamie Perris, ne้ El-Eison posted this on the holonet."

Just the name 'Jamie El-Eison' triggered a flashback in the blonde. That terrible day flashed in her mind once again as a mixture of emotions overcame Faline. "Missing: Faline Brend. Has anyone seen this girl, or someone that resembles her? Thirteen years ago, our family was attacked...and my cousin, Faline, who was nearly six at the time, was taken by our attacker. Up until nine years ago, there had been numerous sightings...but now there are none. If she is still alive, Faline would be nineteen years old now. Here is what she'd probably look like now according to composites and ageing programs... (http://www.dvdsreleasedates.com/pictures/800/46000/Alix-Wilton-Regan.jpg)" Faline clicked on the link and was astonished to find this picture was exactly like her. Faline looked up at Kitana, shock written across her face before she continued reading it aloud. "Please...help us either find closure...or a happy reunion. She has been missed for so long, but we can't give up on the hope that, one day, we will be reunited once again."

Faline looked down, pained with conflict. What should she do? Respond? Ignore? "Buir I..."

"Hush love. I know the conflict inside you." she said. "You are, and will always be, a member of House Lordel. I adopted you as a Mandalorian and you'll continue to be one until you decide otherwise. But they are as much your family as I am to you. If I were in the same position as this Jamie Perris, I'd be wanting to know you survived such a terrible event and grew up to be the woman you are now. Losing someone for that long and not gaining closure from the knowledge of life or death would be torturous. Remember that whenever you feel afraid."

Kitana rubbed Faline's right arm gently in reassurance, prompting the girl to sigh and look at Kitana once more. "So you think I should make contact....after so long?"

Kitana nodded. "You should, yes." Kitana said. "However, that is not the only reason I've come to you. Walk with me."

Walking away from the Dojo and toward the grounds of their stately home, Faline kept pace with Kitana. "I fear this place may no longer be safe for you soon, adi'ka. The First Order Hellhounds are here on Concordia, trying to Force our clans to obey them once more. They found the wreckage of the ship you crashed upon and I fear soon that they will discover your existence."

Faline frowned. "Why am I the one being targeted?" Faline said, rising anger brewing within. "I've done nothing to put myself in their radar!"

"Maybe not intentionally, but you do have something they fear within you," Kitana replied. "You have a gift few people have that can change worlds in an instant."

Faline scoffed at the notion. "I'm no Jetii, buir."

Kitana canted her head slightly, "No... but you are sensitive to the Force, just like they are. Like the Imperials before them, the fact that you're sensitive to the Force makes you a danger to the First Order."

"So what am I meant to do, buir? Run away and hide?" Faline asked. "Buir, I'm Mandalorian... I will not run from them!"

Kitana nodded her head. "You're right... running will not stop them pursuing you, but it will give you time to find people that dislike the First Order as much as we do." Kitana sighed once more. "As Mandalorians, we are bound to serve the Empire, thus, we may well be bound to serve the First Order as well. If you stay here, you'll be handing yourself over to the enemy, which I will not allow you to do. You've suffered enough in the Empire's hands, I won't allow you to suffer by the First Order's either. Most of us are moving to Dxun, some old Mandalorian stomping grounds, but from what I hear, its First Order Territory now. There are other clans scattered across the galaxy, so you may be able to gain assistance from them...however..." Kitana motioned to the datapad given. "Maybe you should see where this information takes you. You may find more than just Jamie as allies in this galaxy yet."

Faline looked at the datapad. Should she really make her presence known to her old family again? Perhaps.... perhaps there was a way of finding out without giving away too much information? Nodding her head to Kitana, Faline turned and made her way to her quarters with the intention of sending a message over the holonet. But what exactly should she say? If she wrote it in standard, it would easily give away her location... No... she had to be creative, and hope that Jamie had enough brain cells in her head to understand what was being said.

So not only did she write it all in shorthand, she wrote it in Mandalorian too to make it harder for anyone intercepting it to translate.

S.Y.I.H. G.E. - D.O.D. 31 ABY - Concordia. L.K.L. F.B. (http://www.alixwiltonregan.com/img/AlixWiltonRegan-headshot2.jpg) - Concordia. R.S.: Alive. (19)

Addendum: R.L. Concordia. Location: Unknown. F.O. pursuit.

As she go ready to send the message, Kitana walked into Faline's room. "Sent anything yet?"

Faline sighed and looked at her adoptive mother. "Nearly. Why?" Kitana looked behind the door and ushered in an R9 unit Faline often spent time working on. She even gave the droid a name. 'Ricochet'. His presence made Faline curious as she looked over at Kitana. "Why's Ricochet here?" she asked.

"He's going to join you on your new ship." Kitana said. "There's a VCX-100 (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/VCX-100_light_freighter) in the hangar bay just for you. Should be nimble enough to get you out of the First Order radar, but you should move quickly. My Scouts tell me the First Order is on their way here to demand our allegiance. Send your message and take what you need. You must leave quickly..."

Faline sighed but did as asked. Sending the message through the holonet via the 'Missing: Faline Brend' link, Faline then gathered some supplies. A few changes of clothes, weapons and food, enough to last a week or so should it need to. Once preparations were complete, Faline looked over to her adoptive mother and pulled her in for a hug, a small tear falling from her cheek. "Will I see you again, Buir?"

Kitana held Faline close for a moment as she whispered, "I hope so. Under good terms." Kitana said before pulling back. "Good luck out there Ka'rta. Gods speed you on your journey."

"Vor entye buir. Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum." Faline said before making her way to the hangar, walking past her droid companion. "Come Ricochet. We need to make sure we stay ahead of these creeps... for a time at least..."

Ricochet dutifully followed his mistress to the hangar and into the ship. She was ready to fly and Faline was keen to put it through its paces as she started it up. "Alright Rico. Time to face this galaxy once more..." she said as she completed her pre-flight checks and got the bird off the ground, heading out into open space....

Faline Brend
Oct 21st, 2016, 05:29:46 PM
It had been some time since Faline had travelled from Concordia and the first trip she'd ever made by herself. As a girl, Faline only saw space as a prison, knowing that she could not get away from Gauge Eclipse, no matter what she did. It took Faline a long time to not be on constant lookout for Gauge. Even now, a touch on her shoulder sent cold shivers down her spine, a lasting memory of his torment. All that he had done to her made her lose all trust in men in general. It had created an instinct of knocking men out with a single punch if they even tried to get close to her before she even thought about why they were approaching her in the first place. It would be right afterward that she'd immediately regret the punch though wouldn't apologise for such. She was glad that she was no longer the feeble and weak little girl she'd once been and had sworn to herself that no one would ever take her in that way again.

As she stared out into open space, Faline's mind raced. Space was now her sanctuary, rather than her prison. Her destination was now under her command. Everything she did from here on out was her decision. As she made the jump into deep space, Faline didn't really have a place in mind. For now, her destination was anywhere but here. If the First Order really were chasing her tail, Faline needed to distance herself from them as much as possible. That meant getting out of First Order space...fast. The girl knew very little about them, other than most of them were imperial. Faline herself had been born in imperial space, but her Force Sensitivity made her a danger to them as much as they were a danger to her. Gauge's kidnapping had proven to his former victim that she had to protect herself from those that wished her harm. Thanks to her Mandalorian family, however, Faline had the skills needed to prevent history from repeating herself and having known that she was Force Sensitive for a long time, she decided now was the time to really embrace who she was and learn to use the Force as her ally.

There was one small problem, however. The Jedi Order no longer existed and any Jedi that may have survived Kylo Ren's destruction had scattered to the winds. If she were to fully embrace the Force as part of her, she would have to learn to embrace it on her own and keep it from others as best she can until she found allies that were either like her, or accepted her for who she was. With such difficult tasks ahead of her, Faline decided to try and find a neutral or allied port away from the First Order's attention.

"Ricochet... Where's a spaceport that's not in First Order hands?" she asked her droid, hoping he would have an idea of where to stop. A series of whistles and beeps ensued with the droid suggesting the planet Ithor as a suitable Spaceport. The young Mandalorian canted her head slightly in thought before agreeing to the suggestion. "Alright... Ithor it is then." Faline said with a sigh before strapping herself into her seat. "Send it to the navicom and get ready for a hyperspace jump." she told the droid before charging the hyperdrive. A few seconds later, the hyperdrive was ready and Faline initiated the jump. The initial bust of speed pinned the Mandalorian to her chair for a few seconds before the inertial dampeners kicked in, allowing Faline to get out of her chair. It would be some time before Ithor would be in view so it was time to start exploring what she could do in the Force.

"Rico... Take the helm for a while...I need to...to learn more about myself." she said. "I'll be in the recreation area. Alert me if anyone's on our tail or Ithor's in sight."

The droid beeped in acknowledgement and continued monitoring the ship and its systems while Faline went to the Recreation area and looked around, smiling slightly as she found a gift from Kitana, a plushie toy of a razorcat. It was the first thing given to her...and for many years, it comforted her when the nightmares came. Now it was going to help her find out what she could be capable of. Tossing it into the air and catching it in her hands she moved to the table and placed it as she settled on the chair nearby, staring at the plushie as a childhood memory of her accidentally sending her wolf plushie flying to the other side of her bedroom. She barely remembered her father shouting at her for breaking an ornament as a result. "Alright Fally. Let's see if you can do it again eh?"