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Sebarek Veros
Jun 17th, 2016, 03:33:43 PM
Sebarek hadn't come to Corellia in a good number of years. The last time the Imperial Agent had visited the planet, he was still working in the private sector, one foot in legality and one in black market. Before being recruited in Imperial Intelligence, he had certainly seen a lot when working security and spy for multiple employers, from upper class to crime lords. Joining the Empire had been a breath of fresh air, and the Lorrdian valued what the Empire stood for and having served a true and steady cause had been what he needed at this point in his life, both for himself and for his adopted daughter.

His longtime superior and colleague, Akilah, had summoned him on the turbulent world and he had arranged for immediate transportation. His daughter was well taken care of back on Brentaal IV (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Brentaal_IV/Legends), so he wouldn't worry about her safety. He had the feeling that his stay on Corellia would require a few weeks before being able to get some off days. It was why he had made sure to have a more bureaucratic position during the first couple of years he had had Yoko. While he thrived in dangerous missions, going undercover and interacting with questionable individuals, his daughter had come first. And it had also taught him a lot about the system and he had helped shape some newly recruited agents too, as well as keeping a Core liaison and messenger for his superior.

For now, his ship landed and he would go to the meeting location with Akilah before taking care of where he would stay during his time on Corellia.

Jun 18th, 2016, 11:23:37 AM
Seated at a table, outside the rather quaint restaurant, Akilah had gained both of them rooms in a nicer hotel which was now a block down and across the busy avenue. Speeders passed by as if nothing wrong was going on here on Corellia. Though the cause for most locals was a just one, the Imperial held world was definitely in for a rude awakening as those that supported this insurrection would pay dearly for their actions. Having gained several leads before leaving the fleet hovering now several million miles from the surface of this rich and very well established world, Akilah watched the local newsnet on a small datapad now standing on the table before her, while she sipped her stimcaf. With a discerning eye, the deputy director of Imperial Intelligence watched the footage as well as the few interviews that the local anchors could get on the latest attacks on Imperial offices and installations. There was more to what wasn't said than the words coming out of their mouths, she knew.

The people of Corellia would be swayed in favor of this rebellion if they weren't careful.

Being normally rebellious already, the heavily industrialized world also couldn't afford to lose it's fleet or access to the trade route that ran right through this system and connected one end of the galaxy to the other. Money was being restrained from businesses and many investors were getting angry, as were several large banks. Corellia had to see that this gang of terrorists were only hurting their world.

Her ear bud came to life, interrupting her thoughts. "He just landed and should be there shortly," the male voice stated in her ear. Without motioning or replying, the agent kept enjoying her caf and watching the news until he arrived.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 18th, 2016, 06:26:48 PM
He had looked up here he was to meet with Akilah and it didn't take him look to find his way and stopped his rental speeder on the other side of the street where the restaurant was located. His eyes soon zeroed in on his superior and friend, because that also was what the higher rank imperial had become to him over the years.

He gave her a genuine smile as he approached. With all that was going on and the rebellion causing trouble, he took a casual approach to this, for they might not be fully undercover, but no need to sell away anything they were working on. It was second habit after several years serving with Imperial Intelligence.

"Good to see you, Sweet Goddess of War." The Lorrdian offered before leaving a quick peck on Akilah's cheek. Maybe he was stretching the line a little bit, but it was nothing new and he would never make Akilah uncomfortable. Taking a seat across her, he looked perfectly at ease already. "Lovely place you picked."

Jun 19th, 2016, 05:01:21 AM
A smile erupted across her smooth face as he leaned in, her left hand instinctively reaching up and softly touching his cheek and jaw, then let go as he rose again. The kiss causing a charge to rise deep within as Akilah chuckled lightly. Never getting away from that nickname "Thanks," she glanced away and to the front of the restaurant, it's windows framed by ivy and flower bushes. "They've got an amazing assortment of dishes," she informed and looked back to him and raised her cup. "And a wide assortment of teas and cafs. Hard to pass a place like this up." Taking a sip from her cup she then set it down again. "So, how was your trip?"

Sebarek Veros
Jun 19th, 2016, 11:27:41 AM
While Sebarek had carried feelings that erred beyond friendship towards Akilah, he had never crossed the line with her. Between the work they did and how he had adjusted to raising a child, who happened to adore the higher rank Imperial, he wasn't sure that she would welcome his romantic affection. So he had kept that to himself. Whether she knew or not, he wasn't certain for they never spoke of it.

He grinned at her reaction to the old nickname he had given her based on Lorrdian religion and history since the first time they had met. She had for sure made a strong impression right then!

"It almost reminds me of where I grew up. You chose well. And you said the magic word, though now I don't know whether I should sample tea or caf." He grinned and fetched the menu.

"The trip went well. I felt like herding cubs even more than usual before I left, but it is good to see the galaxy again. How has your stay been so far?"

Jun 21st, 2016, 03:07:46 PM
Taking another sip, she set the cup down and hands lay upon her lap, right knee over left as she relaxed once more in the chair, shadowed by a large umbrella. "We'll have time, so get one now and the other later," she suggested knowing he no doubt appreciated being able to relax in the warm Corellian sunlight and comfortable breeze wafting down the avenue.

His query then shifted her mental gears as blue eyes casually scanned their surroundings, old habits dying hard after all these years. "Less exciting than other parts of the city, but been catching most of it on the holovid in the evenings," she returned her attention to her fellow agent. "Not sure how long it's going to take to finish up our business here, but actually looking forward to a visit to the resort town in the mountains before I go." Turning, she noticed their waitress approach apparently seeing Sebarek join Akilah.

"What can I get you, sir," the polite brunette asked as she set Akilah's salad before her.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 24th, 2016, 06:12:47 AM
With the situation on Corellia, Sebarek hadn't been certain he would get an opportunity to just relax before getting to the thick of the matter. The Lorrdian wasn't going to complain one bit and perused the menu in greater details as he listened to what Akilah said. He grinned faintly. "Beware of still waters. You never know what they might hide." He jested before looking up at the waitress. "I will have the Tefera caf with the chef's special, please." He smiled and returned the menu to her.

"I caught up as much as I could before coming here. I am curious to see how the situation unfolds." Or rather, he should have said how they would ensure that the resistance attempting to damage the Empire would succumb and stop trying to manipulate the population.

"And yes, very much enjoying the lunch break but you know me, my mind easily comes back to work." He chuckled, for it was the truth. He was the first to make the best of little moments of peace he could glean, even on a mission but he was quite focused.

Jun 24th, 2016, 06:37:37 PM
Nodding, the waitress turned and walked away as she moved back inside to get his order, leaving them alone once again. With several seated around them, Akilah continued keeping their discussion vague enough to relay her true feelings without letting those around them in on their true purpose. She had always appreciated Sebarek's dedication to the Imperial cause as it ran parallel with her own, the main reason he was seated across from her now.

Grinning, her head canted to the right slightly, the shadow of the large umbrella keeping her cooler, "We have rooms nearby. Took the liberty, hope you don't mind. Got a nice view of the park to the east," she mentioned, blue eyes motioning to her left, guiding his gaze to the large hotel farther down the street and across from the cafe. Not a far walk. "Gym on the top floor with a large pool and sauna. Already tried them out this morning," she grinned.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 24th, 2016, 07:11:31 PM
"Good thinking. Your taste never disappointed." Sebarek replied with a grin. He also liked how she understood that walking gave different perspectives than just relying on other means of transportation when on missions such as the one they were on. "Large pool? Now you got me. The workers have been taking forever back home for mine." He had arranged to have a double pool built at his villa, so there was one safe for Yoko and one for grown ups and older kids for whenever his sisters would start families of their own.

He thanked the waitress when she brought his caf. "May I already invite you to the gala end of this week, or do you have other plans?" He had seen it in the memo that a gala happening had high probabilities to be a target from their enemy and he knew he was to attend it but he wasn't certain in which capacity Akilah might be there.

Jun 25th, 2016, 03:30:55 AM
The mention of the high browed gathering of business owners now on the radar by Imperial Intelligence to help regain the streets was definitely one that she couldn't pass up. Nodding, the deputy director's demeanor melted into a more serious tone. "I've gained a couple of invitations from a friend who's well established in that circle," she mentioned, leaning forward a bit as she regained her cup of tea and sipped. "He stated that it would be at the Elgin estate tomorrow night. Promises to be quite the spectacle," she continued, relaxing a bit more as she set the cup back onto the table, keeping her right hand around it. "Seems his wife actually shuttled in the best chef on Corellia. He's even got his own chain of restaurants and has catered to many of the corporate elite as well."

Everyone was suspect until they were able to catch the real perpetrators, but with the nature of many of the hits that the terrorists were conducting, it would appear to be perpetrated by those not as well supplied. Yet.

"Figured we could have the limo pick us up at the hotel around six."

Sebarek Veros
Jun 25th, 2016, 04:30:10 PM
The upcoming gala was definitely on Akilah's radar and from her subtle reactions he could infer that it was likely going to be even more serious than he had first expected. He was ready for anything. He had given his everything to the Empire since he had joined and he wasn't going to stop doing that now. "Good. We wouldn't want to miss that." He replied curtly, before taking another sip from his caf, appreciated its rich aroma.

"I'll see whether it is as spectacular as it is back home." He added with a slight grin. "I take it the Chef knows his way around the best paying patrons then." Maybe it was his time spent in so many different environements prior to work for the Empire, but he had learned not to discard any option, from the chef to the host to the lackey. "What's the chef's name? I haven't sample Corellian cuisine in a few years."

The timing of the limo sounded just right but it was no surprise coming from Akilah's high practical sense.

Jun 26th, 2016, 03:21:14 AM
"Andrew Skivinsky," she replied, having already seen the chef on the holovid a couple times since learning he would be present. Always good to know the layout of the terrain before going into it, she mused. "His show's quite entertaining, should check it out if you get a chance. He's on in the morning's around nine. Should have time after the workout and breakfast." Watching as the waitress tended to the patrons of the cafe, she knew people like that noticed just about everything and sometimes overheard things that people wished they hadn't. A perfect spy.

Blue eyes returned to her fellow agent. "Feels good being on vacation, don't get this opportunity very often," she smiled.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 26th, 2016, 02:27:35 PM
"If he has a show, I'm pretty sure my mother would be delighted to entertain me with a list of her favorite recipes from that chef," Sebarek jested, for cooking was quite a shared hobby in his family, though his mother was the only one actually watching cooking shows, which earned her to be teased, as one didn't expect a Grand Duchess to appreciate such things.

"Well, you know my soft spot for long breakfast. I'm not sure I'll get to be done by the time the show comes on." He winked to Akilah and dug into his plate, since it had been brought to the table.

He loved hiding in plain sight as a spy. That was something he had always enjoyed, even before joining Imperial Intelligence, and one of his forte. Of course, there was more to him than just these skills, but he liked doing such kind of work.

"I should probably make a joke about how I don't remember when was the last time I went on vacation, but I can't remember when the last one really happened."

Jun 26th, 2016, 03:31:08 PM
Grinning that his mother, a well respected noble, liked to cook somehow didn't surprise her as much as it probably should. Chasing the palace's chef from his work, all flustered that the lady of the house was instead making her own meal, made her chuckle. "It's rare, that's for sure. I do recall my last one and it was long before we met, if that's any indication."

Her meal long consumed, the busy, yet calm atmosphere of this particular part of the city helped her relax, though she knew they had to get going shortly. Things had to be arranged before the party tomorrow night, groundwork laid. Routes studied and security cameras linked in to their own equipment so that the analysts in the fleet high above and out of sight could also watch as the events unfolded.

"How's your own little princess getting settled in the new place?"

Sebarek Veros
Jun 26th, 2016, 03:36:07 PM
"Oh then I beat you, though my last one was a medical leave, so doesn't really count as vacation, does it?" They had met about five years ago and he had needed time away from work - much to his dismay - about eighteen months afterwards, right when he had adopted Yoko. Yet, he wasn't going to mention his daughter when spies could be everywhere.

It was good to eat as he had only had a snack quite a few hours before landing, relying too much on caf while studying what the situation was on Corellia.

"I'll drop my luggage at the hotel before we go play tourist for the afternoon." Of course, playing tourist was going to be a lot of preparation work, since they weren't going to waste the thirty-ish hours they had available before the gala.

Jun 26th, 2016, 04:07:14 PM
The avoidance of her inquiry was understandable, and she let it go as he then shifted the discussion back to getting settled into his room before they headed out for the afternoon. "Sounds good. They have your keycard at the desk." His cover story and name all in place, ident card and visa acquired before he arrived as well as why they were here. CorSec no doubt had them on file and should things go south they weren't going to have Intel or the Imperial hierarchy to rely on. They were on their own. She had no intentions of making any mistakes, but sometimes surprises arose that weren't accounted for.

"The gift shop downstairs has some nice trinkets that your mom might enjoy as well. Have to stop in there before you leave." Glancing at her chronometer, she finished off her tea and set the glass off to the side, letting the waitress know she was done.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 26th, 2016, 04:25:51 PM
He'd let Akilah know how Yoko was doing once they were in a safe place, but he always did his best to keep quiet about his little one when on missions such as this one. Maybe he was a bit paranoid but he couldn't help it. The child had already lost one family and he didn't want her to go through this twice before he hadn't been careful. Of course, his line of work was dangerous but he had become more responsible since having her in his life. He could go some down some crazier roads in the past.

"Perfect. Thank you very much." He replied with a warm smile to Akilah, before finishing his meal.

"I'll make sure to stop by and splurge for my favorite ladies then."

Jun 26th, 2016, 04:52:02 PM
Watching him eat, she was beginning to admire how he cared for his family and the little girl adopted a few years ago. Though she had no one directly at home waiting on her, she wanted to keep it that way as this profession rarely allowed for a meaningful relationship. That had to be hard on him, leaving Yoko with a sitter for months on end. Her mind drifted as he finished his meal and soon her gaze drifted back to the avenue to the far left, noting several speeders passing by, people shopping across the street, dealing with vendors and other merchants, going on with their lives as if nothing was going on here. Corellia had troubles not that far from this resort town with Imperial troops patrolling the streets, enforcing curfews and with the rising of the sun everything was back to normal again.

Or it would be soon enough, she determined.

"You bring your nicer suit for this party, or do we have to stop by a tailor?"

Sebarek Veros
Jun 26th, 2016, 04:58:05 PM
He had always respected her choice of remaining on her own, because during some personal conversations they had had over the years, whether in an actual down time or before a risky mission, she had said as such. They knew each other fairly well. The fact they were colleagues too also allowed them to speak of matters they otherwise kept to themselves, for confidentiality's sake. He still wished that she would be open to the possibility of having someone in her life on a personal level. Would he hope she chose him in such case? Very much so, but even if it wasn't him, he could respect that. He just believed that having a romantic partner or even a family might be good to her. Yet, he would never impose his personal views on her nor would he go beyond their casual banter.

As the waitress brought the bill, he fetched it and paid for both their meals. It was an odd and somewhat silly game as he had lost tracks of times when one or the other had done it. It amused him and this time he got her. Enjoying some little pleasures of life and instants of silliness didn't hurt.

"You wound my feelings, Sweet Goddess of War," he replied with a fake offended look before grinning. "I made sure to bring my two nicer suits. What about you? Did you already do your shopping since you had an early arrival?"

Jun 26th, 2016, 05:12:37 PM
Seeing the waitress approach with their bill as she took his plate, Akilah leaned in to hand her the credstick that had been given for the mission, then noticed as he took it instead. Grinning, she shook her head as he then called her that nickname again. Replacing the slender device to her pocket, she smiled. "The minute I got the invitations," she replied, keeping busy while waiting for him to arrive offering a lot of time to get other things done. "A nice black one, with a pair of new heels." Rising from her chair, she pushed it in and prepared to leave finally. Being here and gaining intel on the normal daily routine of various regulars to these shops and cafe in particular would help in the future if she wasn't sure about a new face.

Turning, she meandered through the covered tables. Passing an older couple on her left, typically seated in the same seats they were always in the last few days. In ten minutes, he would have convince her to leave and check on their daughter's real estate office down on Eighth. Leading Sebarek from the front of the cafe and out into the open air of the regular sidewalk, she felt more at ease. Nearing a middle aged man exiting his barber shop, she nodded to him. "Max, how's it going?"

"Good, you," he replied, glancing to Sebarek now with her. "See your friend made it. Nice to meet you."

Glancing to her fellow agent, she grinned. "Regulars along this street are becoming familiar," she explained.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 26th, 2016, 05:31:26 PM
"I look forward to seeing how it compliments your look, m'lady." Sebarek remarked with a slight nod. He wasn't surprised she was ready for the gala. She had arrived fairly earlier than he had, for he had had to finish another assignment back on Brentaal IV, before making his way to Corellia. He was looking forward to getting hands on the preparation tasks prior to the gala. He hated feeling useless and always did his share of the work.

As Akilah led him outside in the street, he arched a brow as a man exchanged some words with her. "Likewise, Max. I'm Alan."

He nodded to her comment about regulars. "I've only been here a few hours but I can see why. The area is quite pleasant. I'll see you in a moment then."

Taking his temporary leave, he headed to the rental speeder to retrieve his luggage and go check in at the hotel.

Jun 26th, 2016, 05:43:50 PM
Nodding to the newcomer, the barber continued sweeping as Akiilah left him and moved across the street, entering the lobby of the hotel, noting a few new faces in the restaurant beyond. Businessmen, she guessed though was uncertain until one of them began commenting on stock prices as opposed to what he had noticed coming from the banking clan's reports. Corellia had always been a strong business hub and just another reason they had to get this place back to normal, away from any options to try and leave the Empire. Her stroll soon arrived at the open, transparisteel doorway and out onto the wide veranda fronting the beach beyond. A large pool had attracted a large group of kids and their mothers apparently, watching from the line of lounge chairs and covered tables along the inside, near to the windowed wall of the hotel. Innocence at it's finest, she mused.

Losing herself in why they were here, the deputy director began broadening her thoughts into how the terrorists were getting supplied. A whole system was in place to gain materiel from outside the world, but an even more involved network of black market contacts would already be here. Coronet City was a large hub of criminals and now that the Imperial presence was so overt, they would have no recourse but to go underground. Giving the Imperial representatives a smaller, but more delicate road to travel without turning this whole thing upside down.

Sebarek Veros
Jun 27th, 2016, 06:12:14 AM
After retrieving his pass key at the reception desk, Sebarek went straight to his room. Out of habit, he made a complete sweep of the place. He preferred being safe than sorry. Imperial equipment to perform such things was more efficient than older devices he had to acquire from black market when working some private employers. He didn't regret his diverse experience because it had given him a lot of knowledge that was now useful for his agent life, but he was glad to serve a greater cause. He believed in the Empire and being a part of it meant a lot to him.

Once everything showed up clear, he left the room and took the lift back to the main lobby. As he made his way towards where Akilah was, two kids stumbled into him and he exchanged a few words with them. That was the only good thing about a desk job on Brentaal IV, he could see his daughter every day. But he had to find balance between duty and family and so far he was getting a pretty good hang on it.

Walking up to his superior and friend, he stood by her side. "Sadly, this isn't pool hour. We have other plans," he teased.

Jun 27th, 2016, 03:03:27 PM
Smirking at the comment, "Good, didn't bring my bathing suit anyway. Might embarrass a few folks," she returned, spinning on her heel to face him. He was right, they had work to do so continued her tour around to the left and headed through the lobby once more. Guests enjoyed the quieter jazz group now performing in the club down the hall as the pair of Imperial agents headed back outside and then toward Sebarek's rented speeder. Walking to the passenger side, she opened the door, "Good time for you to get to know the landmarks, even though the resort's not that overly big, there are a lot of interesting areas to see."

And it would be good to know how to get around should they have to escape rather quickly to the seaside starport and the ship that she had been given. Sliding into the black leather seat, she closed the door and buckled herself in, then waited. Once the engine was on, she touched the central panel and accessed the topographical map of the area, her manicured fingernail then gently hit several spots that he would be interested in seeing.

"All set."

Sebarek Veros
Jun 27th, 2016, 03:10:22 PM
Sebarek couldn't help chuckling at Akilah's jest, before they went through the lobby again, heading outside the hotel. "I'll do that tonight when making my way back here. I like taking a good walk after dinner, so that'll be the perfect opportunity." He prefered being on top of things so he had less chances of being caught off guard. That could happen anyway but minimizing possible issues was crucial in their job.

Taking the passenger seat as they reached his rental speeder, he didn't know where the cell was set where they would work, so he waited for her to input coordinates. "And I see that I'll even take the touristic route for farther landmarks before we get to our destination."

Starting to drive, he didn't say a thing for a couple of minutes, before getting back to her earlier question about his daughter. "Yoko's doing well. She's loving the new house and one of my sisters who does freelance creative work agreed to come watch over her during this mission."

Jun 28th, 2016, 03:14:24 PM
Taking in the scenery, picturesque buildings and greenery, sea breeze carrying floating birds drifting overhead, she continually assessed the area, getting new information since the last time she had done this not that long ago. Faces, speeders, families, friends and co-workers all becoming logged in mentally as they passed. Shopowners being friendly with certain people, not as cordial with others, information that could all become an asset later on, should the need arise.

Blue eyes soon turned to the driver as he commented finally on his adopted daughter. "That's nice of her. You know, one day Yoko's going to ask you what you do for the Empire. What're you going to tell her?"

Sebarek Veros
Jun 28th, 2016, 03:22:55 PM
The way the resistance mostly operated, underground, at his point, made things sometimes more difficult to uncover. He had been on missions where the troublemakers were more in the open. Nothing was ever easy but how everything had to be more discreet at this point would prove a challenge for Imperial Intelligence. At the same time, it kept them on their toes and the more efficient they were with complicated missions, the steadier the protection they offered to the citizens was.

Akilah's question was surprising though quite typical of her. "I'll tell her the same thing I've told the rest of my family since I took off away from Lorrdian nobility circles: I'm a private investigator, working for both corporate and personal clients. Even when I had spying and security jobs for previous employers, that's the cover I had used. I've never changed it and it has always worked. After all these years, it's second nature for me to say that."

Jul 2nd, 2016, 04:35:34 PM
Nodding, she grinned at the reply knowing he had his cover well rehearsed and for a spy that was important. Though having to keep more than two personas going at the same time was the trick and they had been trained by the best. Turning her attention back outside, they passed the first landmark on the navicomputer. Taking in the cream colored, block-like building which was the resort's city hall, she admired the grounds and clean look that the whole community seemed to keep. Workers and droids tended to all the menial tasks, cleaning the streets and sidewalks, proprietors keeping up with their own shops and other businesses no doubt kept the elite of Corellia coming every year. Meetings and other junkets were also scheduled here which made the resort town a mecca for information. The main reason they were here now.

"I'm still formulating a theory on our terrorists," she began. "Seems like they're well funded and have a lot of information on Imperial movements which makes me think that there's someone in law enforcement or local intelligence that could be feeding them on occasion." A theory that still had yet to be proven.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 4th, 2016, 05:17:04 AM
"For all I've read from the intel we already have, I'm not certain either." Of course, they had to keep their eyes open as even something that looked clear-cut wasn't always as such. This situation was a bit confusing and there was no firm lead.

"I was only half-joking about the chef earlier on, possibly being part of this. Besides businessmen, politics and other upper circle figures who would have the evident money to fund such things, and the network to do this, they would be the first to be watched. It's very likely some of them are truly involved but we should also look into high-branded professionals and possible entertainment names, who don't "look" as likely to bother with intrigue and resistance, but they would have easier reasons to move around and partake to this or that event, or even go off world, whether just in the system or in the rest of the galaxy."

Now, he was rambling, but he had seen such schemes happen, especially prior to joining the Empire, so he knew that some groups leaned towards this type of approach.

Jul 4th, 2016, 06:45:13 AM
Appreciating any and all thoughts on a situation, Akilah glanced to him as he talked and knew anyone was suspect until they had been proven otherwise. Nodding, she turned her attention back out to the street whose center was lined with tall trees separating each direction of travel. "This party tomorrow night is going to allow us to start tagging possible leads, but don't rule out a servant or maid as an asset. They see and hear more than most think they do." She had used several in that capacity in the past and it rarely disappointed her.

Nearing a stoplight turning red, she settled in a bit more and took the chance to notice all those traveling in the same direction with them: a couple talking casually with a teenage girl in the back busy with her comlink, surfing the local net, three men in more expensive, stylish clothing spending more time scoping out the females within eyesight than one another or their destination, as well as the local officer on the comlink and smiling, no doubt talking with a wife or girlfriend as she read his lips.

"But, I think our best option is to tap into communications, not only in the hotel but also personal devices. That's going to take our assets from the ship as well, but we're going to have to do the footwork." Leaning in, she turned up the volume on the radio slightly, enjoying the tune now playing. It's more ghostly keyboard and orchestra in the background created a very engaging song.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 6th, 2016, 09:23:33 PM
"I never rule out a servant or maid as assets. They are often easy to sneak in especially to large gatherings like the upcoming party, that requires more help and staff. They're just never the whole package, but as long as we have a solid lead and can follow a trail, I'd be glad to get any part of the food chain we can."

As they stopped at the red light, he watched people the same way she did, and he caught one of the three men in expensive suit give a long look at Akilah. He chuckled, unsurprised that she'd catch attention. "You have a fan. I might be the one relegated to play maid at the party then..." He teased, still laughing.

Driving again as the light turned green, he nodded to her comment about communications. "Personal devices are good to tap in. I just wonder how some might not be careful enough if we have to rely on our people aboard the ship, if there is some local or semi local jamming. I don't think it would be the case, but we know too well how the unexpected likes to happen."

Jul 7th, 2016, 05:06:04 PM
She grinned at his observation, ignoring the trio in the nearby sport's speeder and turning to him as he added his own input on the party. "Actually, you're my plus one," she informed, realizing now that she had neglected to tell him that earlier. As they moved along, she thought about the possibility of being jammed or other issues that may arise. "Jamming signals wouldn't erupt unless they know they're being jammed and then we'd have a lead on a location to investigate. Jammers are always a beacon to it's source. Give the Imperial army something to do."

But, he had a point, switching out comlinks from possible targets would take a lot more intel and recon on the guests than they had time for. There was a way, but she was adding more complications to their mission than may be necessary. Too bad they were the only two agents in this resort at the moment as others had their own missions they were working on around the planet. As their path turned a gentle right, the large mall and shops lining the street came into view. "May have to get your daughter something while you're here." Though nothing that screamed Corellia, she hoped which would have given his location away later on.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 8th, 2016, 02:16:42 PM
Sebarek quirked a brow, his eyes still on the traffic line as a stupid driver tried to outsmart everyone else, not caring about others one little bit, as Akilah said he was her plus one for the gala. "Good to know, so I don't act as if I never met you, right?" He grinned to her at last, before relaxing again as traffic returned to normal, allowing him to take in the sights every now and then.

"They might know they're jammed in case we have a mole." Sebarek hated to admit it but he had seen that in the past, including in imperial intelligence and in such a delicate situation, one couldn't be too careful. Making sure you kept eyes open was crucial, in all possible directions.

The place was beautiful though, and if the situation was less dangerous with the resistance that required to be crushed, he'd bring Yoko here for a vacation. As if on cue, his friend and colleague mentioned his daughter. "Oh, I'll make sure I do. I'll probably get her something from the zoo's shop." His child loved everything that had to do with arts and animals. "She asked my sister if you'll visit soon. I heard her mention you to Sakara the morning I left."

Jul 8th, 2016, 02:45:10 PM
His comment about a possible mole melted her mood fairly quickly as she had always hated to think so, but the possibility was always there. The rebels had spies as well, she knew. Counter-espionage was another of many things that they had been trained in and always had to keep in mind when in the field as well as back home. It was almost better not to have too many links to the main office, if possible. Another two edged sword.

Grinning as he mentioned Yoko's desire to see her, the thought lifted her mind back out of their job again. "Yeah, be good to see her again. Been a while." Two racy model speeders blew past them, one of them blasting the bass from their system and nearly made the deputy director draw her weapon and take aim, but she refrained. It was getting to the point where someone may think she was a lot older than she was. Zipping into the nearby parking lot, Akilah shook her head. "Selfish bastards."

Sebarek Veros
Jul 9th, 2016, 06:46:05 AM
From the corner of his eye, Sebarek noticed how his mention of a possible mole affected Akilah's mood. She was good at keeping herself in check, but between having been friends with her for several years and his Lorrdian body language reading abilities, he was prone to catch on such nuances. Moles weren't so common, but with the particular situation of Corellia, one wasn't too careful.

He grinned when his colleague brightened up again at the mention of Yoko. "She's learning how to play the piano and I'm glad Sakara came to watch over her because she was the one who liked music best amongst us five crazy kids."

Really? he mused to himself as the speeder passed by with blaring bass. He hated when people were so selfish. "No kidding."

Realizing they were nearing on their destination, he thought he'd ask a couple questions before they got there. "So where is our base of operation located? How many agents are there? There were very few details in the memo, but I know you prefer sharing information face to face."

Jul 9th, 2016, 10:36:27 AM
"Fleet's in system. Commander's name is Rez Ace. He's overseeing the purge of this rebellion and we'll be in touch with him when I have something to report," she informed, turning her attention to him again. "I met him and the team that's monitoring everything for us. They'll give us any added information needed or coordinate with the army if it comes to that." Blue eyes drifted to the street once more as they drove. "Which I hope it doesn't." That would mean they failed if the army had to show up, which wasn't a word she ever wished to use.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 9th, 2016, 04:14:56 PM
"So, it's just the two of us on this one," Sebarek replied, because he wasn't even thinking about them failing. That wasn't an option he was willing to consider. Could they reach the end of the day battled and bruised, if not on an operation table? Sure, that was possible, but they would get the job done.

"Save for getting the surroundings memorized, and go through the whole list of guests and crew before tomorrow night, is there anything else on the to-do list?"

Jul 9th, 2016, 05:02:45 PM
"Pick up of the equipment we'll need at the drop point," she replied matter-of-factly. "Other than that, no." Grinning, Akilah glanced to him and knew they already had enough to do before the party. Relaxing in the leather seat, she took in the resort town and knew that all of this would be back to normal as soon as they could get some key names. Arrests or assassinations would follow and they would be off to take care of enemy incursions elsewhere. Which there never seemed to be any shortage.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 10th, 2016, 06:59:29 AM
"We'll be busy enough as it is," Sebarek noted. The more they would know about the guest list and crew at the gala, the better they would be able to find information.

He saw on the map that they weren't far from the Coronet zoo, so he thought they might make a pit stop there. "Do you mind if I pick something for Yoko before we get to the drop point since it's still early in the day?" His reasoning was also that if the mission went crazy, he'd already have picked something for his little one.

In a sneaky way, that would also have them be seen together around Coronet one more time, which could serve his cover as her plus one at the gala. One never knew where the enemy had eyes.

Jul 10th, 2016, 12:30:41 PM
"No, not at all," she replied, now eager to see some of what the local zoo had to offer, though knew they couldn't stay long. "I'm sure she'll enjoy that." Though having a life outside Intel wasn't truly possible, as everyone was under the microscope regardless of where they were, it was good to enjoy that fiction once in a while. Sometimes she wished she didn't know as much as she did about how intrusive an agent's life was to the main office, but they all had a dangerous job to do and this life wasn't for the faint of heart.

Soon, she watched as they entered the parking lot and found an empty spot. Unbuckling herself, she opened the door and stepped out, taking in the warm sunshine and quieter atmosphere of the area. People on holiday, she mused. How long had that been?

Sebarek Veros
Jul 12th, 2016, 09:32:13 AM
He hadn't thought Akilah would object but he always prefered asking out of common courtesy. Many times in his life either in the underworld or as an undercover agent for the Empire, people hadn't expected him to be as ruthless and deadly as he could be in certain circumstances, due to his overall gentleman behavior. That had given him an element of surprise, which he had put to good use.

"I'll have to get her a pet sooner than later, especially now we have the house. At least she's stopped asking for a real giant nexu that would eat her alive before it's fully grown." He smirked, making a mental note to bring up the whole pet matter with his daughter once he'd return home in a few days or weeks.

Parking in the zoo visitor area, he stole a long look at his partner. It made him glad that even if for a very short time, she could have a break. "If it wasn't full insubordination, I'd smuggle you away for a real vacation one of these days." He winked to her before putting his shades and offering his arm, since the shop building would require a bit of a walk.

Jul 13th, 2016, 03:56:28 PM
Akilah chuckled as they walked toward the main gate, imagining that very event happening when poor Yoko was in the presence of such a large beast. As they walked, she caught his stare and then appreciated the comment even though they were essentially working while here. Grinning, she chuckled lightly. "In any other circumstance, I may let you." Knowing there were plenty of gorgeous areas on this world, within these very mountains, Akilah knew a real vacation may be a long time in coming.

Approaching the main gate, she noticed the string of shops and other venues just inside, lining both sides of the avenue. "May find her something in one of those," she motioned with her head as they paid and then walked into the zoo. Scanning for something interesting in the window displays, blue eyes soon caught sight of a large, stuffed creature in white. "She could use that thing as a bed," Akilah laughed.

Sebarek Veros
Jul 18th, 2016, 09:01:13 PM
"We'll have to work on these circumstances before we're old and grey and in a nursing home," Sebarek grinned to her. He knew how precious and rare such moments were, and he was always willing to make the best of them. It also helped being completely focused on the task at hand when they had to. At least, it was the case for him. He was used to keep eyes open wherever he went though. Old habits died hard, and since he had joined the Imperial Secret Services they were even less likely to die. He, on the other hand, had almost died a couple times, but he was still in one piece and he was good with that.

"I'm pretty sure that a nice holo book with a lot of illustrations of the zoo's animals, as well as some stuffed nexu might do the trick." He agreed.

When Akilah stopped by one of the window displays, he stared at the huge stuffed creature. "By the God of Sunrise, that'd make a perfect temporary bed for my study!" Though Yoko was doing much better, she still had nightmares at times and if he was working in his home office, the couch wasn't too much for her liking. "I might have to get that, if the speeder is big enough for it."

Jul 21st, 2016, 03:26:27 PM
"Think he's going to command the back seat, that's for sure," she commented and walked into the shop, noting several other children now wanting that same stuffed beast. Though she knew more would be in the stockroom, Akilah continued browsing other shelves eclipsed by the white animal in the display window, from outside. The best thing about acting like everyone else was that no one ever suspected that the couple were Imperial agents here to find information on a group's benefactors, terrorists as well even though they weren't the ones pulling the triggers.

Meandering through the lines of shelves, she finally found a line of holo books which she motioned to. "Here we go." Browsing the titles, she picked up one that now reminded her of a book that her grandmother used to read her when she was a child. "Oh wow, I remember this one."

Sebarek Veros
Jul 24th, 2016, 09:54:23 AM
Sebarek had a couple jokes about Akilah possible recruiting the new creature-looking couch, but he kept them to himself since they were in public. He still chuckled as he spoke to a shop employee to express interest in purchasing the imposant item. Yoko was going to be thrilled. He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when he showed it to her.

He followed Akilah through the different aisles and smiled at the holo books. He peeked over her shoulder. "I loved how the stories mixed big heroes restoring order and justice and still had so many funny characters. Do you remember, oh what was her name..."

He had no time to finish his sentence that they heard a huge explosion outside, coming from where the creatures' area began.

Jul 24th, 2016, 10:05:21 AM
Thinking a moment, she turned to reply when the concussive wave shot glass and other debris through the shop, sending Akilah and nearly everyone else to the floor. Hitting hard, she slid several feet and then began to feel the pain in her right arm. Glancing to it once the tinkling of shattering glass hitting the floor and shelves began to subside. Alarms from various shops, cries of the wounded outside as well as the guards at the front gate now responding to the blast all filled her ringing ears as she looked now at several small pieces of glass in her arm.

Sighing, "Damnit". Pushing herself up, she now looked to Sebarek at her side, also covered in debris and bits of glass. "You alright?" Pain now arcing through her arm and shoulder, she knew she had to get to a medkit quick.

Sebarek Veros
Aug 11th, 2016, 09:05:53 AM
The blaring alarms made his ears hurt like hell and he felt as if his body had been thrown under a truck speeder. He had bumped his head against one of the store's furniture, but other than that, it was just scraps and bruises. He sat back up, carefully brushing the bits of glass off of his person. He frowned as he saw Akilah's arm. "I'm good. You need a medkit."

He got to his feet and looked around, trying to see if he could help anyone. "You call the authorities, I'll be right back." He was in a better shape to go help people, so that made sense to do things like that.

Aug 13th, 2016, 04:16:00 AM
Instinctively thinking of herself first, she stood and moved toward the back of the shop, passing bits of debris and stepping over items strewn about on the floor. Rounding the counter, the pain now throbbing up through her arm, she glanced to the shop owner now rising as well, the back of his head bleeding. Ignoring the older man, the Imperial agent stepped left and into his office, now searching for the medkit and found it within a white box on the wall to her right. Opening the door, Akilah removed the red box and set it on the desk, then began treating her wound. Unsure what Sebarek had in mind, she could already guess that he was interested in the perpetrators being in the area to admire their handiwork. But, how would anyone identify them? Tracking comms might be one way, she mused as she began removing the glass bits and then treated her wounds. One call to the ship high above them would only gain attention in the shop here among the other survivors, so she would have to make this quick.

Applying the healing patches upon the cuts, Akilah left the box open and refuse in the bin next to the desk. The pain deadened now, she moved back out into the shop to see the others now helping one another, moans of the dying out in the street continuing to echo among alarms from vehicles as well as the approach of first responder vehicles. This whole block would be locked down in a moment, so she had to act fast. Heading toward the back of the shop, Akilah continued through the small storeroom and out into the alley behind. Closing the door, she scanned for any witnesses that would have to be silenced afterwards and saw none. Taking out the encrypted comlink, she keyed in her personal code and soon heard the quiet warbling of the secure channel being accessed.

"Code in," the male voice on the other side requested.

"Alpha, Two, Six, Eight, Delta Four."

A short pause. "Confirmed."

"Scan all communications in this quarter for the past half hour. Terrorist attack."

"Copy that."

Turning off the comlink, she hid it once more in her jacket and blue eyes scanned once more for any eavesdroppers as the sound of wailing police and paramedic sirens filled the air. Turning around, she re-entered the shop and now moved to find her partner.

Rez Ace
Aug 16th, 2016, 10:18:21 AM
The lieutenant aboard the Venator-class Imperator hurried through its large interior to the ventral hangar bay. He had been temporarily in command while the Admiral and his second have been absent. He did his best to keep track of all agents currently on mission, and something came up that was out of his hands. Exiting the lift to the hangar, he looked around at all the construction, searching for a particular person. He walked through the 'mess' of several ion cannon batteries yet to be installed until he spotted his person, amid all the action, with his second at his side.

"Admiral Ace. We've just received reports from Deputy Director Akilah. There has been a terrorist attack at her location. All scans are in on the area at her request."

Rez Ace sighed heavily "Damn" He looked around at his current project, then looked at Captain Elrick. "Do you think you could finish up here with the preparations? I've got some business to take care of." Captain Elrick merely nodded. Rez nodded at his Lieutenant, and walked off abruptly. Once at the bridge, Rez took his place at his command chair.

"Lieutenant, I want all scans sent directly to Director Akilah. There is no point in saving that information for later. She obviously needs it quickly. Also, inform her that I'd like to make contact with her as soon as she's finished dealing with this affair." The young Imperial Officer nodded and began shouting orders at the crew.

Sebarek Veros
Nov 7th, 2016, 08:53:32 PM
After Sebarek had provided medpacks to his superior and friend, he focused on helping other victims inside the shop. He knew Akilah would be the one to contact for reinforcements in this specific case so if he could help until the medics arrived so be it. While he did that genuinely, he also kept his cover even better thanks to that. He never knew when this might cause the enemy to reveal themselves. It had happened in the past and if there was a slim chance it happened again, he wasn't against it.

Unless he knew for sure the person was imperial too, he wouldn't reveal himself to anyone except Akilah. From the corner of his eye, he saw that she was okay when she returned inside the shop. "The medics aren't far..."

He paused as he heard whining farther into the shop. "Frell," he muttered under his breath as he realized someone was stuck there. Without another word, he went to check who it might be. It was coming from an employee-only area.

Nov 13th, 2016, 11:18:47 AM
Nodding to Sebarek, she heard the approaching sirens and knew this place was going to be locked down shortly by the authorities which meant that their own communications were going to be actively filling the air, which also meant that it would be easier to piggyback her own to and from the Imperator. Hearing the agonizing, muffled cry from the back of the shop, she instead moved toward the front and began assessing the surrounding area. Blast patterns and shadows on trash reclamator bins, buildings and foliage began to paint a picture of where the bomb had been placed, though she had little more than that to go on. In her own mind, one of the perpetrators could easily be in a uniform of those approaching the main gate, but that thought faded into the background as she spied a small, hovering probe over a far shop to her right and across the wide avenue. Sunlight glinted off of it's small ocular sensor and her blue eyes continued scanning the limping wounded helping others away from the scene.

A buzz from the secured comlink denoted a return message from the analysts aboard the Imperial vessel, high above the atmosphere of Corellia. Turning, she moved into the shadow of the gift shop and once in the cover of the nearest aisle, she pulled out the device and glanced at the small screen. Cycling numbers flowed upward slowly, two highlighted in red and guided her eyes to the times they were active. Five minutes ago and then again two minutes later. Moving the com device around to her front, she angled the tiny camera past her and captured the probe, then immediately sent that image to the Intelligence agents aboard the ship. Closing the comlink, she replaced it into her pocket and moved to find Sebarek as policemen and medics began searching for survivors.

"Ma'am," a young male called out, gaining her attention. "You injured?"

"I've taken care of it, but there's someone trapped in the back," she replied, loud enough for her partner to hear. "My boyfriend's helping her, but he may need your help."

Nodding, he quickly moved toward the back hallway, the store's manager quietly moving toward the front windows, then sat down as a medic rushed to him.

Sebarek Veros
Jan 27th, 2017, 11:29:34 PM
While he only had scraps and bruises, the impact of the explosion had left him with a blaring headache. Yet, he had no time to take care of that right away as he was attempting to get the door open to access whoever was trapped behind that door. When it was visibly locked, he looked around and found a large crowbar and used it to pry open the stuck door. He pulled it open and managed to get inside.

In a corner, a middle aged man was prostrated, holding his hands up, visibly afraid. Coughing, Sebarek moved forward. "Let me get you out of here. Can you get up?" The man glanced up at the agent and nodded. He looked extremely shaken and the imperial had no idea of how he had got trapped in there. Regardless of the general panic because of the terrorist situation, he found it suspicious. His instinct was going off a likely tangent but the moment he helped him out and one of the men in uniform come to them, he felt the man free his arm from his assisting gesture.

"I am okay. Thank you, sirs." Sebarek had a bad feeling about this. The man in uniform seemed having no problem with that, but the imperial did. "The medical team will want to make sure this is the case. My brother had a bad fall once, and not being checked proved almost fatal to him." The man seemed annoyed at the ramble, but the imperial knew that Akilah was nearby, having caught sight of her, and he knew her well enough that he would have caught her attention by his words.

Feb 3rd, 2017, 06:59:24 AM
Following the medic into the back room, Akilah listened to Sebarek and noted his body language and eyes which meant that he felt there may be an issue with this man claiming to be okay. It seemed odd that someone affiliated with a bombing would be here, but one never knew. Even if he wasn't affiliated with the terrorists directly, something else may be going on in this shop that may need attention.

"Really, I'm okay," the man insisted as the medic sat him in a chair behind the long counter.

"Let's just have a look at you." Crouching before his patient, the medic began assessing vitals and other areas to ensure that there was nothing wrong. "B.P. is a bit raised, you on any medication?"

"No," he shook his head, now eyeing Akilah as she moved to the opposite side of the medic, glancing out through the shop and to the chaos now in the avenue outside, then back.

Hoping that the analysts and techs aboard the Venator high above may be able to hack the probe lingering over the adjoining building and find out where it was transmitting to, the director also knew they had to leave this shop eventually.

Rez Ace
Feb 3rd, 2017, 07:32:09 PM
The command bridge was abuzz and on edge at this point. The Admiral was up and about shouting orders during this stressful time. Rez wasn't exactly sure what was happening down on the surface of the planet but he intended to find out.

"I want a full scan on Director Akilah's position now! I want all life forms, droids, and active technology scanned in immediately!"

Imperial Officers hurried about to get the scans in and translated. Rez walked from the command center of the bridge to the observation platform and starred at the planet below, rubbing his scruffy chin in thought. This terrorist attack is a very reckless move from the opposing forces, and why would they attack this shop of all places?' Rez thought. His attention was diverted by an insubordinate.

"Admiral! Scans are in. All life forms have been accounted for. We've detected a rogue probe transmitting data"

This information made Rez know for a fact that something strange was happening.

"Trace where the probe is sending its data. Get those coordinates to the director immediately. And tell her and her partner to be prepared for any sort of combat"

Rez hurried back to the command center, thinking about preparing a squad of fighters just in case.

Sebarek Veros
Feb 7th, 2017, 07:20:03 PM
They would have to be on the move very soon. It didn't seem that anything was going to come up with the man he was suspicious off. Yet Sebarek knew better than not to trust his gut feeling. As long as Intelligence could get information on all people around, including this fidgety stranger, they would always be able to track suspects down later on. At the moment, they didn't have much to work with and he very much hoped that they'd get feedback very soon to be able to move forward.

He had no love for terrorists. He abhorred those scumbags who targeted innocent lives. He didn't feel sorry for any of these disgusting individuals whenever they would get their hands on them.

Feb 8th, 2017, 09:54:40 AM
Feeling the comlink soon buzz in her hand, she let it go for the moment as the older man now in the care of the medic seemed like a deadend to her. Turning to Sebarek, she motioned for him to follow and she moved gingerly away from the others and over crushed glass, broken shelving and other detritus, then glanced to her message finally, keeping the slender device low and palmed. They had an address. Memorizing it, she closed the link and slipped the comlink back into her pocket as the chaos from the wounded, dying and the survivors filled the air outside. More than one shop had been hit and as blue eyes took it all in, dismissing most at a glance, the Imperial agent headed for the gate.

Officers stood, filtering those being taken to awaiting ambulances and the walking wounded, which they were. Hand up, an officer moved to stop her, glancing at her arm in a sling. Scanned by another officer, they were soon cleared as the man in dark uniform stepped aside. "You're clear, go to the tent over there and get that looked at," he pointed to her far left and then moved on to the next group trying to leave the area.

"Thanks." Heading in that direction initially, Akilah's eyes scanned everyone that they passed, first responder and bystander alike. She was sure that someone in this group was affiliated, but no one seemed to be linked into the communications with the probe still surveying from a distance. As they meandered through the parking lot, her eyes motioned to the probe as she turned to her partner. "We have an address linked to that probe."

Sebarek Veros
Mar 30th, 2017, 10:14:25 AM
Even as a Lorrdian, there was so much emotion and agitation when such actions occurred that it was difficult to tell among the bystanders who might be linked to what had just happened. If he had had more time to observe without raising suspicion or through holo-recordings, he might have made progress but they didn't have time for that now, which was a pity.

He followed Akilah and while he could easily be concerned about her well-being and her arm, she knew how to take care of herself and he was glad that she didn't have to extensively argue about being cleared despite her arm. That would have been a waste of time they couldn't afford.

"Let's check it out. Ground or underground approach?" As much as he hated the sewers and any underground annoyance, he knew that Corellia had an extensive underground network, both passages and sewers, that could provide discreet approach to any and all sides.

Mar 31st, 2017, 07:12:08 AM
Knowing her arm may not allow her all the advantages that she normally enjoyed, this observer was no doubt affiliated with the group that had just bombed the street and killed several innocents. At least they would have to investigate and find out what he knew. Continuing on toward their speeder, she waited for them to be fairly alone in the parking lot, most others vacating the area farther away or in their vehicles already. "Not sure how much help I'll be, but we can at least check him out." Opening the door to the passenger side, she slipped into the seat and closed it again, relaxing finally in the leather padded chair.

As Sebarek started the engine and left the city lot, she accessed the topographical map in the center console and expanded their view, the route now charted. "Not too far from here," she pointed and backed again. "We should observe from a distance at first and then go from there." Studying the layout of the neighborhood this home was in, she noted the apartment building and adjoining parking areas as well as small lake across the street from the target address. "Doubt there'll be a back door, so only one way for him to escape, unless he jumps out a window."

Sebarek Veros
Jul 13th, 2017, 10:45:59 AM
"Even stuck in a hospital bed, you're still helpful," Sebarek observed, having witnessed his colleague's prowess and sharp mind on multiple occasions, even when she had got wounded. Of course, he was more than willing to do most of the physical work if need be, but he still valued Akilah's input. That was one the many years of working together had taught him about her resilience.

"Depending on how desperate he is, he might jump out of a window. That might actually be a great spot for you to wait at, if I go inside. Depending on the street access, it might even be a clever move."