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Elezeth Grimgast
May 25th, 2016, 09:02:56 AM
Hyperspace Transit
Outside Corellian System
Aboard the Imperial-II Class Frigate Pursuer

Junior Lieutenant Elezeth Grimgast shivered in her seat with her eyes squeezed shut. A sudden jolt from her flinching boy ran up her spin and sent her head up in a sharp upward incline. She lunged forward causing the naval jacket she was using as a blanket to flop onto the steel floor of her captain's quarters. Heavily gasping for air she lowered her heads into her hands. She could feel the coarse skin that ran down the left of her face. A cascade of poorly healed burn wounds. Her heavy panting subsided to more normalized breathing but, the weight of every breath still lingered.

Another nightmare. No. Another flashback to that day over Endor. The day she lost most of her crew and the body she once knew. Shaky hands stretched out to the Imperial Doctor prescribed medication that rested on the side desk to her right. She reached for the bottle and as her unsteady hands grabbed it the pills inside rattle as they absorbed the inconsistent movement of Elezeth's fingers. Swallowing a pill Elezeth slumped backwards into her chair. She closed her eyes once more, she needed the rest, but, when the darkness fell the images of battle and doom returned. She broke open her eyes once more. A sigh slipped from her lips. It seemed she was doomed to be forever haunted. She would only be exorcised of these demons ones the souls of the lost were satisfied, until she was satisfied. Until the Rebellion was crushed. Rubbing her face and then passing her fingers through her long blonde hair Elezeth rose from her seat to hide the bottle of pills and retrieve her naval jacket that completed her grey Imperial Naval Tunic uniform.

Buttoning up her jacket a communication alarm broke her silent meditations. Leaning to accept the call, a holographic video feed materialized above her desk. A young faced Imperial Ensign stared back at her. "Yes Ensign, report." Elezeth spoke down to him with her usual cold professional tone. "M'am we are coming up on Corellian System. Helmsmen inform me we will be exiting hyperspace transit in the next eight minutes." Elezeth finishing buttoning her jacket adjusted her high collar and nodded to the ensign. "Very good. I'll be heading to the bridge to see our arrival and docking, have communications officer prep a hailing call to the Naval Base." The ensign saluted in confirmation "Yes, m'am." Elezeth cut the feed and marched to the exit of her cabin. She drew in a deep breath and banished the vulnerable PTSD suffering soldier and replaced her with the stone cold commander that had come to be known by most around the Corellian Sector as the Nightmare of Corellia - the demon naval commander who hunted Rebellion ships and was the stuff of terrors.

Elezeth marched down the corridor of the Imperial-II Class Frigate Pursuer, her boots making a harsh thumping rhythm as they meet the durasteel floor plating. Naval cadets and officers alike saluted her as she passed onto the repulsorlift. Reaching the bridge she arrive just as the elongated streaks of stars bleed back into singular dots and the vast blue and green orb of Corellia expanded into vision beyond the other side of the transparasteel windows.

"Inform the Admiral that Elezeth of the Pursuer has arrived." Elezeth commanded a near by officer in the pits below, "Let him know we'll be docking for maintenance in the shipyards if he requires my presence for a report."

"Aye, aye M'am." called back the officer.

Rez Ace
May 26th, 2016, 09:48:16 AM
Hidden Space Location
Corellian System
Aboard the Venator Star Destroyer Imperator

Everything about the Investigation fleet was smooth and perfect. Officers were constantly at work sending intel to and from, and keeping the fleet operational. Intelligence Agents arrived and departed every hour. Only a certain few Imperials knew where the fleet was located, but the fleet knew where everyone was located. Admiral Rez Ace made sure of this. He was very precise in his orders and hand picked officers that he knew would be able to perform his tasks. Aboard the bridge of the Imperator, Rez sat in his command chair, with his head tilted to one side in his hand, looking rather bored. Nothing interesting had happened recently and there were no orders to give. So he simply sat, monitoring his crew's performance. The crew of the Imperator loved their admiral dearly. He was a very relaxed Superior and would actually let his inferiors converse with him. Rez believed that this sort of command style would inspire the crew to work harder, and it did.

Captain JJ Elrick was currently aboard Rez's flagship's bridge, and was briefing two new Imperial Agents on their mission on Corellia. Rez watched and listened closely, as he had nothing else to do. As soon as Captain Elrick was finished with his briefing, he dismissed the two agents, and walked slowly up to Rez's side. "Their off now" JJ said casually to Rez. "Good. Hopefully they will be able to bring back some valuable intelligence." Rez stated. He stood up and walked down the bridge to the observation window and he looked out at the many vessels in his fleet. JJ followed closely behind. They stood for several moments before Rez finally turned to JJ and spoke, "Everything seems to be operating smoothly. I would like you to return to your Star Destroyer and make sure everything is operating correctly there." JJ looked at Rez "I was just planning on heading back soon. I've already got my shuttle preping for launch. You do know about the new arrivals coming into the Naval base here, right?" JJ asked Rez. Rez nodded at him quickly before returning to his Command Seat. He put his hand to his chin and thought momentarily "From what I hear, there is a particular officer on board who interests me. I would like to have that officer brought here some time soon. I believe her name is Junior Lieutenant Elezeth Grimgast. See to it that they are notified." JJ nodded at Rez, and then took off toward the bridge's exit.

Rez believed this Lieutenant would be a fine addition to his fleet, and wanted to convince her to join. His and her command styles were quite different, but Rez liked to surround himself with a variety of styles to consider. He went back to slumping in his chair and being bored.