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Oran Jsorra
Jan 24th, 2016, 04:28:04 PM
The air intakes on the speeder's engines hummed their way down in a gradual diminuendo as it settled itself down on the scuffed and pockmarked duracrete floor of Outpost Bravo, one of the Resistance's outlying staging posts. It was one of the many lessons and tactics culled from the Rebellion-that-was: safehouses and supply drops scattered across Corellia, resources and personnel never gathered in one place, cells and security divisions preventing any single effort by the Imperials from toppling the whole movement. The Alliance, in it's infinite, cowardly, war-abandoning wisdom, had decided that they needed a consultant to teach them how to wage a guerilla war correctly. As if the veterans gathered here needed pointers in staging the kind of conflict that they had lived and breathed for years. Oran scoffed at the notion. Bureaucrats. Meddling as always.

Their new Alliance expert had arrived ahead of them, escorted to the Outpost by Sphyrna Mokarran. Oran wasn't sure which of the two he envied less: he, trapped in a speeder with Miss DeKnow-it-All; or she trapped in the same with the sniper carrying the guilt of a few thousand deaths on his misshapen Ithorian shoulders. No doubt she was making herself at home, somewhere, having spent about five seconds to catch her breath before launching into a tirade about how everything that had been working perfectly well for all this time was somehow drastically wrong. Oran kept his bitter sentiments to himself, though; when it came to putting the Lieutenant in her place, Colonel Mandrill seemed to have things thoroughly covered.

The Colonel wasn't here of course, off to spend time with their delightfully amoral Black Sun allies. Everything about this situation had done it's utmost to etch a perpetual scowl onto Oran's usually bright-eyed and jovial features. Fortunately for him, the Force was working very hard on reversing that situation.

It wasn't a smile that graced his features as his attention turned back to the cargo skiff, but the distinct absence of frowning was about the closest his face had got in a long time. Part of it was due to the wonderfully attractive young demolitions specialist that the Alliance had decided to - hopefully - deposit in his lap. The rest was due to the wonderfully attractive containers of high-yield explosive that she had brought with her. Honestly, Oran wasn't sure which of the two was more responsible for the tingling sensations in his nether regions. Aside from her frankly stunning appearance, there was a keen edge to her gaze, and an adaptability in her nature that piqued his interest, and something lurking on the edges of his subconscious instincts that upgraded it to intrigue. The prospect of spending quality time calibrating explosive fuses and distribution matrices with her was the most inviting opportunity that had crossed his path in weeks.

Of course, there were hurdles to overcome before such things could happen. His frown threatened to return as he considered one in particular. Before he would have the opportunity to show off the cobbled-together contents of his lab to Miss Secha - the obviously fake name that Screaming Eagle had provided them with - she would need to be cleared through security; and security meant one frustratingly elusive woman in particular.

"I know you're in here, Asha," he called, with the kind of tired drag to his words of a man who had played this game far too many times before. "Stop pretending to be one of the landing techs, and come out to say hello."

Eluna Thals
Jan 24th, 2016, 06:13:31 PM
Eluna didn't smoke, but Secha did.

The world-weary Corellian waited on the cargo-laden skiff, leaning against a pair of crates with a cigarette pressed between her lips so that it angled down off her bottom one like an afterthought. She looked like a woman caught between having a good time and one who had already dug her grave and didn't have anything better to do between the time she was buried than just loiter around it.

"Hey! You can't smoke here!"

A harried-looking individual pressed up against the landing skiff, shouting her down as soon as he saw her. A look of annoyance crept through Secha's boredom. It would probably take too long to allay the man's fears over stable binary explosives, so Secha instead reached for her canteen, poured a measure of water on the floor, and extinguished her cigarette in it.

"Happy?" Secha followed the act with a drink from her water bottle, returning the cap back as soon as she finished. She rolled her head along the crate it rested against so that it angled at Oran.

"We'll need to break this stuff down. You got a gram scale?"

Asha Vendax
Jan 25th, 2016, 01:11:45 PM
One hundred years.

One hundred years of her life, dedicated to the Republic, then the Rebellion, and now the Alliance. A century of loyal, faithful service...and sacrifice. What hadn't she given over those decades? She'd 'lost' her sisters when she went to the Rebellion, with both her twin and her baby sister remaining to serve the Empire. She'd lost her husband and the light of her life in the Battle of Yavin and simply thrown herself into her work to cope.

One hundred years.

Then the cease-fire. The creation of the Alliance. The abandonment of planets and ideals on the 'wrong' side of hyperspace lines. After that, Asha simply couldn't see a reason to serve anymore. The Alliance had abandoned the ideals and sensibilities she'd held most dear and defended with every fiber of her malleable being. She'd been at a complete loss for what to do when her shuttle crashed on Corellia and gave her the opportunity to step back into doing the right thing. There were no official survivors of the crash, with bits of bone and jewelry the only way of identifying those who had perished. The only thing of hers they'd found was Ben's wedding band strung on a silver chain, both charred with bits of flesh still clinging to them.

She survived, and joined the fledgling Resistance, lending them her expertise and her unique abilities as a Shi'ido. Though she regretted little, she did miss her partner, Evest, and her friends like Kelly and Zereth. There was simply no secure way to send them word of her true whereabouts, though she knew Evest would have his suspicions. With luck, she mused, her favorite Chiss would eventually make his way to Corellia for something or other.

Her woolgathering ended with the arrival of the newcomers, signaling the end of the meeting earlier that evening. Her current form stretched, a tall, stocky human male clad in nondescript dark clothing as the rest of the landing techs were. Dark eyes swiveled to sweep across Oran and his new 'friend', lingering on the woman as a male gaze was wont to do. Though at least in Asha's case it was in the interest of security and knowledge, and not anything sordid like the faint whisperings she caught from one or two of the other techs.

A wicked grin curled 'his' features as he stepped forward with Oran's call, the muscular form 'melting' as she walked. By the time she'd reached Oran's side, Asha looked like herself, a lithe brunette brunette clad in dark leathers, a blaster on each thigh, and blades hanging crossed over her back. There were more, naturally, but they lay beneath the surface of her skin and were not visible by any natural means.

"Vax, get the scale, would you? We're going to need it. Now now, Oran, you know it's my job to keep you on your toes." Asha bumped her shoulder into his playfully before turning slightly to openly stare at the newcomer. "Introduce me?"

Oran Jsorra
Jan 25th, 2016, 02:53:10 PM
Oran frowned as he watched the ground tech that Asha had dispatched disappear into the distance, lekku swaying idly over her shoulders as she walked. "I thought Vex was the girl, and Vax was the guy?" he mused aloud, half to himself, half uttered in correction of what he hoped was Asha's error. He'd need to find out for sure one way or the other, especially if he planned on doing anything more with the young Twi'lek than just watching her intently as she left rooms.

That was something to worry about later, though. For now, it was time to introduce the Old Woman to the New Woman.

Oran let out a theatrical sigh as he complied with Asha's request. "Meet Asha Vendax, our Shi'ido security -" he trailed off, his mind flitting between expert and consultant. "- consexpert," he settled on, splitting the difference. It didn't quite come out sounding the way he'd hoped it would, but it was too late to go taking it back now - it was already drifting out there in the aether.

"Asha," he pressed on, forcing his way past it. "This is one of our new Alliance helpers." His voice faltered over the descriptor, a little of his subconscious scepticism about the whole situation creeping into his voice. It marred the explanation of her name, as well. "Her name is Secha. Apparently."

Eluna Thals
Jan 25th, 2016, 11:12:55 PM
Eluna took all that she needed in a casual glance of the alien, keeping up the friendly (or at least classically aloof Corellian) facade. A Shi'ido could be an extremely valuable asset for the resistance, but she could just as easily be a threat and a liability to an Alliance liason embedded in their group, should the Alliance's and the Resistance's goals begin to differ. It would be important to confirm this woman's position wherever possible.

Secha's hazel eyes tracked back to Oran, and she raised an eyebrow at his almost-brooding Core accent.

"You can call me Leia Organa if it makes you happy. Let's just say I burned a bridge leaving this place a long time ago, and the one I'm walking back on feels a little shaky for a real-name basis."

Secha slid along the floor of the skiff until she was clear the edge, allowing her to slide to the ground.

"Anyways, I'm your friendly neighborhood fireworks connection. Maybe not as elegant as some people might want, but no need to mess with a classic."