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Dec 21st, 2015, 02:07:37 PM
There were plenty who questioned Alis'ans'amey's assignment to the Resistance Headquarters on D'Qar. Her mother, depending on who you asked, was famous as either one of the most skilled fighter pilots in the galaxy, or back in the day as a spoiled socialite who was constantly in the media spotlight. Sansa, by her core name, was said to be very much her mother's daughter, and (in no small thanks to her mother's influence), had been assigned to fly for the Resistance. She was only seventeen, but Sheena, her mother, had insisted that her piloting skills were top notch, and Sansa had seemed willing. She had inherited her mother's vanity and love of all things 'girly', but unlike her mother she had shied from the spotlight, preferring a private life. Something that on paper made her seem a better candidate for the Resistance than her mother had ever been for the Rebel Alliance.

Unfortunately, upon her arrival on D'Qar, it had turned out that while Sheena's time in the spotlight had turned her in to a cheerful, helpful individual who, despite her incredible wealth and girly nature always believed in being kind and helping others, her daughter had only ever had to worry about her own selfish desires. The girl was, in other words, spoiled rotten. Not only did Sansa inherit all of Sheena's worse girly traits, including wearing more make-up than most girls wore in six months every day, often looking so glamorous she looked like she was heading for a red carpet premier, even when she was in uniform, always wearing glitzy heavy jewellery, again even in uniform, insisting on a custom pink flight suit, wearing it with high heels no matter how often she got told she couldn't and wearing such an incredible amount of perfume her starfighter was no longer on the rotation for other pilots as nobody could stand to sit in it thanks to the overpowering scent (and indeed, nobody would stand near her at attention either). She had, at least, won her request for a private room after complaining and whining non-stop, but that was mostly because nobody could stand the overpowering perfume to share with her. And yet, her mother had been similarly vain and managed to win everybody over with her generous attitude and kind nature, but Sansa was too self centered. She was snobby, often looking down on the other girls in her squadron (despite the fact she was so spoiled she was pretty much helpless out of a starfighter and they were all highly capable), she was whiny, and she would complain all the time about every small thing that didn't fit her luxurious lifestyle. She was simply not suited to being on a Resistance base.

She would probably have been promptly shipped back to her mother with a note attached asking for her to stay the heck away had she not also been put in the simulators, where she had scored as high as some of the Alliance's best aces on her first try. At seventeen, it was nearly unheard of. The girl was clearly an amazing pilot. Her mother had raised her well in that respect, at least, it seemed. She had been taught from a very young age and really excelled. So, regardless of the fact she made the entire base smell like a department store perfume counter, despite the fact a day didn't go by without her throwing a tantrum, and despite the fact she had the physical capabilities of a four year old child out of her starfighter, they kept her around thanks to her skill. Although they had given her the callsign 'Diva' as a small victory against her.

She was, at this particular moment, click clacking her way across the hanger in her high heel boots, despite her flight suit, holding out her hands daintily to her side in a sign of girly disgust.
"Oh my GOD!" She complained in her whiny spoiled voice. "I was almost sick this morning! If we have to share a shower room like... like some kind of... servants then I expect it to be clean! Whoever left hair in the plughole should be fired out a proton torpedo tube! We're meant to be fighting evil here, not becoming it! Ew! Ew! EW!"

Taataani Meorrrei
Dec 23rd, 2015, 02:58:49 AM
"The frront ljiness arre djirrtjy."

A voice spoke behind the fretting x-wing ace. It was even and low, but it was a voice that turned every head on D'Qar when it spoke. Taataani Meorrrei wore an officer's jacket, though without the adornment of pips or a rank insignia. At 98 years old, she was at last beginning to succumb to the physical wear of her age. The lines on her face, she no longer attempted to conceal with makeup. Gone was her finery and outward signs of wealth. The last vestige of her vanity remained in the wearing of a wig over her true hair, but even this was a simple bob of grey with even accents of blonde as if to insinuate that she hadn't greyed decades ago.

"We could have all sstajyed cozjy and clean jin the Rrepubljic. Ourr chojicess have conssequencess."

Baroness Meorrrei had also allowed a vestigial remnant of her vanity to accept the title of General. It was honorary, and she wasn't in the tactical command structure of the Resistance, but everyone knew that without her power, her force of will, and her resources, there likely wouldn't be a resistance. She connected the thin and few threads of like minds across the galaxy who weren't content to wait for the Republic to be poked, prodded, gouged, and bitten before they'd fight back. She'd taken a stand, and it had cost her dearly to do so.

General Meorrrei smiled, the movement of her face defying age's gravity and suddenly brought a bit of youth back to her appearance.

"jYou musst be Ssanssa."

Dec 23rd, 2015, 04:32:48 PM
"Yeah, sure, but that's, like, no reason to leave hair in the shower drain! It's REALLY gross!" Sansa continued to whine obnoxiously, not even turning around at first as Taataani spoke. Everybody else fell silent, but Sansa was a brattish teenager in her own little world, of course she wouldn't immediately acknowledge the voice of their leader. That was, until she actually bothered to turn around, hips cocked to the side, arms folded cockily. It was a surprise she wasn't chewing gum.

And then her eyes went wide, and she let out a startled gasp. Even Sansa, who was about as arrogant of a spoiled teenager as you could get, knew who Taataani Meorrei was, and knew that she should be at least a little respectful (if nothing else because Sansa respected anybody as rich as Taataani, since that meant she could share a lifestyle with her).
"Uh, I-I mean, well, it wouldn't be hard to clean it up after you use it, right?" She said a little more sheepishly, her attitude disappearing for a moment (even if Sansa had never cleaned up after herself in her life).

Her shyness disappeared however when Taataani addressed her by name. She beamed a big smile on those glossy red lips of her's at being recognised by somebody so important.
"Yes ma'am! Cadet Alis'ans'amey, reporting for duty!" She said enthusiastically, even delivering a (pretty poor) salute. It was obvious that Sansa was more comfortable posing in front of a mirror in the latest fashions than standing to attention (her heels didn't help), but she did at least try.

Taataani Meorrrei
Dec 23rd, 2015, 10:31:31 PM
If Sansa's salute was out of regulation, Taataani's was even moreso, and amounted to merely a lackadaisical meeting of a straightened hand to her brow. The minutiae of military life was used and neglected at her leisure, but she was shrewd enough to understand the power of the symbols.

"At easse, Cadet. Walk wjith me."

Stepping toward the hangar threshold, D'Qar's verdant green scapes could be seen beyond the rows of berthed T-70's. The day was cloudy, but there was something pleasantly alive to the planet the Resistance called home. Not that Taataani was one for an extended constitutional, but the soul did a bit of healing if the scene was right.

"jI hearr jyou've garrnerred a rreputatjion forr jyourrsself jin Gold Ssquadrron, and jI'm not talkjing about jyourr chojice jin perrfume."

Dec 24th, 2015, 01:47:58 AM
Sansa followed Taataani out, although as soon as they were outside, the young Chiss became somewhat more awkward. The old stone landing ways where the X-Wings sat were considerably less friendly to her heels, and she eyed the greenery with discomfort and disgust. It was obvious that Sansa was a girl used to luxurious shopping malls and day spas, not being situated in the middle of a forest. She just hoped Taataani would at least stick to the landing platforms. The last thing she wanted was to actually have to go walking through the trees. Sansa really didn't get on with the great outdoors. To her, it was something to be avoided as much as possible.

"Well, my perfume is pretty amazing, and the rest of the girls in my squadron wouldn't know fashion if it fell on their head, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was that." Sansa smiled, apparently utterly oblivious to what people actually thought of her. Mainly because that would involve appreciating that her behaviour was in any way flawed or in error, which she seemed incapable of doing. After all, she was perfect. Everybody else was the problem.

"But thank you, ma'am. I'm glad my piloting skills are finally being recognised." She beamed, again completely unaware that it was not her skills in the cockpit that had garnered her said reputation.

Anne Phoenix
Dec 24th, 2015, 12:47:45 PM
The comfort of starlines receded into their normal pinpricks as Excelsior and company exited hyperspace well within the Ileenium system. It wasn't long before they were being hailed by base control.

"Transports, please identify yourselves," came the query over the general comm channel, with no hints as to who sent it.

"Resistance Base, this is Phoenix Squadron. You have Excelsior, Jumphype, and Farlance inbound with supplies," replied Anne with one hand on the mic as she used her other hand to transmit the ID codes to the base comms.

After a few moments an affirmative reply was sent along with instructions on where to proceed. Although her transports had made previous supply runs to the hidden base this would be her first visit in person.

As the trio of Gallofree Medium Transports navigated their way around the rings of rock surrounding the planet, Anne gazed upon the swirling blues and greens of D'Qar with anticipation. Already she was taking a liking to this world, it was certainly a far cry of an improvement over the fiery ash and lava of her old stomping grounds on Mustafar.

Taataani Meorrrei
Dec 24th, 2015, 07:25:53 PM
"Captajin Jasska jiss sstjingjy wjith herr prrajisse. jYourr mjissjion overr Oorrd Trrassji cerrtajinljy grrabbed herr attentjion."

As the distant rumble of approaching Gallofree transports echoed past the eroded distant mountains, Taataani drew her jacket tighter around her middle to shield her from a chilly breeze.

"jYou've prroven jyou can worrk well wjith otherrss."

The General's blue eyes turned back to meet Sansa directly.

"jInterressted jin a mjisssjion wjithout a ssafetjy net?"

Dec 26th, 2015, 05:40:42 AM
Sansa practically glowed at this news. Of course, it was probably the last thing the arrogant youngster needed to hear, since she now assumed it meant she was untouchable, but she was still incredibly proud. She hadn't even thought much of that mission, it had just been standard flying to her, but clearly she'd impressed somebody. Of course, it explained why they kept her around with her attitude, but Sansa didn't think of that herself at all. As far as she was concerned, she acted perfectly naturally.

"Yes ma'am!" She answered enthusiastically. "I don't need one." She said proudly, despite the fact anybody could tell Sansa was so coddled she'd never been in true danger. Although that was the problem, and why she had such ridiculous confidence in herself.

Anne Phoenix
Dec 27th, 2015, 04:20:57 AM
The landing area was quite cramped for the three transports but offered a decent enough safety margin for her still relativley new recruit of a pilot. Ahead of the transport was the hillside into which the main landing strip had been dug out and where most of the T-70 X-wing starfighters and shuttles/small transports sat.

They would be landing just outside that little valley, with the forest to their backs and other hills off to their sides. A slight shudder ran through Excelsior as the hand of her pilot shuddered slightly on the controls.

"Steady as she goes pilot, we're almost down," Anne said in a commanding yet comforting tone of voice as her attention flickered between him and the viewport. Jumphype had already settled to the ground with their experienced crew.

When the transport finally did settle to the ground, it was with the barest of feather touches. A most excellent landing and validating the choice she had made personally in selecting the pilot for this mission.

"Good job number two. Disembark when you're ready, you'll have eight hours of leave time, recall permitting," she said with warmth and pride. Anne quickly snatched the cap and jacket she'd used as part of her uniform for Phoenix Starlines which was now unofficially serving as a unique uniform for Phoenix Squadron.

The ramp was just beginning to lower as she reached it. The first blast of fresh forested air hit her like a ton of gundarks and it was everything she'd hoped for.