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Lilaena De'Ville
Sep 13th, 2004, 12:43:25 PM
The Dark Jedi group Kuklos Ataxia (circle of disorder) will be re-vamping itself into an OOC group consisting of the traditional dark side Master/Apprentice(s) pairs. We will still be accepting any and all new RPers! We will still be accepting new, already trained members!

This post will be updated within the next two weeks with more specific news concerning Kuklos Ataxia! Stay Tuned!

The Kuklos Ataxia have decided to bring to the Sw-Fans.Net RolePlaying Forums a group that totally fulfills what dark siders require as characters. To do so required some restructuring, which we are still in process of, as the current 'group' idea does not fit with what we see of dark siders in the Star Wars movies.

"Always two there are," says Master Yoda, "A Master, and an apprentice." In the group model being followed on the forums, this 'only two' theory falls vastly short and brings us dark sider groups that are 'happy and friendly' with each other, or groups that are full of distrust and shatter as soon as a conflict between characters arrives.

Before our restructure the Kuklos Ataxia was a group situated on a single planet, of learned masters and trainable apprentices. We were learning and working around each other, and going on missions together. Just like every other group. We are a very young group, and could already see that things were stagnating and could fracture down the road if actions were not taken.

In order to pre-empt a Black Handesque split, we are going to be implementing the following changes.
The Kuklos Ataxia will no longer be an IC group. It will strictly be an OOC relationship between Master/Apprentice (M/A) groups, and we will go our separate ways IC.

Our locked forum will become a strictly OOC forum for the M/A groups to come together and plot, or to just hang out. We can work together when needs arise, or we will stay separate.

+ for example: If LD decides that she and her apprentices are going to execute a raid on the GJO, I would go to the OOC forum on the Kuklos Ataxia board and recruit like-minded character to band with my character for the duration of the RP.

+ the only characters remaining on the planet Onderon will be Lilaena De'Ville and Silus Xilarian and their apprentices. Other characters may come and go, depending on their relationship with LD and Silus at the time.

+ the M/A groups might eventually become enemies IC, but OOC we will always be a group, and providing support and ideas to each other.

+ once an apprentice is trained and raised to 'knight,' they are free to split off from their Master and get their own apprentices. Or they can stay on with their Master, to receive further training and experience.

+ promotions to Knight will be handled by the Master who did the training.

+ promotions to Master will be handled by the OOC group of existing Masters in the KA, in a secret manner much like the GJO.

Members are not required to do any of their training on the Kuklos Ataxia forums, however it is encouraged.

+ there will be a new training forum added, in addition to the Iziz City and The Wilds forums, for the M/A groups to utilize if they are training off of the planet Onderon. This forum is not a specific place, but rather wherever the master wishes their training thread to take place, from Alderaan to Zeltros.

Things that will be remaining the same:
Kuklos Ataxia will still be accepting anyone and everyone who wishes to join and expresses an intent.

+ to join, simply PM an existing member. A recruitment thread will be started, usually with your future master.

+ new members can be of any rank, including Master. The group is OOC, so you don't have to need training, or even companionship IC. However, if you are above the rank of apprentice, you will be expected to train apprentices just like everyone else.

A lot of our training will still be done on the boards.
+ The Wilds is still very much open for the M/A groups to train in. Inside Iziz City... depends on their relationship with Silus and LD.

If you have any questions or comments, PM Lilaena De'Ville, Silus Xilarian or Gav Mortis.

To PM LD, click here (http://www.sw-fans.net/forum/private.php?s=&action=newmessage&userid=283>here</a>
To PM Gav, click <a href=http://www.sw-fans.net/forum/private.php?s=&action=newmessage&userid=3001>here</a>