View Full Version : Studying spirits.

Evil Hobgoblin
Apr 24th, 2001, 11:35:43 AM
Hob clambered from his extensive library shortly after dawn. He was rather exhausted from being up all night, but he deemed it necessary to study the affliction that was now attacking his apprentice.

He had not found much, unfortunately. What he had found suggested that somehow, the Jedi's spirit had anchored itself to Cardinal after it had become free. Strong emotional conflicts could do that, apparently.

The trick now was to figure out how to sever the tie. Hob could not do that without further study on the matter. He would need to experiment with this spirit, and for that he needed his apprentice.

Hob was tired, but had no intention of sleeping just yet. He entered the Crystal Cavern, dove into the pool, and sank to the bottom, putting himself in a trance that would allow his body to rest while his mind and spirit still functioned as discorporate energy.