View Full Version : The Morning After

Cardinal Aiyalin
Apr 25th, 2001, 01:54:02 PM
**In her deep red dressing gown and black shawl, Cardinal Aiyalin made her way down the hall from her rooms to her Master's. The presence in the back of her mind had been silent ever since her statis, but it soon began to mutter at her. It's rambling, disjointed sentences seemed to indicated that the being was quite insane. She stopped in her tracks as the man screamed in her mind. Card's eyes went wide with fear as the animalistic shreak echoed inside her conciousness.

How DARE THEE, wench? You young, horrid girl!!! Dost thou think thou's pitiful mind canst withstand a Jedi Knight??!! Thou mayest hath killed my physical body all those years ago.. but now I will reak vengeance upon thee !!!!

**Her back fell against the wall as his words trailed off in a hysterical laugh. Her eyes remained wide, and she began to shake. Trembling slightly, she continued walking towards Hob's closet. The young woman's pace quickened until she was virtually running, down into his secret rooms. Stopping when she entered the large cavern, Cardinal spoke softly, knowing her master could hear her.

"Master Hob... I was wondering if you could speak to me about the voice inside my mind.. to help me better understand the being. I want to master it, control it. I have a strong mind.. he cannot and will not take over."

**Glancing around the cavern.. she waited for her Master to answer.

Evil Hobgoblin
Apr 26th, 2001, 11:45:46 AM
The misshapen dwarf suddenly bursts from the fountain in the room. He shakes himself off, ignoring Card for the moment and wandering over to one of the crystal-lined walls.

Hob begins to climb, studying and inspecting the crystal growths. He finds one, breaks it off, and grinds it into powder with his hands, then casts the powder about the ground.

When he is finished, he has reached the top of the wall and he settles into his little niche.

"There is one better suited than I to deal with this, yes."

Hob gave Cardinal a moment to realize that he had actually spoken with his voice- he did not do so often, and when he did it was usually in a cackling sort of rhyme. This time, he spoke normally, with just a hint of resonance at the bottom of his voice.

Hob continued. "I shall consult Count Mordrid soon regarding this matter. It is not one I am familiar with, but Mordrid has been a shade for nearly a century. He might have insight into this, yes, yes."

"There are experiments I wish to try," Hob said. "But each of them carries with it great risk. They will help you, however I do not know if they will grant you pure domination over your foe."