View Full Version : A furtherance of study.

Evil Hobgoblin
May 4th, 2001, 12:02:41 PM
Hob stared into the flame, his hands lightly caressing the Book of Anger. Its touch brought pain, but it was pain that Hob was learning to endure.

~ Intensity is what strengthens anger, just as anger strengthens the Force, and the Force strengthens intensity. It is a cycle of power, and as the energy of the Force cycles throughout the universe, so too shall this cycle strengthen you.~

The flame bobbed wove atop the torch and Hob channeled his fury through the flame, then drew upon the scathing energy it contained to empower himself. It truly was a cycle, a vicious cycle, a destructive cycle.

~ Purify yourself. Destroy that inside you that is weak, and be reborn.~

Hob continued to caress the book with his scarred right hand, feeding energy through the cycle he had created and feeling the burning within his mind increase.

~ There is a ritual you may partake of to gain strength, but you must prepare for it. Go now, and gather the items listed below.~

Hob abruptly stopped caressing the book and shut down the cycle. His powers were weak with little focuse and training. He needed to practice, and to perform these rituals the Book spoke of so as to gain in power. Perhaps some of the others had supplies they would lend him.