View Full Version : A Jedi; What is a Jedi?

Jeseth Cloak
May 2nd, 2001, 10:25:47 PM
Jeseth seated himself calmly, his hands clutching a book which he very intimately read. The words flashes before his eyes as he absorbed them into his very being. These were the true tenets of the Dark Side of the Force...

"The universe is full of power. To release it, you must harness the emotions of hate, anger, fear, and aggression. Release your own anger and the anger of infinity is released. By itself, the Dark Side is a thing of chaos and irrationality. It has no control, no conscience, no restraint. But domination is its goal. There is a bargain to be made with it. It gives you power and exacts its price. In order to let the power flow through you, you must let the destructive emotions flow through you. But that is not all. It is a great danger to those who cannot control their emotions. Only with a strong will can you control your rage and make the power your servant. When anger is controlled intelligently, there is nothing you can not do."

His fingers ran smoothly down the crease of the pages as he turned them, reading with a speed which he was quit acustomed to.

For a moment, he stopped to contemplate his brushes with the light, how it had almost consumed him... but how could something to weak, so passive, and so ineffective consume him?


Yes, that was it: The Force spread madness through the light, corrupting the minds of all whom it touched. How unfortunate... So many beings wasted because of their inability to grasp the truer concepts behind the Force.

A Jedi; What is a Jedi? A compilation of parlor tricks and self-contradictions!

With that last thought, Jeseth sealed the book, extending his arm out and pointing towards a worn and unstable pillar across the courtyard. His teeth gritted against themselves briefly as the stoney relic shattered, growing weak and old with decay, then finally crumbling beneath's the Dark Jedi's gaze.

Jeseth Cloak
May 6th, 2001, 12:44:43 PM
Ryhhhks began quickly fluttering through the air, called by the expanding field of hatred and rage. Jeseth's eyes glazed over, his already massive pupils taking in his whole eye. Static quickly charged through the air before him, sparking at his finger tips. A look of pain came across his face he chanelled all his destructive emotions through his body, tempering them with his mind. A single Rhhhk fell to the floor in a blackened crisp heap, a stream of lightening following down from Jeseth's hand, glow a pale blue. It died away, the rest of the birds landing upon him.

Cracking bones were heard as the creatures gave off a shrill cry, then fell to the floor beside their companion, dead.

This is the true nature of the Force...

Jeseth examined the Rhhhk that had been burned, noticing that it was indeed still alive. His boot came down upon it's head, crushing it's skull. He continued to walk onward, back toward's the castle.