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Dyne Darkforce
Apr 18th, 2001, 05:13:44 PM
The ship, being on set coordinates, approaches near the Bast Castle after a relatively short journey (http://pub2.ezboard.com/fswvstitanicstarwarsroleplayingarchive.showMessage ?topicID=3494.topic). Landing on the ground, Dyne makes his way out of the seat and to the cot. Acid rain lightly taps against the hull of the ship. He arrives to Cardinal as she is already looking at him. The Sith nods and slowly lifts her up into his arms again. Walking out to the corridor, the door opens on the side of the hull. He crouches down along with Cardinal then closes his eyes. Summoning all the Force around him, Dyne prepares a Force Shield. It glows a light green aura around him and Cardinal. Getting to his feet again, he looks around to make sure the Force Shield is sufficient. Stepping outside, he walks down the ramp, as the hull door slides shut again. He looks up at the darkened sky above him. Dyne walks down the pathway, to the gates of Bast Castle. The gate opens as he approaches with Cardinal in his hands. Dyne was just hoping she would be alright, as nothing else was on his mind now. The acid rain simply landed around the ground around him, bouncing off the Force Shield. He looks down at Cardinal and smiles slighty to her.

"We are here...."

Evil Hobgoblin
Apr 18th, 2001, 05:29:56 PM
A pair of eyes peer out into the darkness, watching the newcomers. Abruptly, Hob drops down to the ground, not touching it but instead hovering above it by a foot- proof that the dwarf has been practicing his powers. ~ Did ye succeed in yer task, apprentice?~

Cardinal Aiyalin
Apr 18th, 2001, 05:35:58 PM
**She weakly turned her head in Dyne's arms, struggling to stay awake. Looking at Hob she starts to shiver -- loud maniacal laughter echoed in her head. She mustered enough energy to speak, but it came out barely louder than a whisper.

"Yes, my Master.. I .. did.. But not in they way you may have thought."

**She leans back against Dyne's chest.. barely breathing. The voice in the back of her mind seemed to be studying Hob for a few moments. She could feel the awareness there, a stranger inside her soul. She felt like she was going mad, as well as dying. Only those whom are mad hear voices.. voices that are not their own.

Evil Hobgoblin
Apr 18th, 2001, 05:50:53 PM
Hob ambles forward in his simian fashion, still not touching the ground. He lays a hand on Cardinal's head, and the Force begins to wrap itself around both her and Dyne.

Images (http://pub2.ezboard.com/fswvstitanicstarwarsroleplayingarchive.showMessage ?topicID=3494.topic) flash through the old dwarf's mind as he searches through the recent past.

He stares curiously at Dyne. ~Do ye really claim t'have captured this one, apprentice?~

Cardinal Aiyalin
Apr 18th, 2001, 06:11:03 PM
**She smiled weakly, barely having the energy to do so. Each second they stood outside wasted more and more of her strength. The man in the back of her mind started to rant at her Master, growing more and more aggrivated by the second.

**Glancing up at Dyne, she tried to raise her fingers to his face. Her muscles wouldn't budge, however, and she turned her face back towards the deformed being.

"Yes.. I believe I have captured him.. though he did come.. willingly.."

**She began to laugh weakly, though it came out as more a wheeze than a laugh.

"There is another I have brought with me, though.. Quite against my expectations.."

**Shaking her head slightly, she resumed a half-doze, trying to spare her energy.

Evil Hobgoblin
Apr 18th, 2001, 06:24:49 PM
Hob stares curiously into Card's eyes, lifting an eyelid and peering at the glazed-over eye. The Force swirls around Card's mind, gently seeping through it.

The dwarf begins to cackle loudly, then abruptly stops. He pulls Cardinal's eyelids down. The Force whispers into Cardinal's mind and she falls into a trancelike sleep, unable to move or do anything other than relax.

Hob puts a finger against her forehead and pushes Card over. She levels off and hovers a meter in the air.

He then places a hand on her head and pushes her inside Bast Castle. ~ A curious piggybacker ye have, lass. This requires study.~

Dyne Darkforce
Apr 18th, 2001, 07:24:23 PM

As the two vanish into the darkness, Dyne looks up at the sky. He kept quiet the whole time while the two conversed with each other. It was colored across with orange and yellow. A lightning bolt streaks across the sky as he closes his eyes for a second. He could feel the erie dark forces in the castle. Dyne remembered that Dale could be here as well, if he would see her or not was a different story. Looking ahead of him, a thunderclap flooded his ear following the lightning bolts. The sky was illuminated from time to time by lightning strikes. It was true what they said about this place, the only thing he saw standing erect around him was the castle. The acid rain took care of anything else standing. The green aura of the Force Shield was still around him, as it was pulsating slowly. Coming in Cardinal's ship, he couldn't go back to the HQ right now. He decided to go inside and see how she would be doing now. Dyne took in a deep breath and rotated his neck slightly. He began to walk into the entrance as the gate closed behind him. Walking down the pathway, he looked around him and up at the charred castle walls. The rain drops tapped against the ground slowly. It seemed he had a thought for every rain drop falling from the sky above him.

He walked towards the door as it slowly open in front of him. No one seemed to be there to open it. Dyne made his way through and looked inside the enormous room. A rather cool chill went down his spine as he walked to the middle. Dyne wanted to locate Cardinal inside the very large castle. It was like he heard something inside his mind, a call to him. He couldn't pinpoint where it was originating from, because it was faint to him. Dyne stood there in the quiet room. He looked around him to see if anyone else was nearby him. It didn't seem anyone was actually there, Dyne glanced from the corner of his eyes. The Sith proceeded down a hallway, trying to locate where the call he was feeling was coming from. It was seeping right into his soul, and not only his mind alone. The faint voice just couldn't be ignored by him. It was like a call for him alone to find where it was coming from. Dyne had no idea who he would run into here, but he knew that others were part of TBH. It was a logical thing, as he saw one of the other members take Cardinal into the Bast Castle. He simply made his way down the hallway for now, leaving other thoughts to the side. It seemed like a huge maze to Dyne, and he was just a small part of it, trying to make his way to the finish.

Jeseth Cloak
Apr 18th, 2001, 07:38:30 PM
The faint call drew Dyne in deeper, a shadowy maw shifting before him like water. Something was amiss.

"Are you enjoying your visit so far? I certainly do hope so..."

The voice echoed loudly from all directions as the darkness around Dyne began to slowly move away; it's movments seemed lifelike, and for a moment the massive beast took a breath, expanding and almost taking him within it's fold - then a pull - the shadow's encircled him, leaving the Sith at the center of a circle of clarity. The dim lighting couldn't begin to penatrate the chilling darkness... but someone watched from within the tangled web.

"I've been away for quite a while. I don't beleive we've met..."

An eye; he could clearly see an eye forming in the wall before him, but then it just as quickly slipped away into the nothingness of that void. It had been massive...

"A friend of my former student? Hm..."

Dyne Darkforce
Apr 18th, 2001, 08:01:56 PM
"Yes, very large place indeed."

Dyne stands there and looks around him a bit. He narrows his eyes as the voice spoke to him. The Sith nodded to the man's question. He spoke out as well, knowing that he could hear him. Dyne believed he was refering to Cardinal.

"Yes, something like that, and no, I dont believe we have met before."

Turning around, he glanced around a bit before facing down the hallway again. The light was rather dim in the hallway, nothing he wasnt already used too. Dyne just went ahead and decided to ask him if he knew where Cardinal was.

"I was just going to see her, know where I can find her?"

Jeseth Cloak
Apr 18th, 2001, 08:14:38 PM
"I might."

The shadows seemed to slip down... down.... down... and then finally, they stopped, outlining the figure of Jeseth Cloak. Frost fell from his hair and brow as he bowed formally to the new comer.

"Perhaps you should make yourself at home for a moment while I inquire further on this matter..."

Dyne Darkforce
Apr 18th, 2001, 08:22:54 PM
His eyes followed the shadows as they formed into the person. Dyne nodded to the man and looked around the place. The shadows seemed to be following the man standing in front of him. The darkness in the castle was seeping into Dyne, as he welcomed it to the Dark Side residing within him. The Sith looked at him again before speaking.

"Is there a certain place you wish for me to wait?"

Jeseth Cloak
Apr 18th, 2001, 08:33:05 PM
ooc: I'll give you access to my study first thing in the morning... I'm off to get some sleep. Man... I'm tired.

"My study is open to you... Feel free to indulge your curiosity and delve into my library. Some books may prove more hospitable than others, however."

The words trailed off as Jeseth vansihed into the lengthy corridor.

Dyne Darkforce
Apr 19th, 2001, 10:12:05 AM
Dyne followed Jeseth's shadow as it led him to the doors of the library. He came to the end of the dimly lit hallway. The doors opened to Dyne's presence as he made his way inside. Looking around at the large shelves of books, he nodded his head. Jeseth's shadow vanished by the time Dyne got there. Having to wait to see Cardinal, he decided to use the time as Jeseth suggested. There were many books, were to start led him to indecisiveness. He went down the first shelves of books and began to browse through them. The light in the library was fairly dim as well, only enough to see the words in the books.

Dyne Darkforce
Apr 20th, 2001, 02:06:54 PM
He had been skimming through books for quite sometime now. They were rick of knowledge on different factors, regarding the history of that castle and also other things across space. Reading through a few more books, Dyne looked around as he felt a cool breeze run by his neck. He placed the book back to its original location then looked down the row. Dyne couldn't notice any doorway open, so where was the coolness coming from? That is when he heard it, a woman's voice, as if she was speaking into his mind. It was calling for Dyne to come to voice's origination. He blinked and glanced from the corner of his eyes slightly. Walking out of the aisle of books, Dyne made his way out the library, as the doors closed behind him. Walking down the dimly lit hallway, a shadowy and cold figure formed in front of him. The figure was that of Cardinal's, she was motioning her finger to the end of the hallway. Two large double doors opened into the darkness, as Dyne made his way through. The castle was still rather quiet, as there were no sounds to be heard anywhere. It was as if she was there, and at the same time she wasn't. Cardinal was calling for Dyne to see her, he finally would get to see how she was coming along. He stopped for a second, as the voice faded away from his mind. Arriving at another door, it opened up in front of him. Dyne stepped inside and looked around to see Cardinal.....