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Thol Marzullo
Jan 23rd, 2001, 11:32:25 PM

Thol Marzullo could remember his past vividly. He had no mistake of who he was. He was a Marzullo. Marzullos were hated by almost everyone. They were the true evil in the Galaxy. Many had tried to squash them, but to no avail. Thol did not mind being hated by everyone, for he did not care what others thought about him. Other people's opinions did not matter to him, unless it was an opinion from a family member. His family, the Marzullos had no delusions on what they did, or who they were. They were Sith, evil and dangerous Sith. Sith who did not give a flying f*** about what others thought.

Thol remembered the first time he had met the girl of his dreams. It was on his homeplanet. She was blonde, skinny and was always nice to him. She was headstrong and very smart, considering her hair was blonde. She could always tell what Thol was thinking, or what was on his mind. She had a very strong connection with the Force. She was perfect for Thol. He had first met her at the age of 15. They grew up together and fell in love. Thol could remember the times they spent together.

She had taught him many things like value, respect for those who deserved it, and how to smoke cigarettes. To Thol, she was more precious then life itself. He would do anything for her. She had also taught Thol how to fly a ship. This was a new experience for Thol, because at the age of 16, he didn't even know how to use a Landspeeder. All these memories flooded back into his head.

OOC: This is a closed RP for only myself. It is based on Thol's past, present, and what he'd like to accomplish in the future...

Thol Marzullo
Jan 25th, 2001, 11:24:11 PM
One day Thol(Age 16) was at a Spaceport with the girl of his dreams(Karragan). Karragan was showing him around, and all the different ships and pilots. Thol kept on repeating:

Thol: "One day, when I'm old enough, I'm gonna fly away from here."

Karragan always used to get a depressed look on her face. Thol had wondered why, for at that young age he could not understand.

Another day, near a swamp Karragan was teaching Thol about the Force. She had tried to teach him about the Light Side, but his parents would not allow him to study those "weak" teachings. His father Marcus would beat him at the sight of any Light Side thoughts. Thol was very angry at his young age. He never did like others, besides his siblings and Karragan. He was a very impatient boy, and always got into scraps.

He had remembered this one time, a few weeks after his trip to the Spaceport, another teenager had commented on him and called him a weakling, Thol almost killed the kid. He beat the living Force out of him.

Karragan always objected to his fighting, and everytime she did it, Thol would feel sorrow.

Thol Marzullo
Jan 28th, 2001, 07:30:17 PM
Thol felt the anger rise through him. His lightsaber contacted with his father's. His father was training Thol to fight like a Sith Warrior.

Marcus: "Attack me with anger!"

Thol slashed to the right, but feinted and switched to the left. His father ignited the other side of his saber and blocked it. Marcus kicked Thol back into a wall.

Marcus: "You are a FAILURE!"

At those words, Thol released a high pitch war cry and ran at his father slashing this way and that. He managed to nic his father's shoulder with his red saber. Thol jumped back and wiped the sweat off of his face.

Marcus: "Now that, is my Son! You will rest for ten more minutes, then your training will commense."

Thol Marzullo
Jan 28th, 2001, 07:34:54 PM
Thol levitated the rock with ease. He was learning to master the telekinetic sides of the Force. His father stood behind him and monitored his training.

Thol had been training for a year now, and he had just turned 17 a month ago. He had barely any time to see Karragan, but he still made time.

For the past few hours he had been levitating rocks and various other objects. When he failed he was met with strict reprimand. The anger drove him, and helped him to Master some techniques.

Marcus ordered Thol to levitate a boulder in the corner of the room. Thol sighed...He did not believe he could do it. He tried, and rose the boulder a few centimeters off the ground. The boulder fell.

Marcus: "Haven't I told you that failure is not an option?"

Thol gritted his teeth and tried for a second time. The anger inside of him allowed him to pick up the boulder. Thol knew that training would not be easy.