View Full Version : Worst EU novel ever written?

Sep 5th, 1999, 08:57:17 AM
In an attempt to breath some new life into this place, I thought this might be an interesting topic. :) You only have to list 1 (although you can list more if you want). Mine - I can't comment, because I've only read the Thrawn trilogy (and loved it). :)

Mirax H
Sep 5th, 1999, 12:46:11 PM
Planet of Twilight and Children of the Jedi... BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I read them since they were EU.

Doc Milo
Sep 5th, 1999, 05:27:48 PM
The Crystal Star Didn't like that one at all. Too many things struck me as non-starwarsish.

Sep 5th, 1999, 10:57:52 PM
If pressed, I'd have to say "The Truce at Bakura". I didn't like all the stuff about Luke getting all emotional, and meeting some woman and falling in love with her right away. I think "Darksaber" was pretty bad, too. It was more like Old Home Week than an original story.

Mirax H
Sep 5th, 1999, 11:00:44 PM
I've started re-reading all the books again, since I've been waiting for the new stuff to come out. I'll have to re-evaluate some of the books. You sorta forget what they are about and it was always a while between them so was so excited when one came out, it almost didn't matter how good they were.

Sep 5th, 1999, 11:12:42 PM
I don't buy the novels anymore; I wait until they are in the library! :)

Mirax H
Sep 5th, 1999, 11:20:49 PM
Certainly cheaper that way:)

Sep 6th, 1999, 12:54:56 AM
Yep. :)

Sep 6th, 1999, 05:04:11 AM
Just out of curiosity, how much are the novels in Australia? I pay $7.99 Cdn., plus 14% tax, for each of them.

Mirax H
Sep 6th, 1999, 03:17:39 PM
Wow Bromine what a rip off. List is 5.99 here and I usually pay less, right around 4.80-5.50.

Sep 6th, 1999, 08:32:41 PM
<font color=#ffff00>A pattern in all the novels that nobody seemed to like.</font>

Sep 6th, 1999, 10:41:29 PM
In response to Bromine's question on cost of novels in Australia - if I remember correctly I paid approx $12.95 - $13.95 for each of the books of the Thrawn Trilogy (only EU books I've read). I think the TPM novel in hard copy cost about $23.95 ... Oh yeah - all those prices are in Australian dollars (current rate: 64.53 US cents)

Sep 7th, 1999, 01:52:03 AM
Yeesh, that's worse than in Canada, Atreyu! Although the hardcover of TPM costs $35 Cdn. here. I think the Canadian and Australian dollar are about on par with each other compared to the U.S. dollar. Those Americans and their $5.99, can't imagine how nice that must be! :) While I'm complaining, the action figures are now $9.98 plus tax, sometimes more. I think about the only thing that's cheaper up here is maple syrup! :)

Sep 8th, 1999, 02:38:33 PM
worst EU novel??? easy...Splinter of the Minds Eye...terrible.....

Tycho Celchu
Sep 15th, 1999, 09:55:29 PM
I have a feeling Searching4Callista isn't going to like this, but the worst EU I've read is planet of Twilight. That and Crystal Star are the most un-Star Warsish book I've ever read.

Sep 19th, 1999, 04:08:50 PM
Children of the Jedi

Sep 25th, 1999, 09:20:04 PM
I have to agree with "Splinter of the Minds Eye" although it was written in '78, so it's before we knew what really happenned. I wasn't thrilled with the Bounty hunters series.

Oct 6th, 1999, 02:38:57 PM
I don't know which is the worst novel, but the old Star Wars comics by Marvel were horrible. They don't even come close to comparing to the 1990's Dark Horse line. Marvel's Star Wars art work was really bad and their stories were idiotic. Dark Horse released their adaption of the Trilogy a couple of years ago and it was way cool.