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Aug 17th, 2000, 02:15:10 PM
I'm assuming many of you are familiar with the Star Wars Fan Films that are all over the internet. 'Secrets of the sith', 'Tales from the Holocron', and many others. I myself am considering working on one in particular and a thought came to me. What if, like the novels, the fan films were officially part of the EU? Not all of them mind you, like the novels they would have to pass a screenig test and be Accepted. But wouldn't it be incredible to make a short film and forever be apart, albeit a small one, of the Star Wars Universe. I would like to know your thoughts on this matter and if you can think of any 'rules' that they would have to follow maybe I could petition and get lucasfilm to allow it. Thank you for your time.

Aug 17th, 2000, 04:50:18 PM
Well, while it's an interesting idea, the way I understand it a story idea is developed by an author in conjunction with Lucasfilm and then each step of the way the story is checked to make sure all the facts fit; the author doesn't simply write any story they want within general guidelines. Even so, I think it would be neat if some fans got to write EU. I think it would be better if it took the form of an online contest, where the outline and "rules" for a story is given, and fans submit their stories.
Again, I think it would be tough to write an acceptable EU story without constant communication with LFL to make sure it's okay, but who knows?:)

Jedi Master Kyle
Aug 17th, 2000, 07:05:03 PM
If fans were at least able to submit their ideas to Lucasfilm or wherever and get credited for the idea, that would be cool, even if some other author wrote the actual story.

Aug 17th, 2000, 07:12:17 PM
What if Kevin J. Anderson did another Tales from... book and it was called Tales from Fan fiction or something? I just think it would be cool if the fans felt they could participate in the stories in another way than having their movies and short stories lost on the internet. The Star Wars universe is so big that no one will be able to tell all of it's stories. I think the fans could really help in that area.