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Garrick Kane
Nov 21st, 2012, 03:01:27 AM
The Eldest Brother Casino and Resort - Kor Vella, Corellia

Pride was a strange thing. They called it the deadliest of sins and yet, to take pride in one's work or one's appearance was considered a virtue. When collected with joy it could be the most prized of possessions; and yet it could also be a collection itself, of ferocious and predatory beasts. Like so many of life's vices, pride was often it was enticing, encouraged, and dangerous in excess.

Garrick liked to think - or at least hope - that numerous as his flaws might be, vanity and hubris were not among them. And yet, it made him uncomfortable to think of himself as a man without pride: for every time he thought of it, the words of his father echoed in his mind.

"It doesn't matter what you do with your life, son: but whatever you do, be proud."

A sigh escaped, the heels of his hands grinding into tired eyes that strained to see in the dimly lit room. He couldn't help but wonder what his father would think of him now: would he be proud of what he'd achieved; what he'd accomplished? Would his brothers? His mother? His baby sister?

He grunted, a hand snatching the half-empty glass of now-warm Alderaanian brandy from the desk beside him, and tossing the contents down the back of his throat. Muscles on his jawline clenched into a grimace of protest at the sudden alcoholic onslaught, but he ignored it: just like he ignored the thoughts swimming around his head that the brandy helped to wash away. Thanks to the Empire, his family was long gone, and those questions would forever go unanswered: but there was no use dwelling on the opinions of ghosts.

Glass still clutched in his fingers, he waved his hand around until it found purchase on the keypad for his intercom. A helpfully colour-coded red button was pressed down determinedly. "Ruo!" he called, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to clear the haze from his vision. "He here yet?"

"He just landed," a disembodied voice replied, with the tired, sarcastic, and yet still compliant tone that made him Garrick's favourite gopher. "Shall I have him brought to your office?"

"Gods no," Garrick shot back, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. His eyes settled on the depleted bottle of brandy atop his ridiculously expensive imported wood drinks cabinet. "There's a bar in here, but no dancers. This is no place to entertain a guest: this is just tragic."

"Your words, not mine," Ruo replied, helpfully.

Garrick ignored it. "I'll meet him at the door. Keep him busy 'til I get there."

"Will do, boss."

Garrick's finger released the depressed key, not bothering with any proper radio parlance to end the transmission. Ruo loved that stuff: the only reason he wasn't still running around in a CorSec uniform yelling indecipherable strings of numbers at people was because he'd been dismissed for "conduct unbecoming" with a senior officer's wife. Of course, that was exactly why Garrick didn't do things properly: an irritated Ruo was far more enjoyable than a satisfied one.

Levering himself out of his seat, he smoothed a hand down the front of his shirt, and hooked his jacket off the head-rest. As he traversed his generously-proportioned office, he allowed himself a moment to linger, staring out of the panoramic window onto the swarming mass of debauchery and avarice that was cultivated around the gambling tables below. It was escapism as it's finest: the sentients of Corellia hiding from a dangerous galaxy by risking their credits instead of their lives.

Was it moral? Most certainly not. It was practically war profiteering, though in a much more legally and socially acceptable form. But was he proud?

Arms dove into the sleeves of his jacket, and shrugged it up onto his shoulders; he tugged on the lapels to make sure it settled just so. A mirror waited for him, standing sentry beside the door; he ignored it, save for a split second spent smoothing out an undesirable tuft of hair and, triggering the door controls with a flourish, stepped out into the fray.

Kal Olorin
Nov 30th, 2012, 12:20:06 PM
It had to be close to a hundred degrees in Kor Vella despite the fact that the sun was dipping near the horizon. I was sweaty as I walked from my speeder toward the cool interior of The Eldest Brother. My visit wasn't on the official calendar, but things tended to be boring when my subordinates were expecting me.

I'd landed in Coronet less than an hour previous, giving Kane and his employees plenty of time to suss out my presence by the time I arrived in Kor Vella. Which they must have, because there was someone lurking by the expansive glass doors to intercept me. My entourage was about ten minutes behind me - my only concession to my status as Black Sun Vigo was a single bodyguard who was overly alert and seemingly unaffected by the heat.

I wiped my forehead with a handkerchief and tucked it into my jacket pocket as the climate controlled environment enveloped me. "So, I'm looking for a room. Do I talk to you or the front desk?" I grinned and shook hands with the Corellian in front of me. "Good to see that Kane still has the sense to employ you, Ruo, although I would have thought by now you'd be running the place with an iron fist."

Garrick Kane
Nov 30th, 2012, 02:13:48 PM
"More like a bronze fist, sir," Ruo responded with a curt not, somehow managing to keep the text book sarcasm from his tone as he addressed the Vigo. "I'm having to work my way up to iron slowly, otherwise he'll realise that he's not really the one in charge."

A chuckle emerged from behind him, preceding Garrick by a second or so. "Conspiring against me again, I see," he quipped, clapping a hand firmly onto each of Ruo's shoulders. "No honour among thieves, eh?"

He allowed his expression to relax; not turning stern, but sporting something a little more respectful of a man who was arguably one of the most powerful in the galaxy. He extended a hand in greeting. "It's a pleasure to see you again," he offered. His voice paused for a beat. "We weren't expecting you."

Kal Olorin
Nov 30th, 2012, 02:38:26 PM
"Oh, don't worry, I'm not here on any formal business." Kane didn't look like the type to worry, but most smart people were suspicious when their boss suddenly made a surprise inspection. Which was smart. "It's been a while since I was in this part of the galaxy. You know how it is - the squeaky wheels get the grease."

I looked around at the quiet busyness of the lobby. "The Eldest Brother has been operating smoothly for a while now. Thought I'd stop by and find out your secret." Or just to keep busy and not think about how Sasseeri was most likely dragging the whole of Black Sun down with her and her bizarre fixation on Sanis Prent. Anyone else would have been shot out of an airlock by now, after how he talked to her.

The flavor of the week was one thing, but giving your latest conquest a position in the company was asking for trouble. Or maybe I was just jealous.


"Ms. Revoch will be here shortly with my things. We'll need a few rooms." I smiled easily, my demeanor nonchalant. Sasseeri had told me I needed to be more hard nosed now that I was a Vigo, but that just wasn't my style. Easy going, relaxed... Until I wasn't.

Garrick Kane
Nov 30th, 2012, 03:10:40 PM
It was when people told him not to worry that Garrick worried the most.

Thus far, he'd thrived in a bubble of minimal interference. Black Sun's more overtly criminal activities were kept comfortably under the radar, and while some of their more unsavoury and classless contractors weren't quite so subtle, Garrick managed to keep things away from CorSec's attention. With that approach to business, having high profile member of Black Sun strolling through the front door was a perfectly understandable reason for Garrick to feel a little nervous. Olorin had been in the business more than long enough to know how to be inconspicuous and avoid notice if he needed to; there was no real reason for Garrick to worry. But worry didn't really need a reason to exist. All he knew is that he'd have been a damn sight more comfortable if he'd known about this visit far enough in advance to buy off a few sympathetic and enterprising customs officers.

Garrick pushed his worries aside as best he could. His father had always told him that 'No battle plan survives contact with the enemy'. Apparently, the same was true of his business machinations. The key to success was adaptability, or some idiotically obvious management speak like that; and while Garrick might have been an impressively insightful and forward-thinking strategist when it came to business, he had to repeatedly remind himself to be ready for someone to come along and screw everything up.

"I'm sure your assistant can sort out whatever else is required with Ruo here," Garrick assured, "But I know for a fact that the Diktat Suite is free, same as last time." He took half a step back, moving himself out of the imaginary path that Olorin would have to take to reach his room. "Do you remember the way, or would you prefer the executive tour guide?"

Kal Olorin
Nov 30th, 2012, 03:19:50 PM
"Actually," I said, "if you could point me toward where the best restaurant is that would be great. I haven't eaten since breakfast."

Nick, my human bodyguard, finally removed his sunglasses and tucked them into a pocket in his jacket. At least he wasn't as conspicuous as Sasseeri's towering Twi'leki twins, even if he wouldn't even let me piss in peace. Heh. Piss in peace.

I looked expectantly at Garrick Kane, and then to Ruo. "Care to join me?"

Garrick Kane
Dec 1st, 2012, 02:39:46 PM
Garrick almost declined. There were times when he forgot that such questions probably weren't rhetorical. A brief knot twisted in his stomach as he realised he'd have to cancel again; the third missed dinner this month. It was a sad thought, but unfortunately she was probably used to it by now. Yet another reason to despair at the unplanned.

"Is Miko working today?" he asked, aiming his question at the maître d'.

Ruo frowned, momentarily. He always did that: pretended to have to remember things like a normal person, to disguise his freakishly sharp and near-perfect memory. Most people would mistake it as a courtesy, to prevent anyone from feeling inferior by comparison. Garrick knew better, of course: he could read the smugness in the momentary pause. "It's Zhellday," he replied eventually, "Miko's teaching her class today. I think Raf is on shift instead."

Garrick winced, sucking a breath through his teeth. There wasn't a chef at the Brother that was bad per se, but everyone put their own flair and spin into each dish: and the fact that Miko Mori also taught a haute cuisine course at the University of Coronet - in return for some handy tax benefits for her casino employers, admittedly - was a testament to her reputation and skill. When it came to dining at the Deep Core Cantina you were doing yourself a disservice if you didn't give Miko Mori the opportunity to put her stamp on your plate.

"Silas?" Ruo chimed in, watching his boss mentally chewing over the options.

He considered the suggestion for a moment. "Ever tried Xagoban food, Mr Olorin?"

Kal Olorin
Dec 2nd, 2012, 03:04:48 PM
"Fungal feasts aren't my preference, but it has been a while since I've tried it." I adjusted the cuffs of my shirt, wanting to unfasten the links and roll them up. "Lead the way, Mr. Kane. At this point I could eat a side of raw nuna frogs." I hesitated a moment and then added, "Just call me Kal. This is an informal visit, after all, and I'm not one to stand on ceremony."

Blaze Revoch
Dec 2nd, 2012, 10:14:24 PM
The woman sauntered through the doors of the Eldest Brother right on cue, a few moments after her boss had arrived. In addition to securing their things on the hovercart that floated behind her, Blaze had taken the time to change from her comfortable traveling gear into something more suitable to her position.

Her dark locks were bound up in a neat twist, with silver accented sunglasses tucked amidst them. Her sleek silver dress (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=64844837) covered her from neck to ankle, and would have been the picture of modesty were it not for the tight fit of fabric to each and every one of her curves. Tall stiletto heels that would unbalance most women carried the petite woman forward with several extra inches of height.

Blaze blinked slowly as her eyes adjusted to the interior lighting of the lobby. Her new contacts were going to drive her up the nearest wall if her normally lambent cerulean gaze couldn't adjust to being masked. Outwardly, however, she was the very picture of cool, calm, and professional. One didn't grow up on Kessel and live to tell the tale without acquiring a hell of a pazaak face.

Adjusting her bag in the crook of her arm, dark eyes drank in the sight of the Eldest Brother's manager. The lingered a little longer than they should have, but it made the smile that curled her plump, shimmering lips blossom an awful lot easier. Tilting her head, she flicked a switch on the tiny remote in her hand and brought the hovercart to a stop as her steps carried her to her accustomed position at Kal's left side.

"Gentlemen." she began, greeting Garrick and Ruo. Fingers discreetly presented Kal the datapad he'd requested earlier. "I'll get us checked in and settle your things in your suite, unless you need me?" Blaze added softly as a brief silence fell between them.

Garrick Kane
Dec 3rd, 2012, 04:41:03 PM
There it was: the smile. It was unbidden, but he couldn't help it. It was genetic: the smile that had been getting the men of his family into trouble - and bedrooms - for generations. "I wouldn't go as far as need," he offered coyly, "But I'd rather have a table for three than for two."

He glanced across at Olorin. "No offence, but the people around here are used to seeing me spending my meals with beautiful women. I wouldn't want them seeing the two of us together and getting the wrong idea."

Kal Olorin
Dec 3rd, 2012, 05:36:34 PM
I narrowed my eyes at Blaze as I tucked the datapad into my suit's inner pocket. After Garrick made his pitch to her, I added, "I hear the Eldest Brother employs people specifically to take luggage into rooms. C'mon, someone's got to make sure I don't use the wrong fork in public."

Blaze was the best - well the only - assistant I'd had. She didn't seem to mind making sure I didn't display my rough edges at inappropriate times, but she had a hell of a sabacc face. Hell of a body, too. I offered her my arm.

Blaze Revoch
Jan 4th, 2013, 06:44:27 PM
That smile was entirely worth the effort she put into her appearance.

Blaze answered Garrick's expression with one of her own, a slow, warm smile sliding across glossy lips. Fingertips plucked her sunglasses from amidst her curls and dropped them into her bag as she shifted it to her other arm. Turning her attention to her boss, she favored him with a slightly tamer smile before taking his proffered arm.

"Please be careful with these..." she said softly, handing over the remote to the hovercart, eyes sliding down to the name plate on the porter's uniform. "...thank you, Orren."

She watched for a moment as he nodded and stepped away, returning her attention to Kal and Garrick. "I'm all yours, gentlemen. Do lead the way, Mister Kane." Blaze behaved herself and kept the purr out of her voice as she spoke. Mostly.

Kal Olorin
Jan 24th, 2013, 06:09:31 PM
She took my arm and we followed our host toward the restaurant, passing through a portion of the gaming floor. Surrounded by slot machines I looked toward where I knew the sabacc tables were. "I'd like to play a game or two, later." My stomach growled. "After dinner."